Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012 Part 3

We were worn out after three Christmas celebrations on Christmas Eve ... Christmas Day brought 3 more! We had another fun day celebrating with family!

Santa came to my parent's house through the night! 

Jax wanted to help Logan and Ryleigh open their new wagon from Santa!

The girls opened their gifts ... new princess dresses!

Jordyn wanted Rapunzel ...

Jayla wanted Cinderella ...

Jaxon got a new John Deere tractor to ride ... and surprisingly, he was interested in opening a gift!

Santa also brought the girls some new dress up shoes. They already have some, and they play with them all the time! The new set, however, includes Rapunzel shoes to match Jordyn's new dress! (and our old set of shoes are starting to fall apart - new ones were needed!)

Again ... look who had more fun with the box ...

Showing off her new dress and shoes!

Grandpa Buzz's new hat!

Jordyn and Grandma Ronda played the girls' new Sequence game ...

Daddy and Jayla did a new Elmo puzzle ...

After opening gifts at my parent's house and eating a delicious lunch, we packed up and headed to Justin's grandparent's house. Our kids were wiped out by the time we got there. They all slept on the 45 minute drive, but they struggled to wake up! All three were quite crabby for the first 30 minutes that we were there. They eventually warmed up and showed off their crazy selves.

The kids opened their gifts at Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Marcia's house ...

The girls spent a lot of time drawing and coloring. Meggan joined in and helped too. The girls had been so excited to see Meggan - we hadn't seen her since last Christmas! Since the girls were so tired, they struggled to warm up to her (or anyone but Mommy and Daddy) at first, but then they had a great time. :) Thanks, Meggan, for coloring with the girls!

After a few hours, we loaded up the van one more time to head to the last family celebration - with my dad's sister and her family. Thankfully, we live within an hour of everyone - and we live right in the middle of Justin's grandparents and my aunt and uncle. So we really didn't have a ton of driving to do.

We opened more gifts, ate even more food, and had fun celebrating with more family!

Jax was so worn out and not feeling the best ... he even managed to sit still for a few minutes!

The girls got a new princess bowling set, and my aunt and uncle have nice, hard-wood floor ... the girls (along with Uncle Eric and Uncle Josh) had fun bowling!

Whew ... 6 family celebrations in 3 days. Exhausted is about the only word to describe how we felt by the end. However, we are so incredibly thankful for the time that we were able to spend with our families. It was a fun two days! Most importantly though, we are thankful that we could celebrate the Birth of Jesus, the true reason why we celebrate.

Christmas 2012 Part 2

We had three Christmas celebrations on Christmas Eve. We spent the morning/afternoon with Justin's parents, Darin, Kathryn and Miles. Grandma Helen joined us later in the afternoon.

Our girls were pretty excited about opening gifts!

We had Jax sit in the high chair to open gifts - it was a little easier to keep things under control that way! Ha!

Darin and Miles opening a truck that our girls picked out for Miles ...

Playing with their new cash register ...

This picture makes me laugh so hard!

Grandma Helen gave our kids a season pass to the zoo again this year - Jayla's reaction was so cute. She clapped and yelled "Yeah!"

Thanking Great Grandma Helen ...

This little guy was worn out from the gift opening ...

After supper, we headed to my grandma's house to spend the rest of the evening with my mom's side of the family. We had a great time ... but I realized that in the chaos of chasing our kids (and searching for 20 minutes for Jaxon's lost paci) that we never took a single picture. We had a nice time though and continued to eat way too much! I think I ate more that day than I do in several days combined!

After spending the evening at my grandma's house, we headed to my parents' house to stay overnight. The girls were pretty excited for Santa to come during the night!

Christmas day pictures to come soon ...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

This post has a ton of pictures ... and it's only from our family Christmas. There will be more to come! :)

Justin and I have always celebrated Christmas just the two of us - and now the five of us - on the 23rd. With all of the family gatherings on the 24th and 25th, it has always worked best for us to do the 23rd. We went to church on Sunday morning, then we came home for lunch, and then it was time to open gifts!

I had to take one last picture of the tree before the gifts started disappearing! I love having the tree lit everyday - I am not ready to take it down, but it will probably come down on Friday. (Notice the bottom of the tree is lacking ornaments ... Jaxon has taken them all down, and I keep moving them up higher. Ha!)

Before we get to pictures of our Christmas, check out these adorable Christmas items made by our kids at daycare. I just love our daycare!

Jaxon made Baby Jesus in the manager ...

Jordyn made this ornament at Color Me Mine when her class went on a field trip ...

Jayla made this card ...

How cute is Jayla tied up as a bow on a present?!?! I just melted when I saw this picture of her!

Jordyn decorated an ornament ... her hand print was turned into 5 snowman, which was one for every member of our family. (I know you can only see four in this picture, but there are 5.) :)

I nearly had tears in my eyes with each of these sweet Christmas projects. I truly treasure each of the projects our kids do at school and at home - and I am thankful for wonderful daycare workers who help our kids with each of these projects. It's not easy working with a large group of young children to do these. We are blessed!

Here's our kiddos before opening gifts on Sunday ...

It's never easy to get a picture of all three ... and I laughed when I looked at the sequence of these pictures ... (Sidenote: Jayla doesn't usually get to run around in sleeveless dresses in winter, but she was "super hot" and took off her sweater.)

And the Jingle Bell goes into his mouth ... (cue Justin sprinting over to get it out)

We let the kids get their stocking present first ...

Jayla helped Jaxon since he pretty much doesn't care about opening gifts. Ha!

Showing off their new necklaces ...

Helping Daddy open a present ...

The saying is true ... he would rather play with the box!

Jax loves his new Mickey Mouse toy that plays the Hot Dog song! He can't stop listening and dancing to it. It's so cute!

The girls opening their new baby dolls ...

Jordyn has named hers Relzie Rosie ... we have no idea where that name came from!

Jayla named hers Baby Jaxon ... Ha!

I found this sweatshirt for Jaxon online and had to order it ... Justin's high school football number was 14, and he was the quarterback. 

Jaxon's one attempt to open gifts! He walked away from it about half a second after this picture was snapped. :)

Justin and the kids gave me a beautiful necklace - which I haven't taken a picture of yet - I will do that soon. I love having my kids' names on necklaces, so he ordered another one from Vintage Pearl. I love it! They also gave me a gift certificate for a spa day. I was spoiled!

One tradition that we started two years ago was that we do homemade pizzas with the kids on the 23rd (and sparkling grape juice - which the girls call "Bubbly Bubbly". 

The girls love making their own pizzas!

On Sunday night we went to the candlelight service at our church. After that, we packed up and headed to Justin's parents house. We didn't get a Christmas picture at our house, so I had his parents take one when we got to their house. (Just so you know you ... Justin didn't wear a Vikings hat or Oakley shirt to church ... he had already changed clothes when I decided I wanted a family picture.)

Lots more pictures to come ... we had six different Christmas celebrations in two days! Talk about worn out kids ... and a worn out Mommy and Daddy!