Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, October 31, 2010

28 & 2

It has been an incredibly busy weekend at our house - full of birthday celebrations! Justin turned 28 yesterday and Jordyn turned 2 yesterday!

We still cannot believe that Jordyn is 2 years old. I remember every detail of the day of her arrival, and it does not seem real that it was 2 years ago!

We celebrated Friday with Justin's family, yesterday with just the 4 of us, and today with my family! Whew! We're exhausted and all partied out! We have so many pictures to share! (I took 81 but won't share them all!) Here's a few for Jordyn's 2 year old post, and I'll hopefully get more posted soon! :)

How fun for Justin and Jordyn to share a birthday! :)
Working on showing the #2 with her fingers. :) She can tell you how old she is, she just can't show it on her fingers yet. :)

What is Jordyn up to?

Jordyn ...

... weighs about 30 pounds. We will know her exact information on Tuesday when we go to her wellness check.

... wears size 4 diapers.

... wears 24-month and 2T clothes and size 7 or 8 shoes.

... does not stop talking!

... has 20 teeth. She has had this many for the last 4 months, but I don't think that I have put that in her updates. Unfortunately, she has been putting those teeth to use at daycare. Last week she bit kids on 2 different days. :( I hope that comes to an end soon. Justin and I felt awful about it.

... has to wear make up each day, and after I put the fake make up on her, she says "I'm Beautiful."

... loves to sing! Some of her favorite songs to sing are The ABC's, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and This Old Man.

... continues to be a wonderful big sister! She loves to sit with Jayla on the floor and hold her hand or share toys with her! We love it!

... usually wakes up saying "Good Morning!" It's adorable, and it makes it a little (just a little) easier to roll out of bed, even when it's early on a Saturday morning. :)

... has been on a horrible eating kick lately. She doesn't eat. The other day she grabbed her plate at daycare (right after they gave it to her), and she walked it to the garbage, threw it all away, and said "all done." Normally they catch her before she does something like that, but they turned their back for a second and she threw it away. They offered her more, but she wouldn't take it. She isn't eating for at home either ... not even her favorite snacks! When she does eat, some of her favorites are: string cheese, yogurt, juice, milk, fruit snacks, Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, pizza, ham, and ice cream.

... knows that she can help Jayla if we can't get to her immediately. She runs over to hug her or give her a paci if she is sad. She has such a caring heart.

... is still sleeping in her crib about 11-12 hours a night. She has taken 1 nap in her big girl bed, but since she does so well in the crib, we don't really want to change that right now!

... loves her "Bett Fav" jersey! She can't wait until Sundays to wear her Vikings jersey and match her daddy's clothes! I had a cute outfit picked out for her party today, but she wanted nothing to do with it. She knew it was a football day and had to have the jersey!

... still loves our Elmo Pad (Ipad). She does an awesome job at playing Memory and putting puzzles together. She also can run YouTube quite well, which isn't always a good thing!

... continues to amaze us every day with what she knows! It is so much fun to watch how children are like a sponge and soak up absolutely everything! We are so proud of her!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jordyn! We love you so much!

And ... Happy 28th Bitrthday, Justin! The girls and I love you lots!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

2 Children Under 2 = Stressful Church Service

Weekends go way too fast! I always feel like my "to-do" list gets longer on the weekends - never shorter!

This morning we went to church. Let's just say it was a disaster. Our friends, Brad and Ashley, sat in front of us - we must apologize to them for the craziness that our two girls created. In fact, I don't think we sang a single word to a single song, and I couldn't tell you what scripture was read or a single word that was spoke during the sermon. Right when the sermon ended, we left. Jordyn was only in the sanctuary for all of 5 minutes today, both girls had dirty diapers at some point, and both thought it was necessary to cry/scream during the service. Jordyn wanted a drink from the drinking faucet (yuk - germs), and she's not tall enough to do it on her own, but she didn't want any help, and cried when she couldn't reach the water. (and continued to refuse help and kick/scream when I lifted her up) Ugh! We left there so stressed out! Jordyn will NOT go to the nursery. She screams and screams (I have mentioned this before). It's awful. We just don't know what to do!

On the positive side, both girls looked adorable today! At least they had that going for them! Ha!

I wish Jordyn would take a picture as easily as Jayla!

Jordyn's big girl pony tail, which was a battle this morning! (A battle with Jordyn, imagine that!?)
Jordyn did have a better day today than yesterday. I'm not sure we would have stayed sane if it had been like yesterday! My brother came over for a while today to play with the girls and eat dinner with us. Devin wasn't feeling well so she didn't come with him. Hopefully she feels better soon! :)

We're off to another busy week ... conferences start this week for me ... one night this week and two nights next week. We also have two birthday parties coming up. Jordyn turns 2 - and we don't want to forget that Justin turns 28. (They share a birthday.) It will be a busy week/weekend for us!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Perfect Weather!

