Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swimming :)

Yay for hot temperatures! We are loving them, and we have spent a lot of time outdoors! :)

The girls love swimming in our back yard in their little pool. They also have a sprinkler, their playhouse, and their slide and swing, so there is plenty to do ... and for the most part, I can just sit and watch them play!!

Our weekend (last weekend) and week have been super busy. We took another trip to the zoo, have been to the mall several times, gone on lots of walks, played with bubbles, rode the bike, and done a lot of swimming! My sister was also here from Sunday night until this morning. It was so fun (and extremely helpful) to have Kayla here! Justin was out of town for two days, so it was great timing for her to come!

And now for lots of swimming pictures ...

 We tried out the girls' new sprinkler for the first time, and it was NOT a hit at first! The girls were scared, and while they were screaming/crying, Justin and I might have been laughing about it. :)
 At least someone likes the sprinkler! :)
We did eventually get the girls to like it and run through it. :)

We just can't get enough of this little cutie ...

... and this cutie!

 Jordyn finally started running through the sprinkler!

Jayla started to like it too!
 A little more pool time! :)

On a side note ... I took Jayla to the doctor this morning. I think it was more so for a piece of mind for me. She has not been acting like her normal self for about 3-4 weeks. She's back to an awful sleeping schedule (most nights waking up every 1-2 hours screaming), not napping well, and throwing huge screaming fits. I know there could be many factors that could play into all of these things ... teething, not being able to verbalize what she wants, and just being at the age she is at. However, it has been stressing us out, so I decided to take her to the doctor today. Our normal pediatrician was gone, but we saw another helpful doctor, and he felt that everything was fine, and it is probably teeth. Jayla only has 3 teeth, and he feels that she is going to have quite a few break through all at once. Hopefully she will be back to acting like her normal self soon! The doctor was also impressed when I told him how many words Jayla can already say! She loves to talk!

Tomorrow the girls go to daycare, and then we have some company coming to stay tomorrow night! My very close friend, Nichole, and her husband and two boys are coming to stay with us! We are so excited! They are heading to the Black Hills, so they are going to spend the night here on their way to the hills! Yay!!! We can't wait to see them! :)

That's all for now! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summertime :)

We are loving summertime! :)

 Such a sweet face ...
... and a sweet, but silly face ...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend!

Father's Day weekend was a busy one for us, but we had a great time! We left Friday morning and headed up to the cities. Justin, his dad, and his brother went to the Twins game that evening to celebrate Father's Day. The girls and myself hung out with Justin's mom and Kathryn for the evening. We played at the park, ate supper, and spent a little time at the mall.

On Saturday morning we took the girls to Mall of America to let them go on some rides. Jordyn and Jayla rode the carousel. They also rode on a train and Jordyn rode on a school bus. They had a great time!

It is not easy to take pictures of moving rides!

 It's been a very long time since we took a picture of the 4 of us. I was thrilled that all 4 of us were looking in the same direction! :)

Sponge Bob was at the mall. Jordyn wanted to say hi - but she really didn't like him! 

 Jayla was scared to death of him - look at the grip she has on her daddy's shirt!
Trying out a yummy sucker ... and check out her cute mullet that she's growing. :)

 Jordyn, Daddy, and Uncle Darin riding the bus ...

After MOA, we took the girls to the horse races at Canterbury! It was raining so we had to watch mostly from inside, but it was fun. Going to the horse races is definitely more enjoyable without small kids though! :) It had been a few years since Justin and I had gone. The girls enjoyed watching the races though, and we let Jordyn pick a horse to bet on in one of the race. She picked Sophie. She is now in love with that name and has named her baby Sophie! Sophie didn't win, but Jordyn will tell you that she tried hard. :)

After the races, we headed to my parent's house. My whole family was home, so we spent Saturday evening and Sunday with them! The girls' schedules were so off on Saturday, and they didn't go to bed until about 10:30/11:00 on Saturday night. (They both napped for 2 1/2 hours in the car - they woke up around 5:30 from naps, which is super late!) The girls were really wound up and I warned my sisters and brother-in-law that if they didn't calm down, the girls were sleeping with them that night!

On Sunday we went to church, ate a delicious lunch, and then took the girls swimming at the new pool in George. I didn't take any pictures, but I know my sisters did, so I'll have to get them from the girls. (Hint Hint!)

We headed back to SF late afternoon on Sunday, ate supper, and then we went on a walk to Milky Way to get ice cream. It sounds so much better to say we walked to the ice cream place - we burned off a few of those calories, right?! :)

The girls and I truly hope that Justin enjoyed Father's Day! The girls are so incredibly blessed to have a daddy who loves them so much and will do anything for them! We are also very blessed to have my dad and Justin's dad, whom we both so thankful for!

