Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Back!

Our computer is fixed, so now I can re-join the blogging world! :) Our computer overall was working fine, but our microphone stopped working so we were unable to Skype. It turns out something came unhooked inside the computer.

Our lives are not slowing down one bit! It has been quite an exciting few days at our house! On Sunday, Jordyn all of a sudden decided that going potty on her little potty was the greatest thing in the world! Yay! She is doing great with potty-training, and she is so proud of herself. The daycare workers have also been awesome about working with her during the day - trying to ask/take her every 15-30 minutes. I just love the girls' teachers! We are so proud of Jordyn, and I am so excited to think that we might have just one in diapers for a few months before we're back to having two in diapers.

Jayla didn't want to be outdone by Jordyn on Sunday, so Jayla decided that she would focus on walking that day! She is doing great! She can take 3-8 steps at a time. Of course she is a little wobbly and still loves to crawl, but she is so close to being a walker! Yay!

One bit of disappointing news on Sunday .... our favorite TarHeels lost in basketball. After the game, Jordyn kept telling us that the TarHeels were sad. I think Mommy was a bit sad too.

We tried getting pictures in our TarHeels gear, but the girls weren't super cooperative to get one of the 3 of us ...

Jordyn just likes to be a little stinker in every picture we take of her. :)

Check out the lovely hair that Jordyn is sporting ... Ha!
We were pretty bummed to see UNC lose, but we had fun cheering them on!

And ... just a few other random updates ...

Jayla is still battling the nasty ear infection that has been going for about a month. The shots didn't help, and on Monday we were given the referral to the ENT (the same one as Jordyn has), and we will meet with him on Monday to discuss tubes. This poor girl needs some relief in her ears ... and her mommy and daddy need some relief through the night. She is not sleeping. She sleeps from about 7:30-10:00, and then she is up constantly through the night, screaming in pain. It's so sad. The doctor did give us an antibiotic again - hoping that it will at least provide some pain relief, but we know it won't take the infection away.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. Baby #3 seems to be doing well. I have been in a panic a few times that I was having twins. Even though the first ultrasound showed only 1, I was still worried. (I have thought with each pregnancy I would have twins.) My dad has been teasing me constantly about it. :) However, the doctor is confident that there was one heartbeat yesterday, and I was measuring at 13 weeks, which is what I am. If I was pregnant with twins, I would have been measuring 17-18 weeks. My nurse and doctor were so wonderful to me yesterday. The nurse hugged me as soon as she saw me, and then I ran into the doctor in the hallway before my appointment, and she said she was so excited when she was looking through paperwork the night before and saw mine in there. She gave me a big hug too. It is nice to know that I have such caring people to take care of me!

I am still feeling good ... still running quite a bit, lifting weights, and biking. I know that will soon start to slow down, but since I still feel good, I am going to keep going.

I better sign off for now - it's getting close to 10:00, which means Jayla will be soon be up.

I have one last picture to share ... Jayla is such a climber ... and if I hadn't stopped her, she would have stood up on this little stool!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jayla ~ 11 Months

Our little sweetheart, Jayla, is 11 months old already! :) I can't believe that next month I will be writing about her being 1!!

My post is a few days late ... we are having some computer issues (new laptop has bad hardware and is being fixed and the old laptop isn't picking up on the wireless Internet for some reason ... and typing on the ipad just takes too much time)
Jayla does not sit still for 2 seconds, so Justin, Jordyn, and I had to keep her from getting off the couch! (You can see Jordyn's hand on this picture ... she's waving the mask to Jayla's nebulizer trying to help us out. Ha!)

What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... weighs 24 pounds! Oh my! I think she'll have no problem passing up Jordyn! :)

... wears mostly 18-month clothes, size 3 or 4 shoe, and size 3 diapers.

... is an absolutely incredible eater! She wants NOTHING to do with any sort of baby food or having us feed her. If we try to feed her, she throws a fit, and pushes the spoon away from her. She only wants table food - and she can out-eat Jordyn in a second! (Jordyn ate baby food until she was 13-14 months old, because she threw everything up!) The other night Jayla ate a slice of bread, slice of turkey, slice of cheese, and fruit ... probably not your typical meal for an 11-month old, but she downed it. That same night, Jordyn ate half a slice of bread, 2 bites of turkey, and a slice of cheese. We got a good laugh out of this!

... stands all the time! She can stand without needing to pull herself up on something. She doesn't quite want to take that first step though without holding onto to something. She can easily navigate her way around the furniture though.

... loves Jordyn's bed. Jayla's favorite thing to do is go up the steps at any chance she gets, and climb onto Jordyn's bed. She loves to jump on it - and she just laughs the whole time.

