Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Week!

Last week was so busy for us! On Monday the girls and I went to Zumba! Jayla was a little scared of the loud music, but we had fun! The kids went to daycare 2 days, they swam at our house three days, we went shopping for soccer gear for Jordyn (soccer starts next week), we went to Justin's softball games, and we took the kids to a play in the park  (Jack and the Beanstalk).  The weekend was just as busy ... a trip to the zoo and the splash pool, and tonight we just finished our five nights of VBS! We are e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. (Zoo and VBS pictures to come in other posts.)

All three of our kids love to swim! I have a small pool for Jax and a little larger one for the girls. Jax likes to swim with the girls, but they can get a bit wild and like to put the slide in the pool, so he can't be in there at all times. He screams when swimming time is over, even if he's been swimming for an hour!

Jayla loves to dive/belly-flop into the pool. She thinks it's hilarious! I tried to put the pictures side-by-side, but blogger wouldn't allow me to do it tonight ... but the next few pictures are a sequence of her diving in. :)

While I was taking pictures of Jayla, Jax decided he wanted to get into the other pool. :)

All three playing together! :)

Love these sweet faces!

Check out the pigtails! She loves them! That's the only way I'm allowed to do her hair now! Doesn't she look so much older in these pictures?!

Check out those muscles!

Another sweet face!

The girls love to help in the kitchen each day. We try to bake each day or I let them help with lunch! Most days it goes smoothly. A few weeks ago we had a powered sugar explosion with the mixer, and if the girls hadn't been so traumatized by it, I would have taken pictures, but since they were both screaming their heads off while be covered in powdered sugar, I decided grabbing the camera wasn't my best choice. :)

The girls made mini pizzas for lunch ... they love them!

So ... now I'm only a week behind on blogging. Getting closer to being caught up! :)

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The Chouinard Family said...

Love the pigtails! I wish Stephanie would let me put anything in her hair. It never stays in for more than 5 minutes before she pulls them out. Love the bellyflop photos! To funny!