Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm pretty sure that nobody is more surprised with this news than we are ...

Jordyn wore this shirt when we announced that Baby #2 was on the way, so it was only fitting that Jayla got to wear it too!

Baby #3 is due to arrive around October 4, and let me tell you, I think we are still in shock.

Apparently I am the 1% that gets pregnant while on the pill! Ha! So ... while this may have not been in our plans, it clearly was in God's plan for us, and we are excited to welcome baby #3. Three years ago at this time we wondered if we would ever be parents - who would have guessed that three years later I would be pregnant with baby #3!?

We have only known for about a week and a half, and I had an ultrasound on Thursday to determine a due date, since we had no idea how far along I was. (Long story short ... I was never "normal" on the pill for the last 9 months, so it wasn't odd for me to have a month with nothing. However, I decided something didn't seem right this last time so I took a pregnancy test, and ... Surprise! And - the nurse and doctor shared with me that if you didn't take this type of pill at the exact. same. time. every. day. it was not effective. Yep, I took it 1-2 hours late some days - definitely not effective!)

Are we nervous? Stressed? Worried? Scared? Wondering how this is going to go? ABSOLUTELY! Jordyn and Jayla are 17 1/2 months apart, and that is exactly what Jayla and the new baby will be. Just think ... we'll have 3 in high school at the same time and 3 in the college at the same time. Yikes.

Plans are changing at our house ... our 5 year anniversary trip has been put on hold (good thing we hadn't booked it yet), we need to start searching for a vehicle that will hold 3 (yes 3!) carseats, and I'm trying to prepare for myself for what pregnancy does to my body. That alone stresses me out.

I am about 8 weeks along and feel just fine. I wasn't sick with my first two pregnancies either.

We have already heard the baby's heartbeat and seen the baby on the ultrasound. I have a good guess as to what the baby is already. :) We will find out on May 23 if we are having girl #3 or boy #1!

I'm pretty sure none of you were expecting to read this news! :) Ha!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jayla ~ 10 Months

Jayla is 10 months old!

She wouldn't stop moving for pictures!

What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... still weighs about 22 pounds. She lost a pound while she was sick, but she has gained that pound back.

... still wears size 3 diapers and mostly 12-month clothes.

... is starting to not want baby food anymore. She loves table food, and she does very well feeding herself! She also loves her sippy cup! Some of her favorite foods right now are puffs, yogurt puffs, bananas, green beans, mashed potatoes, and applesauce!

... is a very determined little girl! If she wants something or has her mind set on something, she is going to do it! She has been transitioning to the next room at daycare (tear, tear), and the workers told me that she plays just like the older kids!

... still loves to walk behind her walker, but isn't any closer to walking on her own.

... just outgrew her carseat! She is still 8 pounds under the weight limit, but she is so long that she just didn't fit comfortably anymore. She got Jordyn's carseat, and Jordyn got a new one.

... loves to giggle at Jordyn! They will often just make faces at each other and laugh!

... really loves bath time! We have started letting her take a bath with Jordyn, and she has so much fun. She actually cried when I took her out of the tub last night.

... does not sit still for more than 10 seconds. She is always on the go!

... loves to play with blocks, books, and cups ... and anything that Jordyn plays with. She tries to steal Jordyn's toys - which doesn't always make Jordyn too happy!

... has such a beautiful smile and fun personality! We Love You, Jayla Grace! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Are Healthy!

The girls are doing great! They seem to be feeling well and back to themselves. We are still giving lots of medicine (3 antibiotics between the two of them, nebulizer treatments for Jayla, and ear drops for Jordyn), but that will be ending on Wednesday/Thursday! Yay! I'm ready for my kitchen counter to no longer look like Walgreens Pharmacy!

The girls have both been so much happier - for obvious reasons! They were both pretty miserable for a while!

Jordyn has been so into doing puzzles. She is awesome at them! She understands what corners and straight edges are!
We almost always hear her yell "Yay Jordyn" when she is done. :) And then Jayla will follow it up by clapping for her sister!

I tried to take pictures of the girls on Valentine's Day, similar to the pictures I took last year of Jordyn with the hearts, but they had no interest in cooperating! :)

Jordyn had such a fun party at school, and she was so proud of the box she decorated at school! I got to school just as they were passing out Valentines - it was so cute, and I loved seeing Jordyn interact with her friends and watch how she responded to her teacher. She just had the biggest smile on her face the whole time. It just melted my heart, and it made me just love our daycare even more! :)

The girls both made us the most adorable cards at daycare. We just love seeing their artwork! I always appreciate the time and effort the teachers at daycare put into the activities and projects that they do with the kids - even in the baby room! We have several different handprint/footprint activities from Jayla (and when Jordyn was a baby), and I am always in awe of how they accomplish that task with 12 babies in the room!

