Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jayla - 4 Months

Jayla is 4 months old! I am week behind on my post, but better late than never! :-)

What is new with Jayla?
Jayla ...

... weighs about 17 pounds! Yes, she's a big girl! She's super long!!! We will have her exact weight/length when we go to her wellness check this week, so I'll update with the exact measurements after the appointment.

... wears size 2 diapers.

... wears mostly 6 month clothes and some 9 month clothes. She's so long, so she needs big jammies!

... is finally started to get over her screaming fit at night ... knock on wood! We're on the 4th straight night without her hour long screaming fit!

... loves when we sing The Wheels on the Bus. She gets so excited!

... rolls, rolls, and rolls. She does not want to stay on her back, she constantly rolls to her tummy. The funny thing is though, she doesn't want to be on her tummy either. She is kind of having a hard time getting comfortable.

... loves to grab anything within her reach - especially on her Exersaucer.

... loves daycare! She's super giggly when I drop her off in the morning, and they continue to tell me that she only fusses when she needs to eat or wants her diaper changed.

... smiles whenever anyone talks to her. She has such an adorable personality!

... is trying so hard to sit. Jordyn sat on her own when she was about 6 months old. We will not be surprised if Jayla sits before she is 6 months.

... has started to eat rice cereal and does quite well. We haven't been giving it to her every day yet, but we'll start that soon.

... loves to blow bubbles and giggle. It's so cute!

Happy 4 months, Jayla! :)

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Lee Anne said...

She really is so adorable! How awesome she is so happy at daycare....that has to make going to work so much easier!

Can't wait to hear her stats after her appointment. :)