Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, October 24, 2010

2 Children Under 2 = Stressful Church Service

Weekends go way too fast! I always feel like my "to-do" list gets longer on the weekends - never shorter!

This morning we went to church. Let's just say it was a disaster. Our friends, Brad and Ashley, sat in front of us - we must apologize to them for the craziness that our two girls created. In fact, I don't think we sang a single word to a single song, and I couldn't tell you what scripture was read or a single word that was spoke during the sermon. Right when the sermon ended, we left. Jordyn was only in the sanctuary for all of 5 minutes today, both girls had dirty diapers at some point, and both thought it was necessary to cry/scream during the service. Jordyn wanted a drink from the drinking faucet (yuk - germs), and she's not tall enough to do it on her own, but she didn't want any help, and cried when she couldn't reach the water. (and continued to refuse help and kick/scream when I lifted her up) Ugh! We left there so stressed out! Jordyn will NOT go to the nursery. She screams and screams (I have mentioned this before). It's awful. We just don't know what to do!

On the positive side, both girls looked adorable today! At least they had that going for them! Ha!

I wish Jordyn would take a picture as easily as Jayla!

Jordyn's big girl pony tail, which was a battle this morning! (A battle with Jordyn, imagine that!?)
Jordyn did have a better day today than yesterday. I'm not sure we would have stayed sane if it had been like yesterday! My brother came over for a while today to play with the girls and eat dinner with us. Devin wasn't feeling well so she didn't come with him. Hopefully she feels better soon! :)

We're off to another busy week ... conferences start this week for me ... one night this week and two nights next week. We also have two birthday parties coming up. Jordyn turns 2 - and we don't want to forget that Justin turns 28. (They share a birthday.) It will be a busy week/weekend for us!

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Lee Anne said...

Oh my! What a time you had! I think you will come to appreciate the independence and stubborness once the girls are older. It usually translates into positive adult/teen girl traits. (I know this is probably not helping)

Maybe consider taking turns in the nursery working? One week you do it with both girls, the next week Justin with both girls. Maybe after a month of playing in there they will see it's fun and let you leave them half way through the service and then finally the whole service??

I don't know, I just know how much you enjoy church and it's such a nice time to reconnect as a couple.

Good luck with conferences. I just finished. LONG WEEK!