Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family Pictures

We had some family pictures taken about a month and a half ago ... and I am finally getting them put the computer. My sister, Kandi, took these pictures. She does a wonderful job with pictures. We decided to go to the Japanese Gardens to do the pictures. Beautiful place but a bad idea on the day we went! We went on the HOTTEST night of the year (100+ degrees and then a ton of humidity on top of that!). Not only were we all sweating to death, the mosquitoes were unbelievable. We all had bug spray on, and we still got eaten alive. We didn't even get through a fourth of the park ... after 10 minutes, we put the girls back in the stroller and literally took off sprinting to our car. It was horrible! We're hoping to do some fall pictures there, right Kandi? :)

With all of the previously mentioned factors, getting a picture in which all 4 of us were looking at the camera and not swatting mosquitoes, was not the easiest task. Bless Kandi's heart for braving the horrible conditions with us! She was wonderful!
I'm pretty sure Jayla was watching a swarm of mosquitoes! Ha!

After our 10 minute session, we headed back to our house. We took a few pictures outside, but Jordyn thought it was time to golf instead.
And then we tried a few inside ... this basically sums up our photo shoot. Ha!

Thanks so much, Kandi! :)


Jordan said...

I think they're cute! Your girls are adorable!! :-)

Lee Anne said...

It's why getting pictures done is so stressful! Especially outdoor ones! From finding the right outfits for four people, to hoping the weather cooperates, to hoping the children cooperate.....ugh! It's too much for me!

However, when they turn out so well like yours did, it's all worth it. For the short time you were out there you got some very cool shots! Hard to decide between color and B&W.

You are so lucky to have your sister. Never a worry about having a mean photographer that can't work with kids!!

Enjoy the beautiful Sunday. Supposed to be gorgeous for us and you!

Lauren said...

SOOOOO cute!!!! :)

Jess :) said...

Oh my word...I'm just seeing these!!! I LOVE them and they are SUPER cute. :)

I love the one of Jayla on the couch!! Too cute. Not to mention those shots of Jordyn outside...precious!!!!!