Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A List of Updates

We feel like we are constantly on the go, always lacking in sleep, and always wishing for a longer weekend! Ha! :) My update is in list form tonight.

*We had a great Labor Day Weekend. I had Friday-Monday off. I took the girls to daycare on Friday, and I went to visit my grandma. My sister, Kayla, also went. We had a great visit with her. She's working so hard in PT right now! She was moved from the hospital to the nursing home this week. She'll stay at the nursing home for a couple of weeks before going back home. After visiting her, Kayla and I headed back to SF. We did some power shopping, a quick cleaning of the house, and even installed a new toilet seat! Ha! :)

*We went out to eat with my brother and sister-in-law on Friday night. We had a great time, and laughed incredibly hard when Jordyn took sour cream off of Devin's plate because she thought it was ice cream. You can probably imagine her reaction when she realized it wasn't ice cream!

*This little cutie just makes me smile each time I look at her!
*My parents, sisters, brother-in-law, and friend Chris, stayed at our house Friday through Sunday. They spent most of the weekend at the Lifelight Music Festival, but we were happy to see them a little while each day!
*Jordyn thinks her new tunnel is wonderful ... actually it's a convertible floor mat. Jayla wasn't using it anymore, so we put it together (it only took Kayla 20 minutes - ha!) as a tunnel. She loves it, and laughed pretty hard when her mommy got stuck. She kept saying "Momma tuck." (No picture to document me getting stuck.)

*We grilled out with some church friends (and met new friends) on Saturday night. The fun thing about everyone that we spend time with is that they all have kids - and most of them are around the age of our girls, or just a little older! It's great that we're able to take the girls with us. The grill-out was complete with a bouncy castle in the backyard. Jordyn thought it was the greatest thing! I didn't get pictures, but all she wanted to do was "jump."

*Speaking of lots of little kids ... when we grilled out with the families from Justin's softball team a few weeks ago, there were 8 kids under the age of 3 ... and that wasn't everyone! You can about imagine the cheering section of kiddos when their dads play softball!

*We took the girls to the lake for Sunday and Monday. The weather wasn't great - not warm enough to swim or boat with the girls, but we did go to Arnold's Park. Jordyn rode the carousel twice - once with Mommy and once with Daddy. She thought it was great!
*This sweet girl is battling a cold and thrush - again! (I have been fine though each time she has had it.) She's been on medicine for the thrush for a week, and it is only getting worse. Last time she had was when she was 6 weeks old, and then she ended up in the hospital with a horrible virus. Anyway, we're heading back to doctor tomorrow. There is a stronger prescription that works well (that's what they gave us in the hospital last time), but they don't often prescribe it because it is quite strong.

*We took the girls to the park tonight. Jordyn loves loves loves the slide. She can't get enough of it! Tonight before we left on our walk to the park, her and Justin stretched their muscles. It was a hoot! I was able to get her on videotape.

*Jordyn calls our Ipad an "Elmo Pad" ... since she loves to watch Elmo clips on YouTube - and she knows how to navigate the whole thing. She also has to watch Aunt Kandi and Uncle Eric's wedding dance every single day! (YouTube: Kandi and Eric's Wedding Dance - watch it if you haven't - it's good for a laugh!)

*My sister, Kayla, just started her first teaching job! Today was her first day with students, and it was successful! :) Jordyn and Jayla sent their Auntie Kiki flowers to wish her a great day!

*Jordyn and I can sing a duet of a song that I made up - and I think we finally got a video of it tonight. Maybe I'll try to post it on here.

*Jayla LOVES her veggies and cereal! So far she has only had green beans and peas, but she cannot get enough of them! She ate a whole container of peas on Tuesday night. Jordyn didn't do that until she was like 6 months old!

*I am having a hard time adjusting to waking up by 5:45 each morning, working all day at school, being Mom until bedtime, attempting to get a work out done to finish losing this darn weight, throwing in a load of laundry and washing the dishes, and trying to get to bed by 11:00, just to do it all over again the next day. With that being said ... if you stop by our house during the week, please expect to see toys everywhere, laundry thrown on the floor, dishes in the sink and on the counter, and dust everywhere! That's just the way it is. :)

*The Vikings are on right now ... Jordyn's in bed, so I'm cheering on Favre for her. I had the number one pick in our Fantasy Football League, but I still don't feel like my team is what I want. Oh well - it makes for a fun (or frustrating) season of football!

*I'm not ready for Fall, but if it has to come, I'm super excited for college football. I grew up in a football family ... Justin and my brother both played college football ... it's been a part of me forever. Justin and I have no problem spending an entire Saturday watching football.

*I think it's time to get a few things done ... the girls are asleep so I better get moving!


Jordan said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy! Poor Jayla :-( I hope she starts feeling better ASAP!

Chris & Taera Mulder said...

Miss you and those sweet girls! We'll catch up in December. We'll be home from December 3-8! :) I may need to borrow a few warm weather maternity items from you if you don't mind and still have some! ;)


Lee Anne said...

I have two words for lady. It will be the best money you spend every month. I have one twice a month (every other week) and I love her more than any "treat" I could buy myself. It frees you up to what you want to with your free time.....spend it with family. You deserve it. I gave up a few things to make it happen and it's worth every single penny.

Sorry to hear about Jayla and that thrush! Ouchie! Super glad to hear it's not passing onto you! I thought it was just a given that it would.

Hope you enjoy your weekend! Sounds like you could use a quiet one with the girls and Justin holed up watching movies and ordering take-out all weekend!