Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, September 30, 2011

We are home!

We are all doing well - but we are very busy and exhausted, which is why I haven't updated the blog.

This week has flown by! On Monday I went to work, knowing it would be my last day since I was going to be induced on Tuesday morning at 9:00. At about 11:00 on Monday morning I started to have some horrible side pains. I was unable to stand without feeling like a knife was being stabbed into my side. Sitting helped, but the pains didn't go away. I knew my doctor was the on-call labor and delivery doctor that day/night, so I called in, and they told me to come to the hospital. They wanted to check me - but they told me they might not keep me. Even though I was scheduled to be induced on Tuesday morning, they were possibly going to send me home on Monday afternoon, since they legally cannot induce more than 1 week early, unless there is a medical emergency of course. (On Monday I was 38 weeks 6 days.) Justin and I got to the hospital around 1ish, met with a nurse, had an ultrasound, and everything seemed fine. They thought it was just some round ligament pain. Finally at 3:30, we were given word that they were going to keep me. However, we didn't get to see the doctor until almost 6:00 that evening, so our afternoon was a bit boring since I definitely wasn't in labor. At 6:00 the doctor came in and broke my water. I was dilated to a 3, but the contractions weren't really coming. They decided to start Pitocin at about 8:00. I had had this with both girls, so I was fine with it. It didn't take much and my contractions started to get worse. By 9:00 I had an epidural and I was at a 6 ... the epidural seemed as though it wasn't helping as much as it should have. I felt like I needed to push. The nurse checked me again (this was 20 minutes later), and I had gone from a 6 to a 10 in 20 minutes!! There was good reason for feeling the need to push! Even though I was at a 10, the baby wasn't quite ready to come. I pushed for about 10 minutes, then slept since they knew he wasn't ready to come out, then I pushed again for about 10 minutes, and then slept for about an hour. Third time was a charm - they had me start pushing, I pushed for about 30 minutes, and Baby Jax arrived at 1:39 AM. :)

Meeting sweet Jaxon for the first time ...

8 pounds 11 ounces! He's a healthy boy!

A little tired, but happy parents! :)

Dr. Landeen with the three of us. She is an incredible doctor. She didn't deliver Jordyn, but we were lucky and she was on-call with both Jayla and Jaxon's deliveries. :)

Labor and delivery all went smoothly. Unfortunately about two hours later, things didn't go so smoothly. I had fallen asleep for a little while, but I woke up really nauseous. The nurse did some checking and pushing on my stomach, and I ended up losing a lot of blood (in about 2 minutes) about 2 hours after delivery. I was started on an IV and needed shots in my leg. Thank goodness the epidural hadn't worn off yet - my leg is still in pain from the shots, and I know they would have been painful to feel when she gave them to me! I was supposed to be moved from labor and delivery at about 3:30/4:00 to my new room. I was finally moved at about 6 AM. We put Jaxon in the nursery at about 4:00 because I felt so icky, and we knew that Justin needed a little sleep too.

Finally at about 6:00 AM, we were moved upstairs to my new room, and our first visitors arrived shortly after 7:00. :) I wasn't feeling very well yet, but I was more than happy to have our girls, my parents, and Justin's parents come meet our sweet Jaxon!

Grandma Ronda & Grandpa Buzz ...

Grandpa Marlin & Grandma Shelli ...

Very proud big sisters!

A first family photo ... I had had about 1 hour of sleep since Sunday night at this point ... (this was Tuesday morning)

Jaxon is such a sweet, content baby! We have been so blessed!

Snuggles with Daddy!

After daycare, the girls came back to visit again ...

Uncle BJ stopped to meet Jaxon. Auntie Devin had to work, so she came over to our house the next day.

My brother also brought along my grandma so that she could meet Baby Jax ...

Jordyn loves to hold Jaxon!

Justin's grandparents stopped by ... but I only got a picture of his Grandma Marcia ...

My new teaching partner, Micah, and her daughter, Sophie, stopped to say hi too. I had not met Sophie before - she was such a doll!

 Getting ready to go home!

Jaxon was born early Tuesday morning and we headed home shortly after lunch on Wednesday. We could have stayed one more night in the hospital, but we decided to come home.

On Wednesday Justin's parents and Grandma Helen came over. His parents picked up the girls from daycare for us on Wednesday.

 Auntie Devin also stopped over for a little while to meet Jaxon. She was in SF both Wednesday and Thursday so she hung out with us two days. :)

Kayla, Kandi, and Eric are coming this weekend (Josh has a class so he can't come), and Darin and Kathryn are coming the following weekend. Our house will be busy. :) It's helpful to have guests over though because it also helps keep the girls occupied!

