Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Jordyn had her very first soccer practice last night! Can she really be old enough to play soccer?!?!

We signed her up a few weeks ago, and when we told her, she had a complete meltdown. She didn't want to play soccer and she was very upset about it. I'll never forget her screaming fit in the car as we talked about it. As we were driving down the interstate trying to calm her down, we told her that after soccer, she would get a juice box. Immediately, her response was, "Soccer! You signed me up for soccer! And I get a juice box! I'm so excited!" Justin and I just about died laughing!

A juice box ... it's the little things in life. :)

Our little soccer player ready for her first practice!

Night #1 of soccer was pretty successful. Jordyn did a great job and only had one little meltdown in the middle of the hour-long practice. I think the meltdown was partly due to the 90+ degrees it was outside! It was sooooo hot!

Since she's only 3, her practices basically consist of little activities - and a parent is required to play with them. Justin got the nomination for that one. :)

Check out that follow through! :)

Running to Daddy to get her soccer ball!

The parents had to "hide" from their child ... and Justin is super allergic to grass ... talk about a not-so-good feeling after being on the grass!

Using "binoculars" to find Daddy ...

These two were such troopers! They were miserable in the heat, but they both sat and ate snacks, played with toys, and never fussed once! I was so proud of them!

A picture taken into the sun ... but I love my two soccer players! :)

A juice box that was well earned!

We have 5 more nights of soccer this summer! Jordyn loved her first night, and we could even see her improve from the beginning of the practice to the end! We are proud of her for trying so hard!

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Lee Anne said...

Those little hot faces! The weather has been brutal here too. Welcome to summer, I guess!

Soccer here is a spring sport for kids this age so it's always freezing! Usually we are bundled under a blanket!

Hopefully those juice boxes are part of every practice! Ha!