Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! This post is a long one, but since it is a journal for the girls, I didn't want to leave things out. :)

I had Wednesday off and Justin also took the day off. We took the girls to daycare for the day so that we could both work out, do a few things around the house that we were behind on and are hard to do with the girls running around, went out for lunch, and did a little shopping. Of course we missed the girls, but we enjoyed having the day to spend together and get caught up on a few things. We have crossed so many things off of our "to-do" list lately, yet the list doesn't seem any shorter! There's always so much to do!

Our Thanksgiving break was a busy one! We were busy Thursday-Saturday. Thankfully our families live close so we didn't have to do too much traveling.

We had lunch with Justin's family on Thanksgiving. His grandparents live about 10 minutes from us. Everyone from his mom's side was there except 1 uncle and Darin and Kathryn. We missed them! We enjoyed seeing Justin's aunts, uncles, and cousins again since we don't see them too often.

All ready to leave to see Justin's family ...

Our happy little girl!

I asked Jordyn to show me her best smile ... and she attempted to put her finger up her nose. Lovely.
She has the smile thing going for her, but she usually closes her eyes or looks away from the camera when you ask for her best smile ...
Aaron and Jayla ... these two are 2 days apart ... and so cute together!
Playing a little Uno ...
Yum ... homemade ice cream!

Grandpa Marlin and Daddy playing with the girls ...

We went home for a little while after lunch, and then we headed to my aunt and uncle's house, which is also about 10 minutes away. My parents and Kayla were there too. Kandi and Eric weren't able to come home for Thanksgiving and BJ and Devin didn't make it because Devin was sick. (Devin is actually in the hospital with an infection, so please pray that she is feeling better soon.) We missed all of them, but we enjoyed the time with everyone that was there.

Kiki and Jordyn had a great time making faces at each other ...
Again, I asked Jordyn for her best smile, and this is what she gave me ...
A great picture of Jordyn and Kiki!!!
Kisses for Jayla ...

Playing with my Aunt Sharon ...
My cousin, Kylea, and Jayla ...
We ate supper with my family and also went to a short light show. Jordyn loved it and kept asking to go back. We might have to go watch it again soon!

On Friday morning I met my mom and sister and went shopping for a little while. I headed out at about 4:30, got a few deals, and had fun shopping with my mom and sister.

We went to Justin's parent's house on Friday night to have dinner with them and his Grandma Helen. We had a nice time. Jordyn was a busy body! She had fun playing with Great Grandma Helen ...
... and riding this car ...
... and playing with Grandma Shelli ...
... but she did not like this stuffed tiger! Jayla did though!

On Saturday we did a little shopping in the morning (note to self ... shop on Saturday after "Black Friday" ... it was not at all busy). We ate lunch at Applebees, went home for naps, and then we headed to my parent's house. My parents always go cut down their Christmas tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so we usually go help them decorate it. My parents love Christmas ornaments, and their whole tree is all special ornaments, most of them dated Hallmark ornaments. It's fun to look at them each year.

Jayla was very happy while we were there, despite having been told she has pink eye at Acute Care that morning. She HATES the eye drops, but she seems to be handling everything else okay! Poor girl!

Super silly with Uncle BJ!
My grandma was able to come join us for the evening! She seems to be doing well and is moving around quite well. We kept Jayla away from her because of the pink eye, and Jordyn made me so nervous when she ran right into Oma to tickle her. Her hip seems to be doing well, but Jordyn can be a little (or a lot) rambunctious, so I was nervous!

Jordyn loved decorating the tree. We put our own tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving, and she didn't really want to help. However, she loved helping at Grandpa and Grandma's house!

Helping Aunt Kiki put ornaments on the tree ...

Helping Grandma Ronda put ornaments on the tree ...

Taking a break from decorating to play with Grandpa Buzz ...
More decorating ...

Snuggles with Grandpa Buzz ...
Somebody has to teach this girl some manners :) ... we were having ice cream for dessert, and I didn't have my dad get Jordyn a bowl because I figured she would just share with me. She walked up to Grandpa Buzz, looked at his bowl of ice cream, and just started licking away! Ha!
Instead of sharing with Mom, she wanted to share with Grandpa ...
Whew ... we were busy on Thursday - Saturday, but we enjoyed our time with family! On Sunday we went to church (Jordyn made it through, but I missed every word that was said), and then we spent the day relaxing, which was very much needed!

I need to get some pictures of tree posted, the girls' rooms rearranged/Jordyn's big girl room, and their pink Christmas trees that Jordyn LOVES!

