Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Getaway

We had such a fun weekend! We dropped Jordyn and Jayla off at my parents on Friday around dinner time, and we headed to Cedar Falls to meet up with Justin's college roommates and their wives for the weekend. We have hardly been back to CF since we graduated, and it had been over 2 years since we last saw some of his roommates. We all live so far apart ... 2 are near the Chicago area, 1 in the Des Moines area, 1 in the CF area, and we're all the way in SF! Cedar Falls is a pretty central meeting place for all of us.

All of Justin's roommates grew up in CF, so their parents are all there. We were fortunate to be able to stay at Jarren's parent's house for the weekend.

We got there at about 11:15 on Friday night. It's a 5+ hour drive from SF. The guys got up bright and early Saturday morning to golf.

Jen (Jarren's wife) and I went shopping and to a bridal shower on Saturday. We had a nice time at the shower, and I was able to meet up with a college friend at the shower that I haven't seen since graduation. It was so fun to chat with Laura. She has some exciting news ... she's pregnant with twins!!! :) I am so excited for her and her husband!

Everyone got together for lunch ... Justin & myself, Jarren & Jen, Jordan & Jenny, Matt, and Greg. We had such a great time together! It was fun to chat about our kids. Jarren and Jen have Hudsen who is 2 months younger than Jordyn, Jordan and Jenny have Elijah and Timothy - Elijah is 1 month younger than Jordyn and Timothy is 2 weeks younger than Jayla. We were bummed that they didn't get to meet our girls, but it was nice to have a weekend away. :)

Sadly, I didn't take many pictures while we were gone - just 3!

Some of us headed the UNI football game on Saturday to cheer on the Panthers ...

Jarren, Jordan, and Justin ... (Jen and I were also at the game.)I was so excited to run into these two kiddos who are so special to us ...
I baby-sat Taylor and Ben for about 3 1/2 years during college! I can't believe that Taylor is a 6th grader and Ben is a 3rd grader. Justin and I talk about them often ... Ben loved that Justin was a UNI football player, and we talk about Taylor almost every time we drive by the soccer complex here because we used to go watch Taylor play soccer in CF. We also mention them every time we decorate our Christmas tree, because they each gave us a Christmas ornament right before we moved from CF. Those ornaments are hung on our tree every year, and each year we read their Christmas card that we keep in the box. We sure miss these two wonderful kids and their parents, Scott and Meg!

A few of us went out to eat on Saturday night at one of our favorite restaurants (The OP), and then I think we all crashed from exhaustion!

On Sunday we spent a little more time with Jarren, Jen, Hudsen, Jarren's parents, Jordan, Jenny, Elijah, Timothy, and Jordan's parents before heading back home. It was such a busy and jammed-packed weekend, but it was so much fun!

The girls had a GREAT time with Bompa Buzz, Grandma Nonna, Auntie Kiki, Auntie Kanni, Uncle Aric, Uncle BJ, and Auntie De-in.

And to our CF crew ... let's not wait another 2 years to get together!


Lauren said...

Aw, what a fun weekend!!!! :)

Kandi VanBriesen said...

Love it! The girls were so much fun :)