Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, October 31, 2011

29 & 3

We celebrated Justin's 29th Birthday and Jordyn's 3rd Birthday this weekend! Justin celebrated "princess style" this year since he and Jordyn share a Birthday!

 Jordyn absolutely loves that they have the same Birthday! She kept telling us that she was the Birthday Girl and Daddy was the Birthday Boy!

She loves her Daddy so much!

Two Cuties in Tutus!

Jordyn loves princesses right now, so I decided to make the girls tutus for Jordyn's birthday. (Thank you Pinterest for showing me how ... who else is totally addicted to Pinterest right now?!)

Showing off her dancing moves ...

These two were so cute dancing together ...

... until it ended like this ...

The girls fell and Jayla bumped her head. Poor thing!


Just a few other pictures .... waiting so patiently for Grandpa and Grandma to arrive for the party!


We took over 200 pictures this weekend ... between birthday parties, tutus, Halloween pj's, carving pumpkins ... I have a lot of posting to do! :)

I also have some big news to share about Jayla ~ hopefully I'll get some of my posting done today! :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Little Pumpkin :)

Jaxon is such a cute and sweet little pumpkin!

Jordyn ~ Preschool Party

Jordyn's 3rd Birthday is on Sunday! On Friday, Justin and I took cupcakes for her class for an afternoon snack. Jordyn wanted cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles, so that's what we made. She was very excited about bringing treats to school!

Jorydn's friends sang Happy Birthday to her ...

She was very shy during this ...

She helped pass out napkins ...

So sweet - praying before eating ...

Jordyn got pretty shy while we were there. I always love watching her interact with her friends, but she seems to get very shy when Mom and Dad around.

We have a busy weekend of celebrating ahead of us! Last night we went to a Fall Festival at church, this morning we celebrated Jordyn and Justin's birthdays with Justin's family, tonight we will celebrate with my family, tomorrow we will celebrate just the five of us ... I'm exhausted already! :)

Jaxon ~ 1 Month

It does not seem possible that Jaxon turned 1 month old on the 27th! Time is flying by and he is growing way too fast!

Jaxon ...

... weighs between 11.5-12 pounds.

... wears size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes.

... sleeps about 3-4 hours at a time during the night.

... loves to eat all. the. time. I can hardly keep up with feeding him. Once 7 PM hits, he wants to eat every hour. We are to the point of giving him some formula at night, because it is exhausting to feed him every single hour for 3-4 hours.

... has about an hour or two at night that is a fussy time for him. Jordyn and Jayla went through that too. Jordyn grew out of it at about 6 weeks, and Jayla grew out of it at about 12 weeks.

... still sleeps in a bassinet in our room. It works out nicely to have him next to our bed since he's still waking up 1-2 times a night to eat.

... rolls from tummy to back. He started this when he was just two weeks old.

... likes his car seat, swing, and stroller. He does not like the bouncy seat that we have for him.

... hates to wear hats. He will scream until we take it off.

... looks as though he will have brown eyes. Jordyn has brown eyes and Jayla has blue eyes.

... has completed our family.

Happy 1-Month, Jaxon!

Friday, October 28, 2011

When Jordyn grows up ...

... she wants to be a mommy ... or so she tells us all the time! She loves being a big sister - she sat on the floor after school the other day and told me she was going to read to Jayla and Jaxon.
 Gizmo even joined in. :)

 I just can't get enough of those eyes! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Jayla loves yogurt ... but she doesn't always think it's necessary to use a spoon! She went straight to the bathtub after this!

Friday, October 21, 2011

This & That

It's time for a post full of random things!

*Justin and I are going to be an uncle and aunt x3!!!! We are so excited that our three kiddos will have cousins close in age to them. Darin and Kathryn are expecting a boy in February, and BJ and Devin are expecting twins in May!!! (Jordyn informed me this morning that when she gets bigger she is going to have two babies in her tummy like her Auntie Devin. Oh my!)