Until then ... it's time to get going on the never.ending.pile.of.laundry.

Monday, November 22, 2010

On the Move!

This girl is on the move ... and she moves very quickly! We can't turn away from her for a second!
When I got to daycare today she was playing on the floor with some toys. As soon as she heard my voice and saw me, she took off to meet me. I just love the feeling of her recognizing me and getting excited to see me!

We have been struggling with her sleeping schedule for about the last week and a half. Last night she finally had a "normal" night, sleeping about 10 hours. I'm hoping for 2 in a row! We are struggling to get her to sleep though each night. It takes both myself and Justin to do it most nights! She has a stubborn side in her! I'm pretty sure she doesn't get that from me. :)

This little girl, or should I say big girl, is now sleeping in a "big girl bed!" (Pictures to come soon of the new bed.)
We've had the bed set up for a while, and she had napped in it, but she hadn't slept any nights in it until Saturday night. She did awesome! She's on her 3rd night, and she thinks the bed is great! She still goes to bed very easily, which we just love. She now asks us to snuggle with her, so one of us will for about 5 minutes, but then we leave her to fall asleep on her own.

Guess what Jordyn is watching in these pictures?
She is totally in love with watching "Michelle." Any guesses? She's making her momma happy - she LOVES Full House, which has been one of my very favorite shows since I was a kid. Of course we try to limit her TV watching, but it is nice to get a little break if she can be interested in something on TV while she's playing with her toys.

I was trying to teach her to say "You got it, Dude," but she says "I got you, Dude" and makes us laugh every time!

Jordyn also loves to play with play-doh. She likes to make snakes with it and then cut them with the play-doh scissors.

Another quick picture of Jayla ... I just realized these were out of order, but I'm not taking the time to rearrange. Check out her little boots. :)

On Friday night my parents came to watch the girls. Justin and I went out to eat and to the hockey game. We had a nice evening out! Here's Jordyn and Gizmo waiting for Grandpa Buzz and Grandma Ronda to arrive ...
On Saturday we took some family pictures. We just went to JCP. I needed a recent picture of the 4 of us, and my sister won't be home until Christmas, so that was too late for me to do Christmas cards. Our appointment was for 10:30. At 10:00 I was ready call and cancel. Jordyn had been screaming all morning, mad about everything, and hating everything we said or did. It was a rough morning, and we were frustrated. She screamed the whole way to the mall, so we thought we were in for a total disaster. Somehow our photographer got her going and got her to smile. Our session only lasted about 15 minutes because we got the girls both looking and smiling in our family picture! It only took a few pictures to get it done. She took a few pictures of the girls together and some alone, and then we called it good. I take enough pictures of them here at home, so I didn't need a ton of professional pictures ... just one nice family picture was all I was wanting - and we got 2 that we absolutely loved! I can't get them to save on my computer so I can't put them on the blog right now. I'll scan them in once the pictures come in.

We told Jordyn she could have an ice cream cone if she smiled for pictures ... and she was so proud of herself as she told the DQ worker why she was getting ice cream!

I just love these big, blue eyes!

Unfortunately Justin came down with the flu on Saturday night. We think Jayla may have had a touch of the flu on Thursday and it only lasted for about 8 hours, which is about what Justin's lasted for. My parents also came down the flu yesterday. We're praying that Jordyn and I can stay healthy!

We didn't make it to church yesterday due to the flu bug in our house. Jordyn so sweetly asked me "Momma, can I go to Jesus' house?" ... I just loved it! I told her we couldn't go since Daddy was sick, and she responded with "Momma, I love Jesus!" :) She also prays at meal time on her own. If we pray with her, she stops in the middle and says "No I do it." That's the sweetness and stubbornness of a 2 year old.

And ... I just have to share that last night I went on a run and ran 3.1 miles (5K). I have been trying to up my miles each week/month. I realize that for you all of you marathon runners (Angie), this doesn't seem like much, but it is for me. :) I have kept track of every mile that I have run since August, so I try to increase that each month. I ran it in exactly 31 minutes, and I was so incredibly happy. I hadn't run that long since our 5K in July. I went to the fitness center last night thinking I was going to run 1 mile and bike 2 or 3. Usually when I start out running, every part of my body hurts - especially my knees and shins. The first 2-3 minutes are pure torture. For some reason nothing hurt last night, so I decided I better keep going because I don't get too many days like that! And the best part - I'm not even sore today!

