Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jordyn - 2 Years 3 Months

Jordyn has been 2 years old for 3 months now! I wish time would slow down just a little bit!

What is Jordyn up to?

Jordyn ...

... stills weighs 30 pounds (Jayla is catching up fast!), still wears size 4 diapers (she isn't potty trained yet), wears mostly 24-month or 2T clothes, and size 7 or 8 shoe.

... loves to be the center of attention! (However, Jayla can hold her own against Jordyn - it's pretty funny!)

... sings nonstop. She can learn a song after we sing it to her just a few times! Her memory amazes us! Some of her favorites right now are the Barney theme song, Jesus Loves the Little Children, The B-i-b-l-e, Rain Rain Go Away, and I Love You - You Love Me. (If you go to youtube - you can see her in action: Jordyn Bumblee, Jordyn Bumblee2, and Jordyn Songs - the last one she messed up on a little, but it's still cute)

... currently has an ear infection in her right ear, which we think may be to blame for this horrible sleep pattern that she is currently in. We feel awful, and we think that this possibly started a few weeks ago. She no longer has a tube in her right ear - they pulled it in November since it was partially falling out. That tube was in for a year - the other tube is still in her left ear. We are hopeful that she will go back to a normal sleep pattern now that this has been figured out. We can already tell a mood change ... yesterday (after starting meds) she was a completely different child. She wasn't throwing temper tantrums, screaming, and was back to her happy/silly self. We've been saying all along that we felt something was wrong and should maybe go to the doctor, but we also asked her nearly everyday if her ear hurt. I guess she couldn't pinpoint the pain to tell us.

... says everything imaginable, but has a few new phrases that are not a favorite of her mom and dad ... No Way, I don't want to, I don't have to. And so it begins ... Ha! :)

... loves to say the days of the week (she does them all by herself) and knows the months of the year from January to May. She is also close to counting to ten in Spanish.

... can recognize almost all of her uppercase letters. She knows names that start with the letters, so it's funny to drive near the mall with her - she will see JCPennys and yell "J for Jordyn, C for Cooper!" Then we get to Target and hear "T for Taylor, A for August, R for Reece, G for Gizmo, E for Emma, and another T for Taylor!" (These are all friends/teachers from school - except for Gizmo)

... gets very excited to cheer for the UNI Panthers and the UNC Tarheels in basketball ... the Tarheels may not be great this year, but they did just beat NC State. :)

... is getting a little more used to the nursery at church. Today she asked to go, but only if Mommy would go too. I was fine with that - every other time I've taken her, she has started screaming the minute we get to the door. Baby steps, right!? :) We have nursery duty again next week, so maybe we can get her to play in her room instead of the baby room that we will be in.

... loves to Skype!!! She gets to Skype with her grandparents and aunts and uncles!

... has been eating better since we started a sticker chart with her. She still won't eat vegetables, but she is at least eating something. We went about a week where she barely ate anything. (Maybe the ear infection played a part in that too?) She actually lost about a pound during that time. A pound doesn't seem like a lot, but for a kid it can be. Thankfully she still looks healthy, and she has gained the pound back. She still weighs herself every morning and tells me she weighs "tirty pounds."

... loves her teacher at school! We hear about Miss Taylor constantly! I know I mention this a lot, but we are so blessed to have such a wonderful daycare for our girls! They are so happy there and learn so much! We love hearing Jordyn talk about her friends. :) We've also had parents tell us how their children talk about having Jordyn as their friend. There are such wonderful families at the daycare!

... still amazes us each day with how much she has learned/is learning! She doesn't miss a beat or forget a thing!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Randomness of our Week/Weekend

Justin and I both missed some work last week. Jayla woke up with a fever on Wednesday morning, so Justin stayed home Wednesday morning and I stayed home with her that afternoon. She was still eating okay on Wednesday, and we thought maybe it was just her teeth. Her fever was even gone for most of the morning and afternoon, so we thought she would go back to daycare on Thursday. Her fever came back late Wednesday afternoon, and we knew she couldn't go to daycare the next day. Justin stayed home with her on Thursday, and we were sure she would be ready for daycare by Friday because her fever was gone by about 8:00 that morning. Once again, the fever came back in the afternoon, and we ended up taking her to Urgent Care. They checked her for RSV, which she did not have, but her white blood cell count showed a viral infection. This reminded of us of her hospital stay back in June with a viral infection. I stayed home with Jayla on Friday, and her fever broke about mid-morning, however, she clearly wasn't feeling well yet. She hardly ate from Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. She wouldn't take her bottles well and didn't want baby food/table food. We were able to get some Pedialyte and water into her, so we knew she wasn't dehydrated. Finally on Sunday night she was hungry and ate a ton! She's still not 100% herself, but she's getting closer! :)

