Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jordyn's New Preschool!

Our daycare recently made some changes to the way they are going to do their preschool program. Since Jordyn started daycare, infants through 5 year olds have been in the same daycare center. The space wasn't huge, but it still worked well. Recently our daycare was offered space at a church to use for the preschool. Our daycare accepted and now the 3-5 year olds are in a different building. The two places are about 4 blocks apart. I'm excited about these changes, but a little stressed/sad about them too. (If you know me well, you know that I HATE change, so it has taken a little bit of adjusting for me to get use to this.)

I'm sad that Jordyn is already old enough to be considered preschool age. (Where does time go?!) She doesn't turn 3 until the end of October, but she was still able to move up with all of her friends who are older than her. I'm sad that the girls are no longer in the same building. Drop off and pick up aren't exactly fast with two little ones - now imagine picking up one, putting her in her car seat, driving to the other location, getting one child out of the car, picking up the other child, and then getting them both back in the car. Imagine how long it will take me to do this when Baby J starts daycare in January!

With all that being said - I am excited about more space and more of a "classroom atmosphere." We were completely fine with our old daycare, but we also like the new set up of the daycare and new preschool. The playground (Jordyn's favorite part) is larger, there is a room dedicated to being a library (another favorite of Jordyn's), a common eating area for lunch and snack (vs. lunch and snack in their room at the old daycare), and the classes are broken up into smaller groups. Jordyn loves her new school! I know she misses some of her teachers who are still at the center with Jayla - but Jordyn is lucky that she can see them when we pick up Jayla.

Another change is that Jordyn can either bring cold lunch or we can pay for hot lunch. She pretty much brings cold lunch everyday - she always wants a turkey and cheese sandwich! Jordyn and her daddy picked out a new Dora lunchbox, which she is pretty proud of.

Monday was the first day at the new preschool. It was a good thing we took pictures at home before we left, because by the time we got to school, Jordyn wasn't quite as excited.

She had been very excited about her new school, but she got really nervous when we got there. She cried a little, but we knew as soon as her friends arrived, she would be fine. (And she was.)

Jordyn has a sticker chart in her classroom, and I noticed that Jordyn and two other kids had the most stickers on it. I asked her what the stickers were for ... she said, "I got the stickers because I listen very well." Ahh ... melts my heart! :)

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