Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Jordyn and Jayla are both in swimming lessons right now, which makes for a busy week. Jayla goes on Monday night and Jordyn goes on Wednesday night. They have each gone twice, but I only took pictures the first week. I wish I would have brought my camera this week though, especially for Jayla's lessons.

Jayla did okay her first night of lessons, but she also cried for part of it. This week though, she was excited about it and smiled and giggled the whole time!

The pictures that I took of the girls are not great for several reasons ... 1) the lighting in the pool area is horrible, 2) our camera doesn't take great pictures when the lighting isn't good, and 3) the lessons are in the therapy pool at our wellness center and it's so warm/humid feeling in there that the lens on the camera fogs up.

Jayla was happy before her first lesson ...
... but not so much when we she got into the water!
She did calm down for the most part though. :) And like I said, she did way better this week!

She loved floating her on her back - and almost fell asleep!

By the end, she was much happier. :)
Jordyn couldn't wait for her first lesson! She did these last year too and loved them!

She loves to blow bubbles!
Her very favorite part was jumping in the water!
Justin swam with the girls last week, and I swam this week. Jordyn was so funny on Monday night. It was hard for her to understand at first that just Jayla would be swimming that night. Finally she looked at us and said, "We have to take turns." Clearly she has heard that before. :) Jordyn knew that today was her swim day, and she couldn't wait! Her teacher told me that she talked about swimming the whole day at school, and one of the first things she said to me when I picked her up was, "It's my turn for swimming lesson!"

We have two weeks left ... going two nights a week sure does make our week fly by!

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Kayla said...

Great pictures!!!! I love that she told you they had to take turns!