Only one more day of school, and then we're off for Thanksgiving break. Yay! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Random List

Since our life is busy and crazy, sometimes random lists seem like the easiest way for me to update. So ... here goes ...

*Jordyn made it through church on Sunday, with only needing to leave the last 5 minutes because her daddy said he needed a time out (all of 1 minute) when she tried to bite me, hit me, and scratch him. She had been doing so well during the service, but she got upset at the end when I told her "no" about something. Ahh ... the 2's. She sat in a corner near the coats and Justin said she didn't move.

*Jordyn was fairly quiet during church but managed to yell out a few "Amens" when we were done praying and broke out (loudly) into "Jesus Loves Me" whenever she heard the name "Jesus."

*Jordyn thinks she has to wear her sunglasses ... but not on her eyes. She wants to do what her mommy does sometimes ...

... except she puts them on backwards ...

*Dressed up so cute for church ...

*Look at this doll! She's so big and is constantly on the move. Justin had to hold her still so I could get a picture of her. She was trying to dive off the couch!

*And here goes the attempt at a picture of the two of them ... ha!

*Jordyn always says, "I hold hands with Jay Jay."

*It's a good thing I'm not a true Vikings fan, because it will be painful! Jordyn is showing off her new Vikings outfit, and holding up her fingers to say the Vikes are #1. If only they would play that way!

*In case your wondering, yes, her Bett Fave (Brett Favre) jersey is underneath the coat. She was not about to watch football without it!

*Jordyn continues to be a huge helper with Jayla, especially now that Jayla is on the move and into everything!

*Our new baby gate is installed (I mentioned in an early post) and we love it. It matches our house nicely, and we love that we can either have it closed or it will stay open by itself. So many baby gates now always stay closed/swing close, and I don't care for them.
*A little more cuteness ...

*The girls' sleeping schedules have been off the last week, and it is definitely wearing on Justin and myself. Hopefully we're heading back to a "normal" schedule soon. We have been shown how blessed we are to have girls who usually sleep 10-12 hours on a normal night!

*I think Jordyn had a bad dream last night - she woke up screaming her head off. She wouldn't calm down and just wanted me to hold her. I tried to put her back in the crib, and she clung onto me. She finally calmed down and said "I nuggle with my momma." How could I say no to her asking to snuggle with me!? She had never said that before. And at that moment, I didn't care that it was 1 AM, and I was up with a sad little girl.

*The girls had school pictures today. They did some alone and some together. The workers said the girls were cute. I hope they turn out, but we aren't out anything if they don't. We'll get the proofs and then decide if we want to order any. We also have family pictures scheduled for Saturday, so we should be able to get a few good ones, right? :) On the forms for school pictures there was a spot where we could write a note to the photographer ... I wrote a short little note: "Good Luck."

*Gizmo had a birthday last week - we didn't forget his birthday, but I did forget to mention on it here. He's 4 years old ... or 28, however you look at it. He has caught up to Justin in age!

*We currently have both of the girls sleeping in cribs, but Jordyn's "big girl" bed is ready to go. Maybe we'll give it a try this weekend.

*Jordyn had a check up at the ENT on Monday. It was almost a year ago that her tubes were put in, and she has been ear infection-free for about 6 months. The doctor pulled out the right tube, which he had told me back in May that he would probably do when we saw him in November. There is a little fluid behind the ear drum right now, but it is not infected. We will keep our fingers crossed that she can stay ear infection-free. It was amazing to see how small the actual tube is that goes in the ear. He asked me if I wanted to save it. Yuck. He told us there are many people that save them! Again, yuck. I love to scrapbook, but I'm pretty sure Jordyn's scrapbook will be complete even without her tubes!

*Jayla loves the Jumperoo! We don't have one, but daycare does, and they told me she loves it! She tries to jump in our Exersaucer too.

*Jayla loves to read books! Reading to the girls is one of my favorite things to do!

*I wish I could snap my fingers and be done losing the rest of my baby weight! Ugh. I think I've been at a standstill for 4 weeks with my weight. I try to work out 3 times a week. Some nights I don't get to the fitness center until after 8:00, which is less than ideal, but it works. Trying to lose weight is. not. fun. I've lost 40 pounds, with still too much to go.

*My dad took a trip to North Carolina last week. Jordyn was super excited to get a new Elmo shirt that my dad found for her. I was super excited to see the adorable UNC clothes he picked up for the girls! I can't wait for them to wear it as we cheer on the Tar Heels this basketball season!

*Ending with a few cute pictures of Jayla ...