Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pardon the Interruption

It probably doesn't take much to notice that I often have errors in my words/spelling in my posts. I nearly fell over last night when Justin informed me that I had misspelled Christmas in my previous post's title. I don't really have an excuse other than by the time I usually get a post completed, I have been interrupted anywhere from 5-10 times with a child who needs attention/food/diaper change, a dog who needs food/water/or to go outside, the phone ringing, or just a number of other things. At that point, my goal is usually to just get the thing posted, and I briefly skim over my post and miss the errors. So ... thanks for hanging in there and reading, even with my tons of mistakes! Maybe someday I'll have time to type a post and actually proofread the thing very carefully. :) Ha! (Case in point - I started this post 3 nights ago, and it has taken three attempts to finish it.)

I am behind on posting pictures, so these are from last Saturday. My wonderful friend, Taera, was home from Hawaii. She was home when Jayla was born, so that was the last time that I had seen her. Taera and Chris were home to celebrate Christmas with their families, but also for a baby shower! Taera and Chris are expecting a baby in February, and we couldn't be more excited for them!

I didn't look at this picture until I got home, and then I realized that the lighting was horrible. I was bummed!

The girls went with me, and my mom also met me there, which was nice to have a little extra help.

Jordyn wanted to help Taera open the gift that we brought her ...

Jayla was busy playing away ...

We had a fun time at the shower, and it was great to see Taera again! We missed seeing Chris this time around.

We didn't do a whole lot on Saturday evening ... we had to get Gizmo from the groomer so we took the girls to the pet store. (and we had gone to a pet store on Friday night too) That is definitely a cheap form of entertainment! We might have to do that more often!

Ending with a few other pictures from Saturday ...

Daddy and Jordyn sharing a Popsicle ...

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Lee Anne said...

Don't worry, I didn't notice the word spelled wrong.

Once I wrote a whole post about Favre and spelled it Farve (you know, how it SHOULD be spelled)about 100 times over and over. Mike noticed.

Enjoy your weekend!