The girls made some adorable artwork for Justin at school - I just love that our daycare is so awesome about art projects! The girls also gave Justin the Willow Tree Angel that is the Dad with his two daughters. (and my gift was the camera - we did that as a gift to each other a few months ago)

Our weekend was super busy and full of traveling, but overall, it went very smoothly! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jayla ~ 14 Months

Jayla is now 14 months old! She was not in the mood to have her pictures taken. I had visions of Jayla wearing her hair bow, her beautiful dress, and smiling ... it didn't happen! But - she's still a doll! :)

 We got a little smile ...
She was happy when she was bringing books to her daddy, but that was about it!

We had a really busy weekend and did a lot of traveling (update coming soon), so I'm sure that Jayla was worn out from that!

What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... wears size 18-month and 24-month clothes (mostly 18-month), size 3 or 4 shoe, and size 4 diapers (we just switched her diaper size).

... weighs about 26-27 pounds.

... loves to talk! She can say daddy, momma/mommy, Gigi (Gizmo), puppy (this is her VERY favorite word right now - and every animal is called  "puppy" right now), uh-oh (another favorite), blankie, hi, stinky, more, and please. She can also do sign language for "more" and "book." Her voice is so sweet when she talks - we love hearing her learn new words!

... has just 3 teeth. We thought for sure by now she would have more! Having just 3 teeth sure does not slow down her eating though! She still loves her food!

... is starting to enjoy books more. She has always been so active and didn't show a huge interest in books. She is now looking at them more - she still doesn't sit real long to read with us, but it's getting better.

... loves to be outside! She loves riding the bike, stroller rides, playing at the park, swimming in our little pool, playing in the playhouse, doing sidewalk chalk, and eating at her picnic table.

... was doing great with sleeping for the last two months, but she is slowly starting to struggle with it again. Hopefully we can get her back on a normal schedule again.

... enjoys drawing on the magna doodle, riding the horsies, playing in her kitchen, and playing with play doh.

... wants to do everything that Jordyn does ... with the exception of sitting still. Jordyn is at the age where she'll sit for 30+ minutes doing an activity ... Jayla is at the stage where she can hardly sit 30 seconds to do something. :)

... is very determined. She does not like it if we stop her when she is doing something - she will throw quite a fit. She is also very active. She does not sit down until she absolutely has to (the high chair, car seat, crib). She can really wear us out, but we love it! :)

Happy 14 Months, Jayla!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


We have a family membership to the zoo - so we decided it was time to make use of it! :) We went once this winter, but we just took the girls to the museum since it was so cold outside. Now that it is nice outside, I know that we will get lots of use out of the membership!

The weather was perfect for a zoo trip on Saturday, and the animals were out playing and entertaining! Our favorite is always the monkeys - but they always seem to be hard to get pictures of through the fence. This one had a baby wrapped around its leg. It was crazy to see the baby hold on while the mom swung around the whole area!

We went to the SF Zoo and Omaha Zoo several times last year, but Jayla was such a tiny baby that she wouldn't have remembered any bit of it. Now that she is older, she loved it! She thought this guy was interesting ...

Justin and Jayla pointing to the camel. :) Jayla is in a total mimicking stage - so she is trying to point just like her daddy!
We let Jordyn feed the ducks, and she LOVED it! (We also let Jayla try, but Jayla was more interested in attempting to eat the duck food than throwing it to the ducks - imagine that!)

This was by far our best trip to the SF Zoo. Like I mentioned, the animals were very entertaining. This peacock was right in front of the 4 of us - and opened up its feathers. It slowly turned circles as though it knew I wanted good pictures of it! The girls were in awe of the peacocks! Aren't these animals fascinating? They are so beautifully detailed!
The back side ...
It was also Zippity Zoo Day, which meant there were carnival games, among many other activities. We went early in the morning, so it wasn't too busy, but by the time we left the zoo at lunchtime, it was much busier.

Jordyn LOVED the carnival games - and they were perfect for kids her age. We were so proud of her for playing - she can be so incredibly stubborn about things like this, but she did great! She threw all 3 rolls of toilet paper through the tiger's mouth ...

Waiting patiently for the next game ...

Throwing the basketball to knock down the penguins ...

We knew that Jayla would LOVE this game - except we knew she would try to take every duck she could possibly hold. :) Jayla would have been content playing in the water with the ducks the entire time we were there. Ha!

Back to looking at more animals ... Daddy was showing Jayla and Jordyn the giraffes and zebras ...

This was the first time the zebras had been out in the many trips we have taken to the zoo.

The last animal we went to see were the tigers. Every time we went last year, the zoo had the tigers put away. Finally, they were out - 4 of them, and they were just beautiful!

We are looking forward to going back to the zoo soon! :)