Darin and Kathryn were home from Ohio this weekend, and we had a great time with them on Thursday night and Saturday afternoon/evening! It was such a bummer that Jayla was under the weather though. She was quite lethargic while they were here, so they didn't get to see her true personality and how she is so close to walking! We wish that they could have stayed longer. Seeing them 3-4 times a year just isn't enough!

We recently started a sticker chart with Jordyn. I know she's just a little over 2, and it might be a little young, but we needed to try something - and so far she loves it, and she totally gets what it is for! We are really struggling to get Jordyn to eat, so one of the columns on her chart is for eating her meal. So far - we are 3 for 3! We also have going potty, picking up toys before bedtime, and sleeping in her big girl bed on the chart. It is hanging on the fridge and she is very proud of it. She even told her teachers at daycare about it and why she gets "special stickers." She also loves to stand and count her stickers. We are making a big deal of this - in hopes that eating won't be such a struggle and that we can get her back into her "normal" sleep pattern. I mentioned a week or so ago that sleep at our house has been tough to come by lately ... it is getting a little better and a little more back to "normal" but Jordyn is still waking up and wants to sleep in the pack and play from about 1:00AM on. Not our first choice, but once we put her in it, she usually sleeps the rest of the night. I wish we could figure out what happened that caused her whole sleep pattern to be off! At least we're heading in the right direction now.

The pictures in this post are just a few random ones from last week. I have more recent ones, but I just haven't uploaded them yet. :)

Jordyn and Jayla love to play in the pack and play together! It makes it way easier for me to get ready - they entertain each other!

My dad got Jordyn a UNC cheer leading outfit when he went to North Carolina in November. It is adorable, and Jordyn loves it! I asked her to smile big, and she did, but she thinks she has to close her eyes too.

After 6 tries, I finally got this one! (and since it was so cold, we left her shirt and pants on with the skirt and shirt)

We did manage to get a few smiles from Jayla, even though she wasn't feeling well. :)
Check out those two teeth!

Story time with Daddy ...

I have some fun pictures from the last few days that hopefully I'll upload soon! Tonight we went to a Birthday party at a place here in SF with lots of blow up toys/jumpers. Jordyn jumped and jumped and jumped. She had a blast!!! :) Justin, Jayla, and I also had fun too - we were able to spend some time with friends of ours that we hadn't spent much time with since softball this summer. There were lots of kids and adults - very fun! :)

We missed Jayla's swimming lessons tonight, but I okayed it with the fitness center to have both Jordyn and Jayla go on Wednesday night. That might actually make it easier for us. I am kind of hoping they allow us to that next week too - then we only have to go once!

That's about it for tonight. I'll share more pictures soon!

(And finally, I think I had about 10 interruptions while attempting to write this, so please ignore the errors that are possibly in it! Such is life!) :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Jordyn and Jayla are both in swimming lessons right now, which makes for a busy week. Jayla goes on Monday night and Jordyn goes on Wednesday night. They have each gone twice, but I only took pictures the first week. I wish I would have brought my camera this week though, especially for Jayla's lessons.

Jayla did okay her first night of lessons, but she also cried for part of it. This week though, she was excited about it and smiled and giggled the whole time!

The pictures that I took of the girls are not great for several reasons ... 1) the lighting in the pool area is horrible, 2) our camera doesn't take great pictures when the lighting isn't good, and 3) the lessons are in the therapy pool at our wellness center and it's so warm/humid feeling in there that the lens on the camera fogs up.

Jayla was happy before her first lesson ...
... but not so much when we she got into the water!
She did calm down for the most part though. :) And like I said, she did way better this week!

She loved floating her on her back - and almost fell asleep!

