Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, November 22, 2010

On the Move!

This girl is on the move ... and she moves very quickly! We can't turn away from her for a second!
When I got to daycare today she was playing on the floor with some toys. As soon as she heard my voice and saw me, she took off to meet me. I just love the feeling of her recognizing me and getting excited to see me!

We have been struggling with her sleeping schedule for about the last week and a half. Last night she finally had a "normal" night, sleeping about 10 hours. I'm hoping for 2 in a row! We are struggling to get her to sleep though each night. It takes both myself and Justin to do it most nights! She has a stubborn side in her! I'm pretty sure she doesn't get that from me. :)

This little girl, or should I say big girl, is now sleeping in a "big girl bed!" (Pictures to come soon of the new bed.)
We've had the bed set up for a while, and she had napped in it, but she hadn't slept any nights in it until Saturday night. She did awesome! She's on her 3rd night, and she thinks the bed is great! She still goes to bed very easily, which we just love. She now asks us to snuggle with her, so one of us will for about 5 minutes, but then we leave her to fall asleep on her own.

Guess what Jordyn is watching in these pictures?
She is totally in love with watching "Michelle." Any guesses? She's making her momma happy - she LOVES Full House, which has been one of my very favorite shows since I was a kid. Of course we try to limit her TV watching, but it is nice to get a little break if she can be interested in something on TV while she's playing with her toys.

I was trying to teach her to say "You got it, Dude," but she says "I got you, Dude" and makes us laugh every time!

Jordyn also loves to play with play-doh. She likes to make snakes with it and then cut them with the play-doh scissors.

Another quick picture of Jayla ... I just realized these were out of order, but I'm not taking the time to rearrange. Check out her little boots. :)

On Friday night my parents came to watch the girls. Justin and I went out to eat and to the hockey game. We had a nice evening out! Here's Jordyn and Gizmo waiting for Grandpa Buzz and Grandma Ronda to arrive ...
On Saturday we took some family pictures. We just went to JCP. I needed a recent picture of the 4 of us, and my sister won't be home until Christmas, so that was too late for me to do Christmas cards. Our appointment was for 10:30. At 10:00 I was ready call and cancel. Jordyn had been screaming all morning, mad about everything, and hating everything we said or did. It was a rough morning, and we were frustrated. She screamed the whole way to the mall, so we thought we were in for a total disaster. Somehow our photographer got her going and got her to smile. Our session only lasted about 15 minutes because we got the girls both looking and smiling in our family picture! It only took a few pictures to get it done. She took a few pictures of the girls together and some alone, and then we called it good. I take enough pictures of them here at home, so I didn't need a ton of professional pictures ... just one nice family picture was all I was wanting - and we got 2 that we absolutely loved! I can't get them to save on my computer so I can't put them on the blog right now. I'll scan them in once the pictures come in.

We told Jordyn she could have an ice cream cone if she smiled for pictures ... and she was so proud of herself as she told the DQ worker why she was getting ice cream!

I just love these big, blue eyes!

Unfortunately Justin came down with the flu on Saturday night. We think Jayla may have had a touch of the flu on Thursday and it only lasted for about 8 hours, which is about what Justin's lasted for. My parents also came down the flu yesterday. We're praying that Jordyn and I can stay healthy!

We didn't make it to church yesterday due to the flu bug in our house. Jordyn so sweetly asked me "Momma, can I go to Jesus' house?" ... I just loved it! I told her we couldn't go since Daddy was sick, and she responded with "Momma, I love Jesus!" :) She also prays at meal time on her own. If we pray with her, she stops in the middle and says "No I do it." That's the sweetness and stubbornness of a 2 year old.

And ... I just have to share that last night I went on a run and ran 3.1 miles (5K). I have been trying to up my miles each week/month. I realize that for you all of you marathon runners (Angie), this doesn't seem like much, but it is for me. :) I have kept track of every mile that I have run since August, so I try to increase that each month. I ran it in exactly 31 minutes, and I was so incredibly happy. I hadn't run that long since our 5K in July. I went to the fitness center last night thinking I was going to run 1 mile and bike 2 or 3. Usually when I start out running, every part of my body hurts - especially my knees and shins. The first 2-3 minutes are pure torture. For some reason nothing hurt last night, so I decided I better keep going because I don't get too many days like that! And the best part - I'm not even sore today!

Only one more day of school, and then we're off for Thanksgiving break. Yay! :)

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amy (metz) walker said...

Adorable pictures of your girls! I love that picture of Jordyn holding her doll and watching cute!