... has been an awful sleeper for us. :( She is only sleeping 1-3 hours at a time, and she constantly wants to be held. This has been so draining on us. She finished up the shots for her ear infection, and now we're waiting to see if she will need tubes. Maybe that will be the answer to sleeping better. :)

... loves her new room at daycare. She doesn't even want to say good-bye to me in the morning. She just wants to play!

... loves to play with cell phones and tv remotes. She especially likes my cell phone, and she will even hold it to her like she is talking on it.

... doesn't have the fear of men like Jordyn did at this age. :) Jayla still may be shy at times, but she doesn't throw the screaming fit like Jordyn did. Thank goodness!

... is a daddy's girl ... she will only fall asleep in the evening for her daddy. I can try for 30 minutes and she'll still be awake ... it takes Justin just a few minutes and she's out. She has always calmed down for him easier than she does for me.

... is such a sweet little girl with a beautiful smile and personality.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Overdue Update!

We have been so incredibly busy, and by the time the girls are in bed, the dishes are done, and the house is somewhat in order, we are completely exhausted! So ... here's a list of what we have been up to!
*Jayla does not sit still for 2 seconds. The girl completely wears us out. She is everywhere and into everything, and her very favorite thing is the steps and climbing onto Jordyn's big girl bed. Jayla is pretty strong and can pull herself onto Jordyn's bed all by herself. She stands all on her own, but she isn't quite ready to take a step on her own.

*Jordyn is close to being back on her normal sleep schedule. It's still not where she used to be, but she's doing much better. :) Unfortunately to get her back to "normal" it meant giving her paci back to her. (only at bedtime) Ugh. I know, she's over 2, and she shouldn't have it, but I also know that my sanity every half hour through the night is also worth giving it to her!

*Jayla currently has an ear infection. We go back to the doctor for a recheck tomorrow. We don't think she ever totally got over it from when she had RSV.

*Jayla has transitioned to the next room at daycare. I'm sad that she's not in the baby room anymore, but she is doing awesome in her new room! :) Her new room is right next to Jordyn's so the two girls get to see each other often!

*I finished my lazy-man triathlon!! I had 4 weeks to run 13 miles, bike 56 miles, and swim 1.2 miles (42 laps). I did it, and it actually only took 12 workouts for me to complete it - all while being pregnant, working full-time, and being a full-time mom! It isn't always very easy to find time to get to the fitness center! It felt great to write DONE across my mileage tracker on the wall!

*Justin was rear-ended about a week and a half ago and is unfortunately still feeling pain from it. He was stopped at a stoplight, and was hit by a 15-year old. He's been to the doctor twice and the chiropractor several times - he will continue to receive treatment on his back/neck for a little while yet. He gets pretty uncomfortable at times.

*I think I mentioned in the last post that we got rid of our SUV and bought a minivan. Yes, the one vehicle I SWORE I would NEVER get. Our Honda Odyssey is nice, but it will always have the word van with it, and it is going to take some major getting used to! It will make it easy for us to access all three car seats once Baby #3 arrives in October. (and Jordyn thinks the automatic doors are the greatest things in the world)

*Speaking of Baby #3, I am still feeling fine - majorly overwhelmed at times, but fine. My next doctor appointment isn't until the 28th, and I'll be 13 weeks along at that appointment. My belly is growing very quickly, and I seem to be a nervous wreck about gaining all of the weight with this pregnancy. I think that I just know how hard it was to take the weight off after Jayla, and it completely stresses me out to think about that again. I think I gain a pound with each tiny piece of food that goes into my mouth.

*I haven't told my students yet about Baby #3, but I honestly think that some of them might start questioning my belly that is so quickly growing. I am hoping to hold off until after my appointment on the 28th - and even more so, I hope to wait until April Fools Day. (That's what I did when I was pregnant with Jordyn.)

*I don't think my house has ever been as unorganized as it is right now. I usually try to have things in order before we go to bed (the toys put away, table/island cleared off, laundry somewhat done, and just normal things put away). I seriously have not had the energy to do it, and there are things spread out everywhere and in every single room. Thank goodness that I have Thursday and Friday off this week! The girls are going to daycare and this house is going to be put back into order! My neighbor stopped over tonight, and I was totally embarrassed to have her see the house - she just laughed and reminded me that I have two small children. :) She happened to stop by while I was in the middle of a major meltdown - I don't think she totally knew I had been bawling, but just having her stop by calmed me down ... and then she shared with me that her and her husband are expecting a baby. We are so excited!!