*We don't have any guests coming this weekend. We have had 3 weekends in a row of lots of guests. I'm thinking we may need someone to stop by and entertain our girls! Ha! Jordyn even asked me what visitors were coming this weekend. :)

*Jordyn picked out an Elmo costume in this magazine that she wanted for Halloween. Imagine the disappointment when Mommy and Daddy didn't give her one of her top three choices as her costume. (Top 3: Elmo, Cookie Monster, or a Pig) The girls are both going to be ice cream cones. Mommy thought they needed something a little girlie - it took some bribing, but Jordyn is finally excited about it.

*I still can't believe that Jordyn's 3rd Birthday is just a little over a week away. Oh - and that Justin's 29th is coming up too - we don't want to forget that Jordyn's big day is also Justin's. :) This year he'll be celebrating "Princess Style". Only about 10 more days that we can say we have 3 kids under 3!

*I feel like we have a ton doctor appointments in the next month ... the girls both have a wellness check, they both have follow-ups at the ENT to check on their tubes, I have a 6 week check up, and Jaxon has a 2 month wellness check ... all between next Wednesday and November 28. Remember that big Sanford Health sign you could see at the Twins baseball stadium? That was paid for and brought to you by the Overman family.  :) Ha! :)

*Speaking of doctor appointments ... Jax and I just got home from one. Jax had a really bad night last night - he screamed from 9:00-1:30 this morning. Last week I thought he was starting to deal with reflux. He wasn't spitting up like the girls did when they had it, but he kept moaning/groaning like he was in pain and trying to clear his throat. A few days ago he started spitting up, and last night we could tell he was in a lot of pain. The doctor has started him on the same medicine that the girls both took until they were about 10 months old.

*Jax continues to grow very quickly! Today at our doctor appointmnet, he weighed 11 pounds 5 ounces. He had gained another pound and ounce since last Friday. I can hardly keep up with feeding him!

*I long for the night that I can get two straight hours of sleep. One of our three kids is awake almost every hour during the night right now. I have slept so much during the day of this maternity leave. Jax is a pretty good napper during the day, and there have been many days that I have taken 4-6 hours worth of naps. And if you know me well, I am not one to take naps.

*I have a great goal of getting some scrapbooking done during this maternity leave ... but, if my napping schedule continues to be like it is right now, I am going to get nothing done!

*The girls have a new favorite way to watch TV ...

*If only we had two of them so that they didn't fight over it. Ha!

*Justin and I continue to watch some of the crappiest (or trashiest?) TV ever ... seriously, all summer we watched Pawn Stars and American Pickers ... now it's Hardcore Pawn and Storage Wars. I am currently addicted to Storage Wars - have you ever watched it?! I don't get it ... who are all these people that just leave their storage units filled with thousands of dollars worth of things?! With all of the nights that Jaxon and I have been up, I think I've pretty much seen every episode ... twice ... yet I'm still entertained.

*Besides that trashy TV, we are watching Dancing With the Stars (Jordyn's favorite), The Middle (Hilarious!), and of course Survivor. Have I ever mentioned that Justin and I have watched every. single. season of Survivor together? The show started when we started dating in high school, and we haven't missed a season.

*I am taking a long maternity leave, and right now I am realizing how nice this will be. Like I mentioned, sleep is not coming easily these days in our house - I am so thankful for my 12 week break.

*I am also thankful that my recovery from this pregnancy has been an easy one - well minus the 5-6 hours after delivery, but now I feel great. I was back to doing workouts when Jax turned 2 weeks old. No running yet - I feel ready to run, but I know that I need to be careful yet. Not sure if I'll make it to the 6-week mark for that, but I'll try to wait until he's at least 5 weeks old. :) That's what I did with Jayla.

*I think it's time for a nap! Jax and I went to the fitness center this morning, met a few co-workers for lunch, and then went to his doctor appointment ... and soon it will be time to get the girls! Our days fly by!