By the end, she was much happier. :)
Jordyn couldn't wait for her first lesson! She did these last year too and loved them!

She loves to blow bubbles!
Her very favorite part was jumping in the water!
Justin swam with the girls last week, and I swam this week. Jordyn was so funny on Monday night. It was hard for her to understand at first that just Jayla would be swimming that night. Finally she looked at us and said, "We have to take turns." Clearly she has heard that before. :) Jordyn knew that today was her swim day, and she couldn't wait! Her teacher told me that she talked about swimming the whole day at school, and one of the first things she said to me when I picked her up was, "It's my turn for swimming lesson!"

We have two weeks left ... going two nights a week sure does make our week fly by!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jayla ~ 9 Months

Jayla is 9 months old! We can't believe that in 3 short months, she will be 1!

Jayla loves to smile for the camera - the problem is getting her to sit still! She is constantly on the move!
Gizmo decided to hop into the picture too!

She loves to walk ...

... and is incredibly proud of herself that she can do it with her toy!
And, if we turn our backs for half of a second, this is what we often find ...
... and she is once again, incredibly proud of herself that she can crawl into the chair and stand up on it.
What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... weighs about 22 pounds.

... wears size 3 diapers and mostly 12-month clothes.

... loves to eat. I think I have mentioned this 9 months in a row. :) She is especially loving table food! She will eat about anything we give her. She still needs quite a bit of help to pick it up, but she loves to eat it! She also LOVES puffs. She can sit and feed herself puffs for the longest time. She gets very excited when we put them in front of her.

... takes her bottle well, but we can't always figure out how much to give her. Sometimes she'll want 4 ounces, and the next time she wants 8. There really isn't any consistency on when she wants a smaller/larger bottle. Daycare says the same thing. Some days she'll drink all 8 ounce bottles, and the next day she won't finish 4 ounces. We're not worried though - she's healthy and obviously getting plenty of food!

... loves to drink water from a sippy cup. Between water in a sippy cup and puffs, she can stay entertained for a while in the high chair.
... is on the move all. of. the. time. We cannot get her to sit still! Right now her favorite place to go is to the steps. She is very fast at crawling up the steps! She will cheer for herself. :)
... knows how to wave and clap her hands when we ask her to, and she always does it with the biggest smile!

... enjoys playing with blocks, her computer, books, the farm set/tractor, the Elmo doctor kit (which Jordyn so nicely allows her to play with), and her basketball hoop.

... wants to do everything that Jordyn does!

... has been a little hit or miss with sleeping lately. Some nights are really good and others we are up 2-5 times.

... is enjoying swimming lessons. She has gone twice. The first night wasn't great, but the second time was! She loved it!

... can make anyone smile with the sparkle in her blue eyes and her gorgeous smile!

Happy 9-Months, Jayla! :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What have we been up to?

Life continues to be busy for us! We seem to constantly be on the go which wears us out, and to top it off, our girls have decided over the last week that sleep is not necessary. This is completely wearing on us and stressing us out.

Jordyn has always been a great sleeper - she started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks old, and never stopped. She has always been excited to go to bed and could easily sleep 10-12 every night, even with her normal 2-3 hour nap each day. Last Tuesday, she took a total turn, and she hates everything about bedtime ... her bed, sleeping by herself, her blankets ... it is a BATTLE to get her to sleep. It has turned into 1-2 hours worth of screaming each night, even if I am right next to her. When she finally falls asleep, she's up anywhere from 2-5 times a night, running into our room screaming for me. So, I carry her back to bed, stay with her until she calms down, and then attempt to get back sleep myself. Last night she slept from 9-3 (we went to bed at 7:30 but she didn't fall asleep until 9), and then I was awake with her from 3-4:30, she slept from 4:30-5, and then she was up for the day. This is totally not her, so I am worried about her.

Jayla has also struggled to sleep. She only wants to sleep if we are holding her. It's getting better, but we have been up with her anywhere from 2-5 times a night. We are exhausted.

We are praying that we can get back into our normal routine before both Justin and myself completely go insane due to lack of sleep ... and not only that, but our "quiet time" from about 8:00 on at night is not really existing, and it is something that we both need.