It is crazy to think that it is almost the end of October, and we are still able to play outside without coats on! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous!

Justin and I were really looking forward to the weekend. We had a week full of sleepless nights. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights were horrible. Both girls were up and both crying. We were able to get Jordyn back to sleep, but we were up with Jayla most of the night for 3 nights. So ... I called for a dr. appointment on Thursday, they couldn't see us until Friday, and wouldn't you know it - Jayla slept great on Thursday night and was fine all day Friday. We cancelled the appointment, and she's been fine since.

Last night we spent the evening with some friends and had a bonfire! The weather was absolutely perfect last night, and it was great to meet up with friends from church - it had been way too long! My parents came and watched the girls while we were gone last night. We are so thankful that our families are close by and are so willing to help out!

Today was a somewhat challenging day. Jordyn threw fit, after fit, after fit. We still cannot figure out what was going on. We do think that she was possibly not feeling well though. She didn't eat anything today other than a little bowl of cereal and two little pieces of cheese. She's a picky eater, but she's always willing to snack. I offered her every single thing I could think of, and she didn't want any of it. She did drink a ton today, so at least we know she isn't dehydrated! Staying sane seemed difficult a few different times when she was screaming. Nothing could make her happy! (other than playing outside for a little while)

Our plan today was to possibly take the girls to Zoo Boo, and the weather was perfect for it, but we ended up not going. For one, with Jordyn being so crabby we weren't sure how she would handle it, two - the girls' costumes are pretty warm and they would have been sweating in them on such a warm day like today, and three - Justin and I were completely wiped after the difficult week/nights we had with the girls!

Instead, we played outside ...

It's a good thing I captured one her smiles on camera today - they were few and far between for most of the day! :)

Through all of the screaming, we did find some happy times during the day, and this picture cracks us up ...
She couldn't decide if she wanted milk or pop (AKA juice) so she tried to drink them both at the same time! (and then she may have thrown another fit when she realized she couldn't drink them both at the same time)

Jordyn had calmed down and played very nice before bedtime. We were able to color, read books, play with Jayla, and make food in her kitchen. I'm hopeful she'll be back to herself tomorrow!

Oh ... and did I mention that potty training is NOT going well?! She used to love it, now she wants nothing to do with it, and today we sat in the bathroom for 20 minutes after nap. I know you're not supposed to force, but she woke up dry (and had had a ton to drink) so I knew she had to go. Guess who won the battle?! Not me! 20 minutes in the bathroom about did me in. She knows she gets a chocolate treat when she goes, but she didn't want that ... so we tried stickers and a ton of other things. I couldn't even get her to sit on the potty chair or the toilet - she wouldn't go near them! She's not even 2, so we may just need to wait a little while. :)

Tomorrow's another day ... hopefully full of a few more smiles!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Giraffes!

I wanted to wait until closer to Halloween to post pictures of the girls in their costumes, but after they arrived in the mail today (and Jordyn begged to wear her giraffe), I just had to share these!!!! The girls look so cute!

This is one of my favorite pictures that I have of the two ...

Jordyn wanted to hold Jayla, but she wouldn't look at me for a picture - Jayla was enjoying it though!

I think that I am going to tie pink bows around the horns - just to add a little girly touch. :)


Jordyn wanted to sit just like Jayla, but of course she didn't want to smile for the camera!
Depending on the weather, we may take the girls to the Zoo Boo this weekend. I don't mind if it's a little cool out, but there's a chance for rain, so we'll wait and see!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jayla - 6 Months

Jayla is 6 months old! I can't believe how big she is already and how much she has already learned. My little baby isn't so little anymore!

What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... weighs about 18 pounds 11 ounces. She is one healthy girl! We don't have her 6-month check up for a couple of weeks since I scheduled her appointment and Jordyn's 2-year appointment together. (Side note: Jordyn was about 20 pounds when she was 1 year old ... there's quite a difference between the girls!)

... wears mostly 9-month clothes and a few 12-month clothes.

... wears size 3 diapers.

... is a rolling machine. She can get across the room very quickly!

... can sit! We still are cautious and put pillows or the Boppy around her, but she is doing great!

... can get up on her knees! I'm not ready for her to crawl yet - she's still supposed to be my little baby!

... grabs everything within her reach, and if she can't reach it, she rolls to it.

... is very interested in Gizmo! She's also very good about pulling his fur, so we try to keep him away.

... has also pulled Jordyn's hair a few times. Thankfully Jordyn hasn't gotten upset with her.

... is very in-tune to what is going on and where Jordyn is. If she hears Jordyn, she looks everywhere for her. Jayla was almost asleep the other night and heard Jordyn crying in another room. Jayla sat up in my arms and kept looking for her sister.

