Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend! We headed to the lake on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with Justin's parents. The weather was kind of icky on Friday afternoon/evening, and it wasn't real great until late Saturday afternoon. Sunday and Monday were nice though.

We took a couple of boat rides. All 3 kids fell asleep with each ride that we took. Why can't nap time always be that easy!?!

Jaxon loved his first boat ride ...

... and the girls were so both so excited to be back on the boat!

We took all three kids swimming on Saturday. Three hours later ... we were ALL exhausted. Our girls jumped in off the side of the pool a million times, and Jayla constantly wanted to be thrown into the air.

How cute are their matching suits and hats?! :) I'm pretty sure the girls don't mind dressing alike now ... wonder what they'll think when they are 9 and 10 years old and I'm still dressing them alike. :)

Jayla kept yelling "One More Time!" as soon as a throw was done. She loved it!

Jaxon had his first swimming experience, and he had a ball! The water was warm, so that helped out!

After swimming we played some more ...

... and then headed to Arnold's Park. The girls have season passes, so we let them get on the rides. Jayla wasn't too sure about some of them, so she just went on a couple of them.

Jordyn was so excited that she could "drive" the train! She kept ringing the bell.

Our silly Jayla!

Jordyn and Daddy built a lego house ...

She was so proud of it!

On Monday afternoon, we headed to my parent's house. The girls were so excited to go see the cows, water the flowers, and Jordyn was very interested in seeing Grandpa's corn in the field. She clearly didn't expect to see a little plant growing. We told her we would let her check the corn the whole summer so that she could watch it grow an ear of corn.

We were completely worn out by the time we got home on Monday night, but we had a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our 3 Kiddos!

We attempted to get a picture of all three of kids ... together ... all looking at the camera ... and all smiling.

I will consider this a success ...

... even though Jordyn might have been giving some fake smiles ...

... and Jayla gave us some over-the-top-huge-smiles ...

... and Jaxon was falling over because he was smashed between the girls ...

... but I love each of these pictures ...

... and it's just a glimpse into our crazy life ...

... with three kids that are a total of 35 months apart!

We love you, Jordyn, Jayla, and Jaxon! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Behind on blogging!

I cannot seem to stay on top of blogging! :) I have taken so many pictures over the last week - so hopefully I can get them all posted soon! And to top it off, I already lost this entire post one time and had to start over.

Last week was my first full week of summer break. The kids went to daycare three days so that I could attempt to get organized at home, clean the house, and run errands. Attempt was the key word, because I didn't accomplish half of the things I had hoped to do. Part of that was because I am still dealing with neck/shoulder issues. Who knew that the obstacle course that I did with my 3rd graders on the last day of school would have caused such a problem?! I was the chiropractor again this past week - 3 days in a row. The muscles are so tight in my shoulder/neck that the chiropractor is unable to adjust me. I ended up doing ultrasounds three days in a row. I had never had that done before, but it is a weird feeling to have the muscles in your back/shoulders moving and you're not the one causing them to move. By the third day, I had loosened up a bit and the chiropractor was able to some adjusting. I feel like I have a long ways to go. I have to turn my whole body to change lanes on the interstate or when I need to look at something in a different direction. Pretty sure I won't do the obstacle course again with my class! :)

The kids will usually go to daycare just two days a week during the summer. We are adjusting to Jayla and Jaxon's new daycare building (same workers/kids). It's been difficult for me, and there have been a few issues here and there, but overall things are going okay. I just hate change, so this has been difficult for me. The kids seem to be doing just fine.

We watched the DWTS finale this past week, and the kids had to dress up for it. The girls love that show!

I can't remember if I have explained Jordyn's microphone system that she created ... I think I have, but just in case not - she uses our swiffer mop as a holder. Works pretty well!

Jax also loves to play with the swiffer - forget the baby toys - he only wants to play with the things his sisters play with!

Intently watching DWTS!

Jayla was singing us some tunes as we watched. :)

Jaxon doesn't sit still for a second. He is crawling everywhere and pulling himself up on everything! And we thought we were busy before he could crawl. Ha!

The girls love their brother!!

In other randomness ...
*Jayla is working on potty training. We need to hit it hard soon and just be done with it. She seems ready!

*Jordyn and Jayla are super excited for VBS, but it's still a couple of weeks away. Jordyn knows all of the songs already and sings them constantly!

*Jaxon's ears are still infected ... same story, different day.

*I love that college softball is on TV - I could watch every game and not get bored.

*It has been almost 2 years since Jayla was hospitalized with hot baby syndrome. Scariest thing! So hard to believe it was 2 years ago already!

*We spent our weekend at the lake - pictures to come soon ... hopefully.

I have lots more to post - hopefully soon! :)