Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So much to share!

I have so many pictures to share from the last few days. But ... until I figure out a good way to organize and share them it may take a little while before you get to see them all! So for now I'll just share 2 pictures with this post.
My sister, Kandi, got married on Saturday, so we had 4 days full of wedding things! On Thursday night all of the bridesmaids went to get pedicures and out to eat. :) We had so much fun! Here's 7 of us ... (yes, it was a big bridal party ... 8 attendants ... one wasn't able to be here on Thursday night)
One quick picture of Kayla, Devin, and myself ...
Now onto figuring out a good way to organize the hundred pictures that I took this weekend. :) I'll be sure to share some of them with you ... as well as a 4-month post for Jayla! Where does the time go? And to top it off, school started yesterday! I'm worn out, and it's only Tuesday!
Finally, I'll mention this again later, but if you're looking for a good video to watch, go to youtube and search "Kandi and Eric Wedding Dance." They had an awesome 1st dance with a guest appearance by the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ushers. We had so much fun! :) Justin posted the video last night for everyone to see! Enjoy!

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Dandelion Momma said...

Josh and I watched the dance video last night and loved it! How fun!