Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet Jayla

Yesterday we took Jayla to the doctor. You wouldn't know it by these pictures since she's so happy in them, but she has been a little miserable!
Our little cutie hanging out in her pj's this morning ...
Jayla's thrush just wouldn't go away with the medicine, so we were able to get the stronger medicine finally. After just one dose of it, the thrush was gone. She had had about 24 doses of the other medicine ... we knew it wouldn't clear up with the first one they gave us - it didn't last time either. However, the new medicine is very strong so they don't often prescribe it. We're just glad it took care of the problem!
Jayla has also had a cold for the last couple of weeks, and it just seemed to get worse. Yesterday Dr. M. listened to her and said she was wheezing ... which meant he wanted an RSV test and chest xrays done on her. The nurses sucked out her nose for the RSV and couldn't believe how much junk came out. We haven't been able to suction her out at home, because the junk is too far in her nose. (Sorry if that's TMI.) Jayla was not at all bothered by the nurses cleaning out her nose - she looked so relieved that she could breathe again ... which lasted for all of 10 minutes and then she was stuffed up again.
I NEVER want to see that xray machine for babies ever again! Jordyn's done it twice (when she had RSV), and this was Jayla's second time (the first time was when she was in the hospital when she was six weeks old). It is the worst thing ever, and I just want to cry right along with the babies. They actually want the babies to cry during the xray - it helps them to get a good picture of their lungs. I think 4 chest xrays between our two girls is enough. Jayla isn't listening to me when I tell her that not everything has to be equal with her sister ... hospital stays, xrays, RSV tests ... they've both done them all. I'm praying we're done with all of them!
Thankfully the xrays looked great, and Jayla's RSV test came back saying she did not have it. She has Bronchiolitis. (aka ... a cold) We are doing neb treatments for the next week. She is still pretty stuffed up and can have some pretty icky coughing fits. She's been pretty happy though. She's a tough little girl.

Her sleep schedule has been a little off this week since she has been waking up coughing ... so Mommy and Daddy are a little worn out, but each night seems to be getting better.
Oh, did I mention what she weighed yesterday???!!! 17 pounds 9 ounces! I couldn't believe it. She gained a pound and half in the last 2 weeks. Jordyn was bout 20 pounds when she turned 1 ... Jayla isn't even 5 months yet! She is very long though - she'll be tall like her daddy!
A few more pictures of this sweetie ...

Getting her neb treatment ... she started smiling when she saw me. :)

Jordyn likes to watch the neb treatment ... she repeats "Jay Jay's medicine" over and over and over. Then when it's done she says "Jay Jay's medicine all done." I love listening to her talk!


Lee Anne said...

Poor girl! We haven't had any of that here and our kids are almost 11 and 7 so I can't relate, but it all sounds horrible. I can barely handle immunizations so I can only imagine me during that x-ray.

Jayla is so cute! I love those shots with the's like she doesn't even realize she's doing it and smiling away! Ha!

Hope your Sunday goes well....

Jordan said...

She looks so happy even when she's sick! I hope she feels better very soon!!

Ms. J said...

She is so beautiful and getting so big so fast! Hope she gets better soon, poor girl!

Lauren said...

Aw, poor thing!!! Hope she gets to feeling better soon!!!