Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Fast Week!

We have had another busy week! Jayla is finally feeling better. Justin stayed home with her Monday morning, I stayed with her Monday afternoon, and Justin stayed with her all day on Tuesday. The icky diapers have stopped, and her diaper rash has cleared up. Her diaper rash was AWFUL! I worked in daycare, and I have seen plenty of rashes, but this was one of the worst I have seen. Poor girl! She was such a trooper though, and she did great!

I think she picked up the virus at the doctor's office. Nobody else at daycare had it, and Jayla went to the doctor last Friday for a recheck on her Bronchiolitis. Jayla got sick on Saturday night. Bummer!
Here's my silly girls ...

I asked Jordyn to say cheese, and she yelled it at the top of her lungs just as I took the picture. I'm not sure if I'll ever get one of both girls looking at the camera and smiling. Ha! :)

But this one melts my heart ...

Jordyn will just go over to Jayla, sit by her, kiss her, put her arm around her ... she's so sweet to her ... and Jayla LOVES it!

Jayla is so big!

Jordyn sporting her new Elmo pj's, which have given us more problems than I would ever have imagined!

We went to Kohls last week and made the mistake of going by the pj area. Jordyn went nuts ... Elmo, Dora, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cookie Monster ... she was going crazy. It was quite funny. We decided to let her pick out pj's - of course picked Elmo (from the boys department - ha - they are pretty cute though). She HAD to carry them through the whole store and was even trying to put them on while she sat in her stroller. By the time we paid for them and got to the car, she had practically pulled off her own pants to put on her new pj's. Justin finally undressed her in the car and let her wear them home. So much for washing them the first time!

She HAS to wear them every night. She throws a fit literally every. single. morning. when we have to take them off of her. In fact, when the girls stayed with my parents this past weekend, Jordyn threw a fit for 45 minutes on Sunday morning because Grandma Nonna wouldn't let her wear them to church. 45 minutes! Do you think she has some stubbornness in her? My mom and dad had the girls ready for church (even early), but Jordyn continued to throw her fit - guess who didn't make it to church on Sunday?! (Jayla may have added to that as well since she wasn't feeling well and had dirty diaper after diaper.) I had to laugh ... last Sunday she threw a fit because we wouldn't let her wear her Dora bike helmet to church, this Sunday was Elmo pj's ... what's next?!

Check out these two cuties ...

The blue eyes of the family ...

The brown eyes of the family ...

We're happy it's Friday ... time to regroup, relax (ha!), run errands, and clean up the house.

Will you please pray for all of our dear friends in Owatonna? They were hit hard with rain on Thursday which has caused major flooding through the entire town. It is so sad to see the pictures. Owatonna is such a nice community. Most of the roads, including the interstate, are closed. School was cancelled today. Please pray for the water to go down quickly.

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Lee Anne said...

Such great shots. I forget all the time you spend on the floor with little was much easier when I was younger. Ha! Now I only get down there when I absolutely have to! :)

Hope your weekend is relaxing and you got all caught up. That would make Monday much easier!