*We were bummed that UNC lost their tournament game to Duke, but we are excited to cheer them on in March Madness. I love hearing Jordyn yell "Go TarHeels! Boo Duke!" I've taught her well!

*Jordyn misses football and reminds us that Brett Favre is #4 with every single #4 that she sees.

*We are so ready for warmer weather. It is finally supposed to warm up this week ... we can't wait!

*It is time to sign off for now ... and hopefully it won't be so long before my next update! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011


There is never a dull moment at our house!

I tried blocking the table with our laptop on it with Jayla's exersaucer. She loves to play by the computer, and we don't want her to ... so she found a new way to get to the table!

Jordyn loves to wear Mommy's sunglasses!
Jordyn told me she was going to go read some books, and this is how I found her ...

... in her baby pack-and-play.

One of Jayla's favorite things right now is to empty the tupperware drawer ... not one of Mommy's favorite things!

They love each other!

We came home from school one day and found this note that Justin left on the garbage can ...
One of Jordyn's favorite things to do right now is to put in the new garbage bag after Justin takes out the garbage. It's pretty funny to watch her shake the bag open and put it in the can.

And ... Who needs toys? Diaper boxes are much more fun!

Jordyn thinks she doesn't need socks and shoes on in the car no matter how cold it is outside. It was below zero, and this what she did ...

I haven't had much time to update lately ... we've been busy with work, buying a new vehicle, a trip to the zoo (just the indoor museum part - it's way too cold to go outside to the animals' buildings), attempting to stay on top of housework, doing a little shopping, and trying to get many workouts in so that I can finish my lazy-man triathlon. I have 10 days left, and I am done with running part (13 miles), 13 miles left to bike (I have already biked 43 miles), and 12 laps left to swim (I already swam 30). I had 30 days to complete this ... almost there! :)

Hopefully I will get caught up on updates soon, but for now, it's time to cheer on the Tar Heels to a victory over Duke! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jordyn - 2 years 4 Months

Jordyn is another month older! I think each month her pictures get sillier ... it take a lot to get her to smile while looking at the camera. She thinks it's a game.
Getting ready for a big jump off of the bottom step! She gets very proud of herself!
Jumping on her bed and shouting Elmo ...

What is Jordyn up to?

Jordyn ...

... weighs about 31 pounds.

... wears mostly 2T clothes, size 4 diapers (still not potty trained ... ugh!), and size 7/8 shoes.

... constantly cracks us up with the things she says and does!

... still LOVES to sing. She is constantly learning new songs, and she sings nonstop! She also loves to dance to songs on CD.

... is great at putting puzzles together! She has a few puzzles that are 10+ pieces that she loves and does very well at! She concentrates so hard at putting them together. She always yells "I did it!" when she is done. :)

... informed us the reason she got two stickers at the ENT yesterday was because she was a brave little girl. (Ha! She screamed through the entire appointment ... very brave!)

... loves to say "Watch me" ... and then she'll do something like jump off of the bottom step or even just swing her arms really fast. She loves attention!

... has been eating a few new things, but still no vegetables. She recently said "I tried a carrot at school." I responded with, "Did you swallow it or spit it out?" She replied: "I spit it out. It was yucky."

... it totally in love with Barney! Ugh. She has learned a ton of new songs from Barney, but we are tired of watching it!

... is still working hard to be able to recognize all the letters in the alphabet. She can recognize over half of them and tell us a name/object that starts with them!

... gets so excited to go to Jayla's room to see her when I pick them up at daycare. She runs right for her and hugs her everyday. So sweet! :) The daycare workers also let Jordyn see Jayla throughout the day too since their rooms are next to each other (and they share a window, so Jordyn can watch Jayla.)
... has two jobs when she gets home from school. She has to put her coat on the floor by the closet (she can't reach the hook), and she has to go downstairs to let Gizmo out of his kennel. She is a great helper! (Usually!)

... also has two jobs that she loves to help Mom and Dad with. She LOVES to unload the dishwasher! She checks it everyday to see if there are clean dishes in it. She also has to be the one to put in a new garbage bag when Justin takes out the garbage. She goes to cupboard to get the new one, shakes the bag to open it, and puts it in the can. She started doing this all on her own one night - we just stood back and laughed.

... wasn't so sure she liked our new vehicle, but she tells me she does now. She actually cried at first and said she didn't like it. She asked if Daddy broke the old one and if that was why he bought a new one. I told her we needed a new one for the new baby ... and she reminded me "I don't want a new baby!" :)

... is making me laugh as I type this thinking about all of the funny things she says. I wish I could record every conversation that we have! :)

We love you, Jordyn! :)