Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Wedding Pictures - Lots of Them!!!

This post is just filled with snapshots from Kandi and Eric's wedding ... I'm still behind, but I'll get caught up soon! :) So for now, enjoy some (lots of) pictures, that are in no particular order.
As Kayla would say ... Jess with some of her favorite guys! :) Justin is of course my favorite. :) Chris and Josiah are some of Kayla, Kandi, and Eric's best friends. Our family has gotten to know them well, and we love when they're around!

We had the nicest ride to the reception (which you can sort of see in some of these pictures) ... we had a huge, fancy party bus complete with TV's, fridges, a bathroom, and leather furniture. It was awesome! The funniest part was that it was supposed to be a Ford Excursion limo, and it ended up being a huge bus. We loved it!

A little dancing ...

My sister, Kayla, made the wedding cake! It was beautiful!

We found a great way to keep Jordyn entertained during gift opening on Sunday morning ... put her in a box and push her around ...
Kandi & Eric - We had so much fun celebrating your wedding! Thanks for letting us all be a part of your day! :)


Kate said...

Love the pictures! I've been forwarding the First Dance video to everyone I know -- what a wonderful day! It's hard to believe Kandi is a married old woman now. I remember visiting her (and Kayla) in the hospital after they were born. Congrats!

Lauren said...

Gorgeous pictures and beautiful wedding!!!!

Kandi VanBriesen said...

Love the photos! :) It was such a fun day!