Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jordyn - 23 Months

Where has the time gone? Jordyn is 23 months old now, and I can't believe that next month when I type this post, we will have a 2 year old!

I just love this picture!
*I got this 3-piece Calvin Klein outfit at Younkers, and I just love it! It was a $60 outfit, which I was not about to spend, but I bought it during Crazy Days, and I paid $18 for the whole thing! It's absolutely adorable!

Being silly!

What is Jordyn up to?

Jordyn ...

... weighs about 29 pounds.

... still wears size 4 diapers. (Jayla will pass her up at this rate - ha!)

... wants to always wear a Cookie Monster diaper or a Super Groover diaper. She has to dig through the diaper basket each time we change her diaper to find either Cookie Monster or Super Groover. I can't tell you how many fits she has thrown when all that is left in the basket is Elmo, Big Bird, or Ernie!

... wears mostly 24-month clothes, but also some 18-month and some 2T.

... wears size 7 or 8 shoe.

... talks, talks, and talks. We often have people stop us and ask us how old she is and cannot believe it when we tell them that she isn't 2 yet. We definitely feel that our wonderful daycare has helped with this. :) Of course Justin and I will take credit too, but we also know that she is learning a ton at school!

... can sing her ABC's (every letter) all by herself!

... sings Twinkle Twinkle and Jesus Loves Me all by herself. Our favorite is listening to her sing Jesus Loves Me - when she gets to the chorus, she says a different name when she sings "Yes, Jesus loves _________. And - sometimes she even says Gizmo's name in there. Ha!

... is eating a little better, but still NO vegetables. It's been a year. Good thing for vitamins!

... has gotten into trouble a few times at daycare. She has been pushing kids. Ugh. I asked her about it, and she blamed another child. To her defense, the other child gets in trouble all the time, but we had to have a little chat about being nice to our friends. I know it won't be the last little chat we have. :)

... continues to work on going potty on the "big girl potty." We have started rewarding her with Sixlets, which we call "chocolate treats," and she LOVES them. She often asks for "chocolate treats," but she knows she can't have them if she doesn't go potty.

... continues to love Elmo (and the whole Sesame Street gang), books, riding her bike, playing outside, going down the slide, Mickey House Clubhouse, singing, giving love to Jayla, chasing Gizmo, fruit snacks, apple juice, string cheese, her blanket, her baby, play-doh, and coloring.

... thinks that she should have "tylenol" (tywenol as Jordyn calls it) every morning. So ... we pretend and fill the syringe with water! Should a 23-month old really know the name of medicine?

Jordyn - we can't believe you're almost 2! You bring so much laughter and love to our lives! We love you!

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Lee Anne said...

Hard to believe she's already two! You need to videotape her talking so I can hear her!

Can't wait to hear about her party and all you have planned! Fun time of year for a birthday.

Hope you are having a great weekend!