Finally, just a few randoms things that I have to write down, because I don't want to forget them! (I wish I could record all of the conversations that we have with Jordyn - she totally cracks us up!) I love our 15 minute car ride each day - Jordyn and I just chat it up (and we include Jayla if she's awake.) So ... while they might be boring to you, and you may not be able to picture/hear the conversations we have, I laugh every time I think of these things.

*Today Jordyn informed me after school that the moon was awake - it was still light outside, but the moon and sun were both out. In the morning when we go to school it is still dark, but we often don't see the moon, so she tells me each morning that the moon is asleep. (Doesn't it seem backwards that we see the moon in light and not in the dark? Ha!)

*We have several snowmen in our neighborhood that Jordyn just loves. Two of them have been here for over a month since it has been so cold. Since it has finally warmed up, they have of coursed melted. Each day Jordyn tells me: "Mommy, Frosty the Snowman melted. He fell down. It was an accident." And then she proceeds to sing Frosty the Snowman.

*Jordyn's class went on a walk at daycare today, and she slipped on some ice and fell. I did double check on this because the last time they went for a walk, Jordyn made up a whole story about how she fell on the ice, she cried, and Miss Taylor hugged her. (Miss Taylor told me none of this happened!) So I checked today if she really fell, and she did. She said, "Mommy, I fell on the ice. I hurt my butt. It was slippery." Then I asked if she wore her snow pants, boots, and mittens. "No, Mommy! I not wear my boots or snow pants. I put my hands in my pockets." (She hates mittens!) I also asked her whose hand she held on the walk. "I held Emma's hand. She not fall with me."

*We still listen to Christmas music often on our way to school - Jordyn just can't get over the Christmas season! And - each night Jordyn and I sing Jingle Bells before she goes to bed. She gets to pick 2 songs that we sing in bed, and that is always one of them!

*This list could go on and on. I just love how much she has learned/is learning. She amazes us so much!

And - don't think I am forgetting about Jayla. She turns 10 months tomorrow, so she will have a post filled with information about her. I decided to save it until tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sick. Sick. Sick.

*I started this last night, and I didn't get a chance to finish it. So, I am just going to continue typing today. :)

It has been a rough few weeks as far as sickness goes in our family ... and it just continues to get worse. This is what you would find on our island right now ...
Jayla stayed home from daycare Tuesday-Friday last week. We thought she was doing better with the RSV, but now she is vomiting, not eating, not drinking ... she is still having wet diapers. She goes back to the doctor tomorrow morning. (**Update -- she went to the doctor this morning and also has a double ear infection, which I thought was maybe the problem. This is very common with RSV.)

Jordyn started coughing a little this weekend - today when Justin picked the girls up at daycare, they said Jordyn was coughing really bad and seemed to be gasping for breath a few times. Since I had conferences until 7, I had Justin call the nurse to see if they could get Jordyn into the clinic in the morning as well. The nurse felt we needed to get Jordyn to Acute Care asap. (It was too late in the day to go see our regular doctor.) So ... Justin (the wonderful dad he is and who had just arrived home and had the girls unloaded no longer than 5 minutes) packed the girls back up and headed back across town, in -25 degree weather. We found out that Jordyn has Croup, which is caused by RSV, which she obviously picked up from Jayla. Ugh.

Both girls had fevers tonight - Jayla's is back, but hanging around 99 instead of 101.9 ... Jordyn's was at 102 for a little while but is back down. Jordyn is on a steroid, antibiotic, and new ear drops because her ear is still infected. (We'll be calling the ENT to see what the next step is for right ear.) Jayla is still doing the nebulizer and drinking only pedialyte (if we can get that in her).

In the last month, I can count about 2 or 3 nights that I got more than 3-5 hours of sleep. I'm exhausted. Justin's exhausted. We were considering taking a trip to Las Vegas next week since I have a few days off of work ... hmm ... maybe we should have gone for it - I think we both need a break. :)

Since my mom had surgery just a week ago, her and my dad have been unable to help us out. I know they wish they could! Justin's parents have been able to help several times and his mom has been up a number of days. We are so thankful for the help we are receiving!!! (and Jordyn thinks it is funny that Grandpa Marlin taught her how to sing She's A Brick House)

So ... we are currently battling two cases of RSV, one case of Croup, one double ear infection, and one single ear infection. It's rough, but we know it could be worse.

I do have to show off my cuties and how happy they can be even when they are sick ...

Go Tar Heels! (This is the shirt my dad brought Jayla from NC.)
Super Bowl Sunday ... Jordyn HAD to wear her Vikings clothes! And for the record - it took ONLY 1 picture to get both girls smiling!
Hopefully my next post won't include any new diagnosed illnesses. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A List

It's time for a list of random happenings! We have had lots going on and making a list might be the easiest!

