Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

We are so ready for warm, sunny weather! I feel like the rain is never going to end! We had a nice week, but I was completely exhausted from it.

Jayla recovered from the nasty virus she had. She is doing great. Justin and I struggled to catch up on sleep that we lost in the hospital. We stayed 4 nights at the hospital, and I think all of our sleep there totaled about a half night of sleep.

Jordyn is now going to daycare 3 days a week. Let me tell you, I am thankful for those 3 days. Having a 19-month old and 7-week old is completely draining. If Jordyn didn't go to daycare, poor Jayla would never get any attention throughout the day! Jordyn isn't naughty, she is just curious about everything! And since the weather hasn't been too nice, we've been stuck indoors - and Jordyn needs to play outside to run off some energy. :) Jordyn still LOVES daycare. She cannot wait to get to her room in the morning. It's so wonderful to see such a huge smile on her face when she gets to daycare. We love that she loves it! (Don't get me wrong - I LOVE having Jordyn home with me too!! This momma just needs a little break too!)

Justin and I got a night out on Tuesday. He had 1 softball game (and I didn't want to take Jayla out in the public yet after being in the hospital) so his parents came and watched the girls. We went to his game, and then we went over to another couple's house after the game. There were about 20 of us there - we had a great time! The girls had fun with Grandpa and Grandma, and Justin and I felt a little more refreshed after having a few hours out of the house. (That hospital stay was draining!)

I have a few pictures from the week ... how precious is this smile??!! :)

(She had just spit up before I took these pictures - maybe that's why she was so smiley!)
Jordyn loves to hold a whole apple, but usually only takes a few bites before throwing the apple. She asks for an apple (she can now say that) and then after she takes a few bites she calls it a ball and throws it. Great manners, right?! :)

We did manage to play outside in between rainstorms. Jordyn loves her slide and swing ... and she also LOVES to have her hat on every time we go outside!

This cutie took a nap in her bouncy seat outside while Jordyn and I played ...

And ... another attempt at pictures of the two girls ... not an easy task!
I keep saying this - but doesn't Jayla look HUGE?! She is SO long. She's in the 95th percentile for height!
We went to the lake yesterday and today. The weather was icky (60's and rainy), but it was nice to leave SF for a little while.

Now onto another week - and we're hoping for some sun!!


Lee Anne said...

Yes...she is very long! Both my boys were always off the charts for every measurement at every visit so I can relate! That picture of them sitting together you can certainly see how long she is! She'll be your basketball star!

How awesome Jordyn loves daycare! You should never feel guilty one bit for utilizing that outlet. Especially with this lovely weather we have had. There is only so much one can do inside all day, for day and days!!

Hope summer comes soon for all of us! I could use a few steamy days!


Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my word, they are both get SO big and are so precious!!!!!

Abby said...

Jayla is so precious! that cute little smile is adorable:)

adkinsra said...

Thx ur share........................................

Kaley said...

Jayla is getting so big! She has such a beautiful smile :) Adalynn has that same little pink hat! Hope you are enjoying your summer. Glad Jayla is feeling better. She was in our prayers!