Overall things are going well at home ... other than sleep! Jaxon's nights and days are a little mixed up, which we expected would happen. The girls have not been sleeping well either. Hopefully after a few more nights, we'll be on a better schedule!

Jaxon went to the doctor today - he is doing well. He had lost 5 ounces before leaving the hospital, and he has lost another 2 ounces since coming home, but the doctor said that it was all fine. He will go in for another weight check next Friday.

On a side note - thanks so much to our parents for basically dropping everything to help with the girls! The girls got to spend a lot of time with both sets of grandparents, and we know they had a blast! We are thankful for such wonderful families!

I have many more pictures to share of Jaxon. Hopefully my next post will be up a little faster. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jaxon Dean

Jaxon Dean arrived this morning at 1:39. I was scheduled to be induced this morning at 9:00, but due to do some stomach pain yesterday, they admitted me to the hospital, broke my water last night, and Jax arrived earlier than we had planned!

Jax weighs 8 pounds 11 ounces and is 20 1/4 inches long! He's a very healthy baby! He's also very alert and loves to eat!  He has two big sisters who were so excited to meet him! He has already been showered with kisses and hugs from the girls. Jordyn loves to hold him and asks if she can "pet" him. Ha! Jayla loves to stand by him and say "Hi Baby!" Jordyn asked if she could take him home - hopefully the transition goes smoothly when we do bring him home. :)

I have many more pictures to share - hopefully tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby J Name Guess!

These two cuties are going to be big sisters soon ...

*My sister, Kandi, took these cute pictures when the girls were playing at my parent's farm.

My friend, Lee Anne wants to guess Baby J's name before he arrives.

What's your best "J" guess? :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Update

I honestly have no idea how I am going to stay updated on blog posts once this baby arrives! It has been a struggle the last few months to stay on top of it!

 The girls have been keeping us super busy. There is never a dull moment with the two of them!

They both love to read right now and Jayla says "e-i-e-i-o" with every book that she reads, because she thinks every animal book is Old MacDonald!

We were home this weekend, and I have now decided that even though packing/unpacking for a weekend away isn't always fun, it is easier to be gone than home with the girls on the weekend. They were crazy this weekend, slept horrible, wouldn't nap which led to fussiness and naughtiness ... it's easier to travel with them on the weekends!

Maybe I'm a little more on edge right now with this being the end of the pregnancy ... so any little thing they did was driving me nuts! Ha!

Our weekend consisted of football, chasing the girls, football, entertaining the girls, football, feeding the girls, football, and more football. We went to Justin's cousin's high school game on Friday night, and spent most of yesterday watching college football. The one reason I love fall - football! :)

We watched a lot pro football on Sunday. And ... I have to mark this one down ... another Vikings loss was frustrating (more so for Justin) ... so I had the girls cheering for the Raiders (who also lost), but Justin commented that if the Vikings keep playing the way they did the last two weeks, he might be cheering for the Raiders when we go to the Vikings/Raiders game in November. Ha! :) Jordyn and Jayla had a great time cheering for the Raiders - while wearing their Brett Favre jerseys from last year. :)

Quick baby update ... I went to the doctor last Tuesday, and I go again today. I was so hoping that I would go into labor over the weekend. No such luck. Anyway, my doctor is out of town on Monday and Tuesday, so I am seeing one of her partners. Then if the baby has not arrived by Wednesday, we will set up my induction date, which will most likely be the 27th - since they can only induce one week early. I am starting to feel puffier, my legs feel swollen, I'm more exhausted (or maybe the girls not sleeping well this weekend caused that one?!), super uncomfortable, out of breath, don't want to look at my maternity clothes one more day, very crabby (Justin would definitely agree with that one!), feel like I'm always on the verge of a meltdown, panicking because our house can't stay clean no matter what I do, the laundry seems to be never-ending right now (even though I am pretty much caught up), never-ending heartburn (I have been eating Tums like they're candy - but it works) ... the list goes on. Baby J needs to make his arrival soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jayla ~ 17 Months

Jayla is now 17 months old. This is how old Jordyn was when Jayla was born! It's fun to think about all of the similarities and differences between the two. We are curious to see how Jayla will handle having a baby join our family. (Any day now!)

Peek ...

... a ...

... boo!

The only way we could get Jayla to take pictures for us was to play peek-a-boo. As soon as we got the camera out, this is what she did ...

What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... weighs about 28 pounds, wears size 3 diapers, and mostly 24-month clothes. She still has some 18-month outfits that fit, and some of the smaller 2T clothes fit her too.

... is really increasing her vocabulary and talking a lot! We absolutely love it when she says I love you. It melts our heart. Some of her other favorite things to say right now are Thank You, Night Night, book, ball, boat, Daddy, Mommy, Bompa (Grandpa), and puppy. She has many more words that she can say, but these are some of her favorites! We love that she has figured out that she has two grandpas - and she knows to call them both Bompa, which is exactly how Jordyn said Grandpa when she was little!

