Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We celebrated Justin and Jordyns' Birthdays with just the 4 of us on Saturday - the day of their actual birthdays. We did some shopping at the mall - Jordyn got new Puma's - she was excited! (She loves Puma's!) We ate a quick lunch at the mall, and came home for nap time (for all of us). After nap time, we decided to head back to the mall for a few a things that we didn't get done on our first trip there since we needed to get home for naps. Then we headed over to Applebees. We have so many places here that we could go out to eat, but we seem to always head to Applebees. For all of our birthdays in the last 2 years, we have gone to Applebees for every one of them! That hasn't totally been planned, but that's just where we ended up. So - guess where we'll go for Jayla's 1st Birthday?! We wouldn't want her to feel left out!

Happy Birthday, Jordyn and Justin!

Jordyn is 2!

Mommy and Jayla ...
We had the nicest waitress. She told us they only do free dessert for kids on their birthdays, but when she brought it out, she brought one for each of us! This is one dessert that Jordyn loves!

We still can't belive Jordyn is 2!

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Lee Anne said...

Yum, that little dessert looked yummy! Glad to see you are enjoying every second of your family birthdays. And I loved your pumpkin with the cookie monster inserts....yes, much easier than the real thing!