Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Easter Bunny and "Pecial" Helper

These pictures of Jordyn are actually from last Friday and Saturday, but they are too cute to not share!

We picked up Jordyn at daycare on Friday - and found her painted like a little Easter bunny! She LOVED having her face painted, and asked us to take pictures of her. :)

On Saturday morning (yes, she sometimes eats breakfast in the high chair - she likes to) she asked if we would take her picture again. We were surprised by this, but we did it anyway ...

Then she asked to see the pictures on the camera, and started to cry. Her first words were "I don't got it anymore." She was so sad. Her bunny face had worn off and she thought it would still be there. It didn't take long for her to get over it, but it was so sad to see her so bummed.


We were busy getting ready for Jayla's birthday party on Saturday, and Jordyn asked if she could be my "pecial helper." Of course I had to let her help ... and then I found her doing this ...

She was so proud of herself for making the lemonade. She made sure everyone knew she made it (and taste-tested it)!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Parties!

I think this is the final post that I will do on Jayla's 1st Birthday! :) We celebrated with Justin's family the day after Jayla's Birthday, and we celebrated with my family this past weekend on Saturday! The girls had so much fun! :) They love company!

Jayla's cupcakes with pink frosting (as requested by Jordyn while I was making them) ..

My sister took a ton of pictures with our camera when they were over for the party ...

 Jayla loves to play peek-a-boo!

Jayla's new chair from my aunt, uncle, and cousins. She loved it!

 Jordyn loved eating "dirt" ... she thought it was fun to watch me make it!
 Ice cream cone cupcakes ... I had never made them before, but they turned out pretty cute!

 Jayla ate every single piece of it!

All partied out and ready for bed ...

We had so much fun celebrating with our families! We have many more pictures, but I thought 20+ was probably enough to share. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Little Fashionista!

Sweet Jordyn ... complete with sunglasses, cell phone, purse, drink, and Mom's heels!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jayla's Birthday :)

 We took so many pictures on Jayla's Birthday - this is the 3rd post about her birthday! The first few are of Jayla opening a few gifts. Jordyn was a good "helper" with the gifts. Jordyn did well overall - we weren't sure if she would be sad that they weren't for her.

One quick story about Jordyn - two days before Jayla's birthday, Jordyn told me she needed to get Jayla a present! How sweet! She told me she wanted to get her a water bottle. (Jordyn came up with this all on her own. Our 2 year old can sure impress us!) Jordyn has a nice Nalgene water bottle that was a gift to her when Jayla was born. Jordyn loves it and Jayla does too. So we did our best to find one similar to the one that Jordyn had. We were so proud of Jordyn for being so sweet about a gift for her! Jordyn also helped pick out a new doll for Jayla. We wanted one similar to Jordyn's favorite doll since Jayla loves hers! (I just realized that even though we took a ton of pictures, I don't have one of the water bottle!)

Feeding her new baby!
Guess who else likes to feed Jayla's new baby? :) ... And notice where Jayla is in this picture? She can pretty much get on the couch by herself now!
After opening gifts and eating supper, we let Jayla have her Birthday cupcake. This was Jordyn's idea too. Jordyn told me that we had to have cupcakes (not cake) with pink frosting. So - Jordyn and I made them for Jayla!

Jayla LOVES food, and we weren't surprised for a second that she ate about every last piece of her cupcake. She loved it! :)

Jayla wasn't the only one who enjoyed the cupcakes ...

Jordyn loved them too! :)