So ... I am hopeful we can soon report that we are back to normal. Until then ... here's what else we have been up to!

Jayla is constantly standing and wanting to walk so bad. She does great with her little walker toy! She also gets very proud of herself for making it all the way to the top of our steps by herself! She LOVES the steps right now!

She has the sweetest smile, and I forgot to mention in her 8-month post that she has her two bottom teeth.

Getting ready to take her blood pressure with Ernie. :)

Jayla loves to EAT! She loves table food. She will try about anything we put in front of her, and she loves to feed herself! When Jordyn was this age, her reflux was really bad, and she would gag on table food. Jayla has been able to handle it a lot better.

Speaking of reflux, I think I forgot to also mention in Jayla's 8-month post, that we had to put her back on Prevacid for reflux. :( We thought she was over it, but we were wrong. She was throwing up her whole bottle most mornings for us ... morning is when it is the worst for her. She coughs until she pukes. Poor thing. It is getting better again though with the medicine.

She loves baby mum-mums!

I just love this picture of Jordyn! If only she was this happy all of the time. :) Ha!

She has been throwing some major fits for us lately - not just at bedtime, but usually in the morning, when we get home from daycare, when it's time for dinner, and pretty much anytime she doesn't agree with what we say. I hope this doesn't continue for too long. :) This all started when her sleep schedule changed.

Don't worry, we do still have many happy and fun times at our house. Some days it doesn't seem like it, but we do. :)

For instance, Jordyn is all about being the "teacher" and reading books to her "students" - aka, Jayla, Dad, and Mom!

She clearly pays close attention to her daycare teachers when they read books to the whole class!

Justin and I were talking while she was "reading" to us, and she stopped and said, "Hey, be quiet!" Yikes! We couldn't help but laugh! :)

And a few other random things ...

*Jayla and Jordyn are starting swimming lessons. Jayla had her first lesson last night (pictures later) and Jordyn goes on Wednesday night. We will be busy for the next month with lessons two times a week, but we are excited about it! Jayla did okay with her first lesson. She wasn't too sure about it at first and cried, but she still did well. The nice part is that the lessons are in the therapy pool so it's nice and warm. :)

*I had a scary thing happen to me on Saturday when I decided to go tan. I hadn't been there for a while (and I don't tan often), but I thought I should use up my minutes. I went for 7 minutes, which is what I always go for in this certain bed, and the minute I got out, my whole back side was on fire and bright red. I had never seen anything like it, and I was sure it wasn't a tanning burn - if I burn (which very rarely happens) it doesn't turn red right away like this. I immediately called Justin (crying of course - it was painful). I quickly drove home, and he couldn't believe how bad it was either. We were sure that I was having a reaction to the cleaning product they used. He called the tanning place for information, and then we headed to the doctor. The doctor put me on a steroid. Within a few hours, it was mostly gone, thank goodness. Every part of me that touched the bed was burned from my shoulders to my legs. I am so very thankful that it went away.

*Jordyn was so sweet when all of this was going on. I was crying because it was so painful and I was scared, and she kept saying "Mommy, what's wrong? Mommy, why are you so sad?" She has a sweet heart.

*I am getting incredibly frustrated with not being able to lose the rest of my baby weight. I have been at a standstill for the longest time. I run, ride the bike, lift weights, and while I know I am a lot stronger and can run/ride bike longer than I have ever been able to, it's not working. (I do have to share that from the middle of August to December I ran 70 miles. For you marathon runners - Angie :) - I know this doesn't seem like a lot, but it is for me.) Any tips on what to try would be greatly appreciated. :)

I think for now I've typed enough ... time to get moving here! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Prayer Request

I have lots of pictures to share from the last few days, but for now, I have a prayer request.

One of my college roommates and her husband had their second baby in December. Since bringing him home from the hospital, he struggled to eat and would choke on his food. He was admitted to the hospital here in SF, and then eventually into ICU. It was determined he had a golf ball size tumor in his lung, and the doctors here felt it was neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer. He was immediately airlifted to the MN Children's Hospital. Yesterday he had surgery to remove the tumor, and the surgery went well. The doctors felt they could rule out neuorblastoma, and even if it was neuroblastoma, they were confident they got the whole tumor, and he wouldn't need any further treatment. They were very upbeat about this news.

