Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Update

I honestly have no idea how I am going to stay updated on blog posts once this baby arrives! It has been a struggle the last few months to stay on top of it!

 The girls have been keeping us super busy. There is never a dull moment with the two of them!

They both love to read right now and Jayla says "e-i-e-i-o" with every book that she reads, because she thinks every animal book is Old MacDonald!

We were home this weekend, and I have now decided that even though packing/unpacking for a weekend away isn't always fun, it is easier to be gone than home with the girls on the weekend. They were crazy this weekend, slept horrible, wouldn't nap which led to fussiness and naughtiness ... it's easier to travel with them on the weekends!

Maybe I'm a little more on edge right now with this being the end of the pregnancy ... so any little thing they did was driving me nuts! Ha!

Our weekend consisted of football, chasing the girls, football, entertaining the girls, football, feeding the girls, football, and more football. We went to Justin's cousin's high school game on Friday night, and spent most of yesterday watching college football. The one reason I love fall - football! :)

We watched a lot pro football on Sunday. And ... I have to mark this one down ... another Vikings loss was frustrating (more so for Justin) ... so I had the girls cheering for the Raiders (who also lost), but Justin commented that if the Vikings keep playing the way they did the last two weeks, he might be cheering for the Raiders when we go to the Vikings/Raiders game in November. Ha! :) Jordyn and Jayla had a great time cheering for the Raiders - while wearing their Brett Favre jerseys from last year. :)

Quick baby update ... I went to the doctor last Tuesday, and I go again today. I was so hoping that I would go into labor over the weekend. No such luck. Anyway, my doctor is out of town on Monday and Tuesday, so I am seeing one of her partners. Then if the baby has not arrived by Wednesday, we will set up my induction date, which will most likely be the 27th - since they can only induce one week early. I am starting to feel puffier, my legs feel swollen, I'm more exhausted (or maybe the girls not sleeping well this weekend caused that one?!), super uncomfortable, out of breath, don't want to look at my maternity clothes one more day, very crabby (Justin would definitely agree with that one!), feel like I'm always on the verge of a meltdown, panicking because our house can't stay clean no matter what I do, the laundry seems to be never-ending right now (even though I am pretty much caught up), never-ending heartburn (I have been eating Tums like they're candy - but it works) ... the list goes on. Baby J needs to make his arrival soon!


-Nicole said...

Oooh... this post made me laugh. For several reasons. One of them being -- I also agree it's easier to have a busy weekend with our boys than to be home too much. They are so used to the routine of daycare/preschool that being home with just Mommy and Daddy gets boring for them! And then they act out and don't nap as well, either! And I can remember feeling exactly how you are when my pregnancy with the second baby was coming to an end. Hang in there -- I wish you the very best of luck with baby number three! By the way... your little girls are GORGEOUS!

Lee Anne said...

First, your not blogging less. You blog a lot and I always wonder how you keep up. You are my hero!

Second, I am sorry you are struggling at the end of this pregnancy. It's so hard to be pregnant! I never liked one day of it. You are allowed to be crabby!!

Third, the girls are so funny. Those pics cracked me up...very busy!

Can't wait to see that baby boy! I think we should have a name contest. I have a good J name guess!