... is doing very well at daycare! She's very happy when I drop her off and pick her up.
... loves to eat!!! She is now only getting formula, no breast milk. I still feel guilty about it, but let me tell how much better I feel at the same time. Since she was no longer eating well from me, it was causing a lot of stress for me. Things are less stressful now she can always just have a bottle. She also loves rice cereal, oatmeal, green beans, peas, squash, applesauce, bananas, and pears! She is pretty much willing to eat whatever we give her.
*I should note - Jordyn was the same way as a baby, but she is now the pickiest eater and has been for the last year. Let's hope that Jayla doesn't continue that trend!

... loves when anyone talks to her - she loves to smile at them - and we love to see her beautiful smile!
Happy 6-Months, Jayla Grace!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Like I mentioned in the previous post, our trip was very busy, but it was fun! On Friday morning the guys went to get their tuxes. Justin's mom gave me a break from the girls so that I could go run. Then we ate lunch with Kathryn in our room, and then it was nap time ... a much needed nap time. The girls did not sleep well on Thursday night, so we ALL needed a nap. The girls both slept for about 3 hours. I slept for about an hour, which was huge for me. I struggle to sleep/nap, but I felt much better after that.

Friday night was rehearsal. The wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception were all at our hotel, so that made things easier with the girls.

The bride with her bridesmaids ...

Kathryn and I

Uncle Darin and Jordyn

The 4 of us

Jayla and Daddy

Aunt Tracy and Jordyn

On Saturday morning, I went with Kathryn and one her sisters to get our hair done. Justin's mom and grandma also came too. Then we met up with all of the other bridesmaids and Kathryn's family for lunch. We had a great time, and then we headed back to the hotel to get ready! :)
Getting ready to put her flower girl dress ...

This is one of the only pictures I took of Kathryn ... she looked absolutely beautiful!
A few pictures before the wedding of our girls ...

This is Justin's cousin, Meggan. She had not met Jayla yet (and hadn't seen Jordyn in almost a year), so we were glad she could spend some time with the girls. Jayla loved snuggling with her!

Jordyn did great as a flower girl! She had practice at Aunt Kandi's wedding in August. Ha! She did great at both weddings. Jordyn and Hannah (Kathryn's niece) walked down the aisle together, but Jordyn saw Jayla at the back of the aisle and got excited and shouted "Jay Jay" and stopped. Hannah kept on walking, and then Jordyn didn't know what to do, where to go, and she didn't recognize anyone. Surprisingly, she never cried. (she did at rehearsal when that happened) Justin and I were both trying to get her attention since we were standing up at the front of the aisle, but she couldn't see us. Justin walked back to help her get down the aisle. We were proud of her that there weren't any tears!

We tried to get a picture of the 4 of us ... Justin's aunts (Tracy and Sherri) tried so hard to get both girls looking. Ha! We all got a good laugh - Jordyn would look and smile as soon as Tracy would snap the picture. After about 8 attempts we gave up - but, the pictures still turned out cute! :) I know the photographer got one of us all looking.

Our last attempt - ha!
Kathryn and MyselfJordyn loved the frosting on the cupcakes!
Darin and Justin
This picture makes me laugh because Jordyn is totally tugging at my dress trying to get me to hold her.
This is Justin's cousin, Molly, and her husband, Chad. Molly helped out with Jayla during the ceremony - Jayla got in some good snuggle time with her ... and Molly was brave enough to change one of Jayla's horrible diapers! (We owe you!) We were so thankful to have such wonderful help with the girls!!!

A little dancing with Uncle Darin ... Jordyn was super tired, but she LOVED dancing. A couple of times she grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. She was so funny!
We had to take a picture of this ...
This is how our night ended. We just let the girls sleep in the corner, and it worked out great!

We ate breakfast the hotel on Sunday and watched Darin and Kathryn open some of their gifts. Then we took off for the airport. We didn't have a direct flight on the way home. We flew from Detroit to Minneapolis and then to SF. The girls did well on the flights home, but Jordyn was starting to get impatient towards the end. I mentioned in an earlier post that she made everyone on the plane laugh when we landed in SF by shouting, "Yay, I made it!"

We had a great trip, but we were of course thankful to be home as well and get our girls back into a routine.

One last picture of Jordyn ... playing the "Elmo pad" (Ipad) at the airport. She has a monkey game that she loves - she plays Memory, counts, and puts puzzles together on the game. It's so fun to watch her!

Justin and I are so thankful that we have such wonderful sisters, brothers, sister-in-laws, and brother-in-laws. We are very honored that we have been a groomsman/bridesmaid in each of their weddings. (I think we are pros now!) We feel so lucky and blessed to continue adding such wonderful people to our families!

One last quick Thank You to all of the family members who helped us with the girls. With Justin and myself both in the wedding, we had pretty busy schedules, and everyone jumped in to help with the girls. I know my parents wanted to be there to help with the girls, but since it is harvest time, it wasn't easy for my dad to leave the farm work. So again, thanks so much! :)