Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jayla - 7 Months

Oh My! Where does the time go? Jayla is now 7 months old, which is so hard to believe! She is such a sweetheart and makes us smile all the time! She's also on the move constantly, which made taking picture a little difficult. She didn't want to sit, she wanted to crawl!

She's wearing Jordyn's headband, so it's too big, but Jordyn picked which "pretty" she wanted Jayla to wear. :)

What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... weighs about 20 pounds! She's a healthy girl

... wears size 3 diapers, some 9-month clothes, but mostly 12-month clothes.

... loves to eat! She drinks about 6 ounces in her bottle. She also has oatmeal or cereal for breakfast, fruit for lunch (we are just starting baby food at lunch) and a fruit or vegetable at dinner. She has tried many different foods, and she seems to like all of them!

... is getting into everything! She's rolling and almost doing a full crawl. She loves to get up on her hands and knees and rock.

... thinks the drawers on the TV stand, the computer, and the base of the glider are the greatest things in the world. We hide them with pillows, and she immediately moves them to see what kind of trouble she can get in! :)

... can no longer be left out of our site for just a few seconds. She follows us or is doing something she shouldn't be! Ha!

... loves to peek over the bumpers in her crib when she wakes.

... is very determined! If she wants something, she is going to make sure she gets it!

... is starting to cut her 2 top teeth, which may be an explanation as to why her sleeping schedule has been off the last week. She had been sleeping from about 7PM to 6AM, but she's been up once or twice each night the last week. She doesn't usually eat during that time, she just wants to snuggle for a few minutes.

... recognizes her name, and will respond to Jordyn when she says "Jay Jay."

... loves Jordyn, which I have mentioned before! Jordyn was being silly yesterday, and Jayla could not stop smiling and laughing at her! It was so sweet!

... brings us so much joy and so many smiles!
Happy 7 Months, Jayla!

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