Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Perfect Weather!

It is crazy to think that it is almost the end of October, and we are still able to play outside without coats on! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous!

Justin and I were really looking forward to the weekend. We had a week full of sleepless nights. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights were horrible. Both girls were up and both crying. We were able to get Jordyn back to sleep, but we were up with Jayla most of the night for 3 nights. So ... I called for a dr. appointment on Thursday, they couldn't see us until Friday, and wouldn't you know it - Jayla slept great on Thursday night and was fine all day Friday. We cancelled the appointment, and she's been fine since.

Last night we spent the evening with some friends and had a bonfire! The weather was absolutely perfect last night, and it was great to meet up with friends from church - it had been way too long! My parents came and watched the girls while we were gone last night. We are so thankful that our families are close by and are so willing to help out!

Today was a somewhat challenging day. Jordyn threw fit, after fit, after fit. We still cannot figure out what was going on. We do think that she was possibly not feeling well though. She didn't eat anything today other than a little bowl of cereal and two little pieces of cheese. She's a picky eater, but she's always willing to snack. I offered her every single thing I could think of, and she didn't want any of it. She did drink a ton today, so at least we know she isn't dehydrated! Staying sane seemed difficult a few different times when she was screaming. Nothing could make her happy! (other than playing outside for a little while)

Our plan today was to possibly take the girls to Zoo Boo, and the weather was perfect for it, but we ended up not going. For one, with Jordyn being so crabby we weren't sure how she would handle it, two - the girls' costumes are pretty warm and they would have been sweating in them on such a warm day like today, and three - Justin and I were completely wiped after the difficult week/nights we had with the girls!

Instead, we played outside ...

It's a good thing I captured one her smiles on camera today - they were few and far between for most of the day! :)

Through all of the screaming, we did find some happy times during the day, and this picture cracks us up ...
She couldn't decide if she wanted milk or pop (AKA juice) so she tried to drink them both at the same time! (and then she may have thrown another fit when she realized she couldn't drink them both at the same time)

Jordyn had calmed down and played very nice before bedtime. We were able to color, read books, play with Jayla, and make food in her kitchen. I'm hopeful she'll be back to herself tomorrow!

Oh ... and did I mention that potty training is NOT going well?! She used to love it, now she wants nothing to do with it, and today we sat in the bathroom for 20 minutes after nap. I know you're not supposed to force, but she woke up dry (and had had a ton to drink) so I knew she had to go. Guess who won the battle?! Not me! 20 minutes in the bathroom about did me in. She knows she gets a chocolate treat when she goes, but she didn't want that ... so we tried stickers and a ton of other things. I couldn't even get her to sit on the potty chair or the toilet - she wouldn't go near them! She's not even 2, so we may just need to wait a little while. :)

Tomorrow's another day ... hopefully full of a few more smiles!

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