Today they received news that it is possible there could be neuroblastoma in other areas of his body and he has many upcoming scans.
Please keep my friends, Jana & Bryan, Baby Koby, and Big Sister Kennedy in your prayers.

You can also check out their caringbridge site:

Friday, January 7, 2011

5 Years!

Justin and I got married 5 years ago today! It truly does not seem like it has already been 5 years!We were incredibly thankful to have such wonderful weather since we planned a January wedding. It was about 40 degrees outside, and there was hardly any snow on the ground! The weekend before was a major ice storm, so we were thankful that we had a week for the roads to clear up!

So many family members and friends drove long distances to make it our wedding! (In fact, other than our brothers and sisters, all of our bridesmaids (3 besides my sisters) and groomsmen (3 besides our brothers) had 4+ hours drives/plane rides to get here!) We have great friends - and most of their parents came too from those long distances!

Our day was perfect and went very smoothly, and we had such a great time celebrating our day with so many people!

A little bit of randomness from the last 5 years ...

*Our family has grown from 2 to 5 ... Jordyn, Jayla, and Gizmo! (We couldn't leave out our furry child!)

*We have lived in 2 states, 2 duplexes/townhouses, and owned 2 houses.

*We have owned 4 different vehicles.

*We have each had 2 different jobs ... his both in insurance, mine both in teaching.

***All within my 9-month pregnancy with Jordyn, we lived in 2 states, 2 different houses, 1 townhouse, had 4 different jobs, and 4 different vehicles. Talk about a busy year in 2008!

*We have traveled to Jamaica twice and Las Vegas once ... and an upcoming trip that we will soon be planning to take in May.

*We have learned that we have about 4 favorite movies that we can literally watch over and over and over. We have them on DVD, but we also have them on DVR them so that on Friday nights when we're too lazy to move from the couch, we just turn them on.

*We have spent countless hours playing the wii, just the two of us ... and we still continue to be completely entertained by it - and very competitive!

*We have played hundreds of games of Rummy, Blokus, Rummikub, SkipBo, King's Corner, Sequence, Yahtzee ... and the list goes on. We LOVE to play games!

*We go to a movie about one or two times a year ... when we were dating, we often went 2-3 times a month! Ha!

*5 years have been amazing, and we can't wait to see what's in store for the us in the next 5 years!

Happy Anniversary, Justin!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Trip to the Children's Museum

We have a new children's museum that recently opened about an hour from our house. During Christmas break, Justin took an afternoon off and we took the girls! We knew it would be really busy since it was Christmas break, but we still decided to go.

The museum isn't huge, but it was very nice, and we had a great time! We skipped a few things because there were so many kids, but Jordyn still had plenty to do and play with! :)

We took a number of pictures, but I should warn you that the coloring isn't great on them ... and we don't have a super expensive camera, so it is what it is! :)

Her favorite thing seemed to be grocery shopping!

She also enjoyed working in the garden and pulling carrots ...
... and she loved taking her crops to the market!
This little cutie was super content just riding along in the stroller. She loved watching everything that was going on!
Daddy and Jordyn did some hoop dancing. What was neat about this exhibit is there was a video of a Native American showing how to hoop dance, and it happens to be a man that spent several weeks at our school teaching our students how to do it.

By the way, when I say he taught our students to hoop dance, it wasn't hula-hooping like Jordyn and Justin were doing ... but these two sure had fun showing off their moves!
I love how interested Jayla is in the picture above ... and also how happy she is in the picture below ...
Daddy and Jordyn "ordered food" from the cafe ...
... and Mommy made them an ice cream cone at the cafe! (To which we had to pull away from Jordyn so that she wouldn't really lick it!)
We spent just a little time in the water area. It was quite busy, and Jordyn was little short to play with the water in the main tub.

Jordyn and Daddy made some designs in the sand ...
... and we played some musical instruments!
We skipped most of the art area, which we know that Jordyn would have loved, but it was covered in kids. We'll go back another day when it is less busy!
Our last stop was one more shopping trip to the grocery store ...
Jordyn loved checking out customers!

We definitely had a great time, and I can't wait to go back! I also can't wait until Jayla is old enough to play with some of the things too! :)