Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am finally starting to get caught up on the rest of my posts from the last few days! However this one will be kind of random because every time I start it, I get interrupted, and I just need to get it posted!

On Thursday night we went to the Sugarland/Luke Bryan/Danny Gokey concert. We went with Justin's parents and some of their friends. The girls got to stay home with Gpa (Bampa as Jordyn calls her grandpas) and Gma VB. It sounds like they had as much fun as we did! The concert was fabulous!! I took some pictures, but they didn't turn out great (and I looked horrible in them) so I decided not to post them.

On Friday we had some visitors!! Our friends, Shelly and Riley from Owatonna, happened to be in town, so they stopped by to meet Jayla and play with Jordyn. Jordyn was super wild while they were here - she definitely loves an audience! It was so much fun to visit with them!

Here's Riley with Jayla ...

And with Jordyn too ... (she LOVED Riley!)

Shelly and Jayla ...

Thanks so much for stopping, Shelly and Riley! It was so fun to see you!

On Friday afternoon we headed to the lake for the weekend. The weather was awesome! Finally! We did a little boating, some swimming, went on some walks, and Justin and I got a 2 mile run in!

We took both girls to the pool, but we didn't put Jayla in the water. She had her suit on, but she was pretty comfy (and stayed cool) in the stroller, so we left here there ...

I think Jordyn jumped in the pool about 30 times in a row. She loves the water!

We went on a couple of boat rides ...

Jayla's first boat ride ...

This is Jordyn's old life jacket, and I complained all last summer about how awful they look on kids. Jayla handled it just fine, but she sure looks uncomfortable!
Jordyn got to drive the boat!
She loved it!
Auntie Kayla (Kiki is what Jordyn calls her) came over for a little while and rode on the boat too!
Auntie Kiki with the two girls ...
On Saturday we also went and saw my dad and BJ - they had a bass tournament, so we met them afterwards. Jordyn got to sit in their bass boat, which I have pictures of, but I just realized that they didn't upload to the post. I guess I'll add them in the next post! Ugh!

On Sunday we went to church at the camp with my sister, did a little swimming, and then headed to my parent's house for a delicious dinner.

We got home at about 9 on Sunday night. We had a wonderful weekend, but we were sure exhausted!

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Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, precious!!! Jordyn is definitely a water child and poor Jayla, not enjoying that life jacket at all… Oh, and my niece’s name for my sister is Kiki too. To funny!