Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day

It has literally taken me all day to get these pictures loaded to blogger. I don't know if it is blogger or our Internet, but it has taken forever!

We tried to get a picture of the 3 kids on Christmas morning - I have to remind myself constantly that it will probably be a long time before we get a picture of all 3 kids looking and smiling!

My parents have a dancing Santa that Jayla LOVES. She carried that thing everywhere!

She even told us she was going to go "night-night" with it ...

Pretending to take a nap ...

They also have the YMCA dancing Elmo that Jayla loves!

Jordyn's favorite thing is this piano!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I didn't do a very good job of getting pictures this Christmas. Poor Jaxon was in like 2 pictures!

The girls were great helpers with passing out presents!

Jordyn has been begging Santa for a "big big Barbie car that I can drive." She saw some neighbor kids with one this past summer, and for the last 6 months, she has told us that Santa would bring her one! With a little help from G & G VB, Santa made a special delivery to Grandpa's shop!

A new Barbie Ford Mustang! (we need to put on the decals yet)

The girls were so excited ...

And then ... this happened ...

... even though Jordyn wanted to "drive" the car ... she was scared to death. We kind of had a feeling that this would happen. So for now, Jordyn will sit in it, pretend to drive, and play with the radio in it. :)

This little one though is fearless!

We showed her the gas pedal and let her go!

And when she couldn't go forward any farther, we would put it in reverse, let her hit the gas, and she would back it all the way up. It was hilarious!

This thing can 5 mph, but we have it locked at 2.5.

Before leaving my parent's house that afternoon, we tried to get a picture of Kiki and Josh with the kids. Ha ... Jayla was in total meltdown mode ... disaster! :) Jayla loves Josh though, so he was the lucky one to get the screaming child on his lap! (She really does love him - she always run straight to him to hug him.)

The next stop that evening was Justin's grandparent's house. We played some "minute to win it games" ... Meggan and I lost - and were shocked by how much kleenex we wasted to play the game. :)

Justin and Brody also lost their game ...

Cheap toilet paper = difficult game. :)

Jordyn and Meggan (Jordyn calls her "my Meggan")

Jayla and a new toy ...

Meggan met Jaxon for the first time. :)

Christmas sure flew by! We have one more to celebrate tomorrow with my dad's sister and her family.

We took our tree down this week, and the girls were just devastated. They were also so sad that Elfie went back to the North Pole. We told them that Elfie might just come stop by again at different times throughout the year. Jayla still shouts his name every morning and everyday when we get home from school. They sure loved Christmastime!

Christmas Eve

We really didn't do a very good job of taking pictures this Christmas. Trying to keep with all three kids was a lot of work, so the camera wasn't out much!

We spent Christmas Eve afternoon with Justin's family. We opened gifts, had a lot of fun, and ate way too much food!

Jax hung out in the swing while we opened gifts.

Jordyn, Jayla, and Jaxon all got sleeping bags. They are the cutest things! Each has their own color/name on their bags. The girls have slept in them twice. They love them!

The pillow on the sleeping bag is a puppy. Jayla could not stop hugging it!

A little bit of silliness!

We left Justin's parent's house at about 7:00. Then we went to my grandma's house ... more fun and of course more food!

My good friend, Taera, (and her husband, Chris, and daughter, Hadley) were home from Hawaii! We were able to spend a few minutes together - they came to my grandma's house so that we could see them! Of course our time together is always a quick get-together, but it's better than nothing and always so fun to see them! Hadley is such a cutie!!

We attempted a picture of Taera and myself with our kids. My goal of this picture was just to get all four kids in the picture together. Getting them to look at the camera was a bonus, and even getting a few smiles was an extra bonus! :)

We stayed at my parent's house on Christmas Eve night. Jordyn was quite wound up and 1:00 AM, the two of us were still watching The Santa Claus on TV. She had a hard time getting to sleep, and she loves that movie, so thank goodness it was on!

Christmas Day post coming soon! :)