... is working on counting! If we say "one" she will say "ooh, eee" for two and three. I can also count to ten and have her repeat each number.

... has about 8 teeth. I say "about" because some are not all the way in yet.

... makes sounds and does actions for cows, horses, elephants, lions, bears, tigers, and monkeys. My favorite is when she does the lion. :)

... yells "mine" repeatedly if she looking for her paci. We know if she cries in the middle of the night and is yelling "mine" we need to start searching for the paci in her crib!

... is doing so much better with sleep! We had a little rough patch again, but now she is back to sleeping well. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this will continue, especially after the new baby arrives! Jayla goes to sleep at about 7:30 and sleeps until 6:00 when we wake her up to get ready for school. She loves to have music playing through the night, and she has figured out how to turn her CD player on each night.

... has a bit of an attachment issue with Mommy right now. This has created a little stress for me. Knock on wood, we have had some better days recently, but the last couple of months have been quite challenging at times. Jayla wants me to hold her the second I pick her up at daycare until hours later. I often have to battle to put her in the car seat, because she wants me to hold her. Not only is that a challenge to a normal person, imagine having a huge stomach with a very strong 17-month old kicking and throwing them self out of the car seat. She often cries most of the ride home. Then she wants me told hold her the second we are home. The weird thing is that she wants me to stand in the kitchen and hold her. She doesn't want to sit on the couch with me or play on the floor ... she wants me to stand in the kitchen and hold her. I offer her food/drink, toys to play with, books to read ... it doesn't work. Again, imagine being 8 months pregnant trying to hold a 28 pound little girl. It is physically and mentally exhausting! So - I'm hoping that since we've had a few good days without the screaming and the need to be held, we are heading in the right direction! :) I know that Baby J's arrival may send us back in to an attachment issue.

... made it through the entire church service today without needing to leave, without single tear, and hardly a single sound. She was so content coloring, eating her snack, and watching a little boy next to us. Yay!

... loves to try and repeat everything we do or say. Today I was telling Jordyn to yell "Go Raiders Go" ... Jayla was jumping up and down shouting "Go go go go go go!" She was so proud of herself!

... loves to color, enjoys reading books, likes to play basketball and soccer, and loves the park.

Happy 17-Months, Jayla!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jordyn's New Preschool!

Our daycare recently made some changes to the way they are going to do their preschool program. Since Jordyn started daycare, infants through 5 year olds have been in the same daycare center. The space wasn't huge, but it still worked well. Recently our daycare was offered space at a church to use for the preschool. Our daycare accepted and now the 3-5 year olds are in a different building. The two places are about 4 blocks apart. I'm excited about these changes, but a little stressed/sad about them too. (If you know me well, you know that I HATE change, so it has taken a little bit of adjusting for me to get use to this.)

I'm sad that Jordyn is already old enough to be considered preschool age. (Where does time go?!) She doesn't turn 3 until the end of October, but she was still able to move up with all of her friends who are older than her. I'm sad that the girls are no longer in the same building. Drop off and pick up aren't exactly fast with two little ones - now imagine picking up one, putting her in her car seat, driving to the other location, getting one child out of the car, picking up the other child, and then getting them both back in the car. Imagine how long it will take me to do this when Baby J starts daycare in January!

With all that being said - I am excited about more space and more of a "classroom atmosphere." We were completely fine with our old daycare, but we also like the new set up of the daycare and new preschool. The playground (Jordyn's favorite part) is larger, there is a room dedicated to being a library (another favorite of Jordyn's), a common eating area for lunch and snack (vs. lunch and snack in their room at the old daycare), and the classes are broken up into smaller groups. Jordyn loves her new school! I know she misses some of her teachers who are still at the center with Jayla - but Jordyn is lucky that she can see them when we pick up Jayla.

Another change is that Jordyn can either bring cold lunch or we can pay for hot lunch. She pretty much brings cold lunch everyday - she always wants a turkey and cheese sandwich! Jordyn and her daddy picked out a new Dora lunchbox, which she is pretty proud of.

Monday was the first day at the new preschool. It was a good thing we took pictures at home before we left, because by the time we got to school, Jordyn wasn't quite as excited.

She had been very excited about her new school, but she got really nervous when we got there. She cried a little, but we knew as soon as her friends arrived, she would be fine. (And she was.)

Jordyn has a sticker chart in her classroom, and I noticed that Jordyn and two other kids had the most stickers on it. I asked her what the stickers were for ... she said, "I got the stickers because I listen very well." Ahh ... melts my heart! :)