*Our girls had really been healthy, until 2 weeks ago. Jayla had that nasty virus and missed 3 days of daycare, then Jordyn had an ear infection, and on Tuesday we found out Jayla has RSV. Justin took her to 9-month wellness check, and the doctor said she was wheezing, so they did chest xrays, RSV test, and a nebulizer treatment. It was confirmed late Tuesday that she has RSV. This makes us nervous, but it is a little different from Jordyn's case of RSV - Jordyn was 8 weeks old and needed a heart/breathing monitor. Since Jayla is 9 1/2 months old, the doctor explained that it really is just like a bad cold. We were even given the okay to send her back to daycare today, and we would have sent her except for she had a 101.8 fever that started last night! Justin stayed home with her this morning and his mom came for the rest of the day. She was doing so well on Wednesday - happy, playing, eating well, and then the fever came out of nowhere!

*Jayla weighed 22 pounds 7 ounces and was 29 inches long at her 9-month wellness check. (Technically, 9 1/2 months) Both are in the 90%. She's a big girl!

*We will do nebulizer treatments for Jayla for a little while to help with her breathing. She usually doesn't mind it, but she did throw quite a fit yesterday during one of the treatments. Jordyn was so sweet - she stood by Jayla and cheered her on. After one of the treatments today, Jordyn yelled "Good Job, Jay Jay!" when she was done. We love Jordyn's caring heart!
*We didn't have school on Wednesday due to the very cold wind chills. I would have been fine with a late start - since we don't have make up that time. Oh well, the girls and I had some fun play time.

*My mom had surgery on Monday and went home from the hospital on Wednesday. She seems to be doing okay, but please keep her in your prayers! We enjoyed having my dad and my sister, Kandi, stay here for a few nights. Jordyn couldn't figure out why Grandma Ronda didn't come with Grandpa Buzz though. We had to explain that Grandma had an owie and had to stay with the doctors.

*We had a crazy thing happen at school last week - on Wednesday 18 staff members were home with the flu! We're sure it wasn't food poisoning, because I ate the food in the lounge and was fine - and others who didn't eat it got sick.

*We missed the girls' last night of swimming lessons on Wednesday. :( (We started taking the girls together since they were doing the same things - even though they were different levels - which made it way easier for us.) But with Jayla's RSV and the super cold wind chills on Wednesday, we decided to keep the girls home. Jordyn had been talking about swimming all day, so I told her the swimming pool was broken, and then it was okay with her that we wouldn't be going.

*We started parent-teacher conferences tonight! The school year really is going by quickly! We do student-led conferences in 3rd grade, which makes them a lot of fun! I had 13 today ... only 11 more to go on Monday/Tuesday!
*I heard on the radio today that today marked the half way point of winter. Are we really only half way through?!

*Tomorrow will feel like a huge heatwave here - it is supposed to be 20 degrees! Coming from wind chills of -20, I might have to break out the capris!
*I have completely fallen behind on housework ... the dishes, dusting, laundry, vacuuming, and just picking up in general. Good thing for the weekend! (Although I'm sure Sunday night will roll around, and I'll be scrambling to get the house in order!)
*Have you noticed yet that attempting pictures with both girls looking at the camera and smiling is nearly impossible? :)

*This is about the best we got - Jordyn just wanted to make silly faces!

*I haven't been able to work out since Saturday, and I am missing the fitness center. It has been a busy week with visiting my mom at the hospital, Jayla being sick, super cold weather that makes you want to stay at home all day, and conferences. I am ready to be back into a normal routine!

*Hopefully it will warm enough soon that Jordyn can play outside in the snow and make a snowman - which she would undoubtedly name Frosty. She is so stuck on Christmas things - we still Christmas songs every day!
*Justin and 3 guys from work were in a snow tubing contest last Friday, and they WON! It was hilarious! SF does a thing called Funski, which raises money for Children's Inn. The guys were so into this contest - Melissa and I got a good laugh out of them! They sure wore their 1st place medals proudly!

*Tonight while I was at conferences, Jordyn informed Justin that I was running. Most of the time if I'm not home with the girls, I am running at the fitness center. Justin tried to tell her I was at school, but she kept saying "No, Mommy running!"

*Justin and I would love for 1 full night of sleep. It's continuing to get better, but we still aren't where we used to be at night!

*Last weekend I got a new coat. Jordyn threw a fit for 10 minutes on Monday night, because she doesn't like it, and she wanted me to wear my old one!

*I am looking forward to the weekend ... time to rest (hopefully!), catch up on housework, and snuggle with the girls!