Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday Party #1

On Friday night, we celebrated Jordyn's birthday (and Justin's birthday) with Justin's parents and grandparents! Jordyn had a pretty special cake, which I didn't begin to decorate until 8:30 on Thursday night ... after doing 10 conferences at school and then coming out to a dead battery in my SUV after conferences. Thankfully there were some other teachers, parents, and a janitor that could help me out with my vehicle! And ... I'm thankful my parents happened to be in town too ... they stopped by to help finish getting the frosting ready for the cake. Oh - did I mention that we still had birthday treats to make for Jordyn that night too? Justin made those while I decorated the cake. My mom pretty much did whatever we needed help with and then frosted the cookies for Jordyn to take to daycare! We were exhausted before the parties began!

Jordyn's special cake that I made her ...

This has to be the easiest way to decorate a pumpkin ... and even better, it matched Jordyn's Birthday theme!

Last year we had a monkey party ... this year Sesame Street ... poor Justin, he may never have a "normal" birthday again. :)
Opening gifts ...

Jordyn's new lamp for her "big girl" room ...
Ready to make a wish ...
Being silly!
Blowing out the candle and making a wish!

We had a fun time on Friday night! Our weekend was busy with more celebrating ... more updates to come soon! :)


Abby said...

Great job on the cake! It turned out so cute! Did you end up using fruit to color the icing?

Lauren said...

SO SO cute!!!!!!!!!!! :)