Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Trip to the Children's Museum

We have a new children's museum that recently opened about an hour from our house. During Christmas break, Justin took an afternoon off and we took the girls! We knew it would be really busy since it was Christmas break, but we still decided to go.

The museum isn't huge, but it was very nice, and we had a great time! We skipped a few things because there were so many kids, but Jordyn still had plenty to do and play with! :)

We took a number of pictures, but I should warn you that the coloring isn't great on them ... and we don't have a super expensive camera, so it is what it is! :)

Her favorite thing seemed to be grocery shopping!

She also enjoyed working in the garden and pulling carrots ...
... and she loved taking her crops to the market!
This little cutie was super content just riding along in the stroller. She loved watching everything that was going on!
Daddy and Jordyn did some hoop dancing. What was neat about this exhibit is there was a video of a Native American showing how to hoop dance, and it happens to be a man that spent several weeks at our school teaching our students how to do it.

By the way, when I say he taught our students to hoop dance, it wasn't hula-hooping like Jordyn and Justin were doing ... but these two sure had fun showing off their moves!
I love how interested Jayla is in the picture above ... and also how happy she is in the picture below ...
Daddy and Jordyn "ordered food" from the cafe ...
... and Mommy made them an ice cream cone at the cafe! (To which we had to pull away from Jordyn so that she wouldn't really lick it!)
We spent just a little time in the water area. It was quite busy, and Jordyn was little short to play with the water in the main tub.

Jordyn and Daddy made some designs in the sand ...
... and we played some musical instruments!
We skipped most of the art area, which we know that Jordyn would have loved, but it was covered in kids. We'll go back another day when it is less busy!
Our last stop was one more shopping trip to the grocery store ...
Jordyn loved checking out customers!

We definitely had a great time, and I can't wait to go back! I also can't wait until Jayla is old enough to play with some of the things too! :)


The Kelderman Family said...

Where is that at? It looks very similar to the large children's museum in St. Paul.

Annie said...

how fun!! super cute pictures!