Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Zoo Trip!

We made another trip to the zoo on Saturday. I think we're done with zoos for the year ... we have been to the SF Zoo twice and the Omaha Zoo once - all in the last 4 months. Jordyn loves them though, and it's great entertainment!
The monkeys were so funny while we were there - they were swinging all over the place. Jordyn kept making her monkey sound while we were watching them.Check out the monkey in the corner ...

Waving to the swans ...
This little girl is such a trooper! She's so happy and content riding in her stroller. She slept for a good part of our zoo visit.
The zoo has a new baby giraffe, which seemed to be Jordyn's very favorite animal this time. She kept saying "baby giraffe, baby giraffe."

I know this picture is kind of far away, but I laugh each time I see it. Jordyn has a tube of sunscreen in her left hand. She took it from the stroller and wasn't supposed to have it. She's hiding it behind her back so that her daddy can't see it ... but she forgot that her mommy was right behind her. :)
The zoo has a new rhino exhibit, which was also a favorite of Jordyn's. Jordyn kept yelling "RHINO" at the top of her lungs. She had everyone around us laughing at her!

We skipped some of the animal exhibits this time. We were way past naptime, and we wanted to go to the museum before Jordyn had a major meltdown. :)
A quick car ride in the museum ...

Playing in the kid zone ...
Always wanting to help ...
We may get a family pass to the zoo next year - that way I can take the girls during the day when they are home with me. So until next year ... our zoo trips are probably done for a little while.

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