Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow day

We were snowed in yesterday, which would have been a great day to get caught up on blog posts, but I didn't. I have some cute pictures of the girls from the weekend, but I haven't uploaded them yet. The pictures in this post were from a few nights ago.

We were starting to go crazy yesterday. The girls were very well behaved the whole day, but they just exhausted us! Jayla took two naps that totaled about 40 minutes the entire day, and it happened to be when Jordyn was awake. So at all times yesterday, one of the girls was awake.

I also wasn't feeling well. I started to not feel well on Friday afternoon, but we had Justin's work Christmas party on Friday night and I wanted to go. We had a great time (and the girls had a blast with Uncle BJ and Aunt Devin - thank you for watching the girls!), but by the time we got home, I had a fever, body aches/chills. Thankfully that only lasted until about 9 AM on Saturday.

The biggest disappointment with this storm, 8 inches of snow, 40 mph winds, and -30 wind chills, was that we were unable to make it to my sister's college graduation in Minnesota. They did put the ceremony on the Internet so we were able to watch Kandi get her diploma, but we were disappointed we couldn't be there to celebrate with her. Kandi, we are very proud of you! Congratulations!!!

Since we were stuck inside all of yesterday and most of today, we were able to get a few things done around the house, Jordyn and I did some baking, I got my Christmas letter written and most of the envelopes addressed for my Christmas cards. We have hardly done any Christmas shopping and there are zero presents wrapped under the tree right now. I don't think I've ever been so far behind! We better kick it in gear this week! :)

So ... until I'm caught up, here's a few pictures of our girls by the tree in their winter pj's.

Jordyn saying, "This is Vikings, Jay Jay."

Our tree ... minus presents under it. Maybe this week. :)

I just have to mention ... Jordyn was so confused today when we told her she couldn't wear her Vikings outfit until tomorrow! If only the dome hadn't collapsed ... maybe the Vikings will get their new stadium now! Ha!


Five Guys and a Gal said...

Cute cute pictures of the girls in their pj's by the tree.
We loved being snowed in here too.
Isn't that crazy about the dome? Now a new one is out of need, vs want. ;)
Have a great week....
I'm with you....we're more behind in shopping than normal and than I would like to be.

Lee Anne said...

Can't believe this weather! Crazy! Of course everyone around us is two hours late or cancelled except us. I bet you don't miss that!

I love the girls adorable!

Great job on your tree! You still have lots of time to get everything done. You have two kids now, life moves much differently with kids around!

Have a super week! Stay warm!!

Jordan said...

Love the pictures!!

The Chouinard Family said...

Love the pictures! Stephanie has the same set of winter PJ's.

Annie said...

aw!! your girls are way too cute!! i love thier matching jammies!

p.s. new follower from MN! ;)