Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, May 31, 2010


Jayla has really started smiling ... and I was finally able to catch a few on camera! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Love My Girls!


We had a busy and fun weekend! We headed up to the lake on Friday evening. Jordyn slept most of the way there, so she was wound up and ready to play when we got there at 8:30! I don't think she went to be until after 10. She had her first experience with sleeping on an air mattress! It's a kids mattress, so it's contoured, but she still managed to roll off of it, but not wake up! She slept on it 2 nights and did great!

It was super windy on Saturday, but we still spent a lot of time outside! Justin and I went for a run on Saturday morning, and then we took the girls on a walk before lunch. After lunch Justin's parents stayed with the girls and we went to sit by the pool for about a hour.

Our plans for the weekend changed a little though when Justin's parents received a phone call saying that his grandma was in a car accident. Grandma Helen broke her neck - no surgery needed, but she'll need to wear a brace for 12 weeks. Please keep her in your prayers. They are brought her home from the hospital yesterday.

We took the girls down to Arnold's Park on Saturday evening just to walk around. Justin and I were exhausted after that. The wind was so strong and pushing a double stroller up hill in the wind is not easy! We had to take turns ,but Justin did most of the pushing!

Here's a few pictures from Saturday ... Can you believe how big Jayla is?

Jordyn's favorite snack - fruit snacks!
I wish the sun hadn't been glaring when I took this picture - Jordyn's smile is so cute!
Pushing Jayla in the swing ...

Snuggling with Daddy ...
Jordyn has figured out how to climb on beds (she grabs the comforter and puts her feet on the bed frame). She was pretty proud of herself ...
She also loves to sit on the couch or in chairs - I love this picture of these two ... as much as Jordyn picks on Gizmo, he still likes to jump up and sit by her!
On Sunday we had a bridal shower for Kandi. I tried so hard to get a picture of Jordyn and Jayla in their beautiful matching dresses from our friends Taera and Chris. My attempt somewhat failed, but I do have a few pictures to share.

Jordyn helped bring gifts to Kandi - she was very proud of herself. :)

I love this pictures - Jayla is pulling Jordyn's hair ... and the fights are already starting! Ha! :)
Jayla and Mom ...
Being silly for the camera ...
Justin, BJ, and Eric all went to a movie during the shower. I think Justin probably enjoyed some "kid-free" time.

I can't believe we are nearing the end of May. Time sure flies - I hope summer goes slowly though! Maternity leave + summer + = a long break from work, which means when August rolls around, this mommy is going to struggle going back to work!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I Miss You

Dear Grandpa,

One week ago, our family gathered around you, shed many tears, held your hands, laughed about some of our favorite memories about you, prayed over you, listened to calming music in your hospital room, and sadly said good-bye to you. I kept thinking you were going to wake up and laugh with us, or say "Oh Marlene" (as Aunt Diane put it). I kept praying that this was a dream, only to find out that it wasn't. Although she's very scared of hospitals, Jordyn blew you 3 kisses and waved to you. I am so happy you met Jayla, and I wish that my girls would have grown up knowing you.

I have so many memories about you that make me smile and laugh. You always called me Jessica Jo. You and Grandma let me keep Kissyfur the cat when I stayed with you while my mom was in the hospital with the twins. Even though I never ate it, I loved how you made oyster stew every Christmas - Justin is now a big fan of oyster stew - I told him to count on me NEVER making it for him. I loved the trip that you and Grandma took Nikki and me on to the Black Hills, and you didn't even complain too much when we wanted to shop. :) I laugh every time I think of your prayer "Father, Son, Holy Ghost, who eats the fastest gets the most." I loved how you would play my antique accordion or how we would have to listen to polka music if we rode in your van. I loved planting flowers with you each summer ... now if only I could keep them alive on my own. :)
Since you were such a Chicago Bears fan, your casket was covered with orange roses tipped in blue ... they were absolutely beautiful.

You were such a friendly person - and it was proven true when over 400 people came to your visitation, and we had a full church at your funeral while we celebrated your life. When Ron sang, I could hear your voice, as I remembered you singing that same song in church.

The last few days, my knees have been so sore when I run. My knee pain has been a clear reminder of you ... the pain you dealt with after knee replacements. So in my last 4 runs this week, you were constantly on my mind. (Can you make my knee pain go away?! :))

Although none of us were ready to say good-bye, we find comfort and peace knowing that you are Home, you are healed, and you are healthy. I hope you're catching some big fish! :)

I Love You - Jessica Jo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We're exhausted

The last week and a half have been an emotional roller coaster. Last week was difficult after my grandpa entered ICU on Monday. On Thursday he started to seizure, and by Friday he no longer had any brain waves. We spent hours in the ICU waiting room last week. I was so proud of Jordyn and Jayla for how well they handled being there - Jayla of course just slept, but Jordyn did a great job of playing with her toys.

Friday was an incredibly difficult day. It was such a comfort to have almost our whole family at the hospital, in my grandpa's room all at once. As hard as it was to be there and have the tears fall, we also shared so many laughs about my grandpa.(I'll be doing a post on him later.) I am thankful that we could all be at the hospital to support my grandma as well.

The last week and a half seem as though it is a blur to me. Things still don't seem real - and even when grandpa was in his bed in ICU, I kept thinking he would open his eyes and laugh. I was just so hoping that would happen. We know he is pain free and Home, and we are all thankful for that.

On Friday while we were at the hospital, Jordyn felt really warm, but was still running around everywhere. I took her temp ... 102. She ran a temp of about 101 the whole night, but never really acted sick. We thought it was maybe a tooth . On Saturday night we stayed at my parents house, and at about 11:30, Jordyn threw up all of her and Justin. So we headed back to SF on Sunday morning instead of going to church and having lunch with my family. Jordyn ran a small fever off and on Sunday morning, but was fine by the evening. Jordyn went to daycare for a little while on Monday so that we could repack to head home for the visitation and funeral. Jordyn was extremely fussy all day Monday and Tuesday. She clearly did not feel well - she seemed better by last night.

I was worn out by Monday night - Jordyn was very fussy and Jayla cried for almost 4 hours straight. It was a difficult night - it made visitation even more difficult to have to 2 crying girls. Justin's mom took Jordyn for a good portion of the visitation. She also had the girls during the funeral, and Jordyn slept again, but then woke up very fussy. I'm hoping she gets over this little bug that she has very soon!
It was nice seeing so many family and friends over the last few days - if only it was under different circumstances.
I have just a few pictures from the last few days. Here's my grandma with Jayla ...

This is my cousin's daughter, Addisyn. She was such a good helper! (There are 10 great-grandchildren, and 9 of them were at my grandma's house. 6 of them are under the age of 3 - can imagine how crazy it was??!!)
Kisses for Jayla ...
More kisses ...
Look at those chubby cheeks and her neck! She's gaining weight quickly!
This picture about sums up what Jordyn wanted to do ... just hang out on the couch with her blanket and paci!
We got home last night. I'll share more about my grandpa later.

Jayla -1 Month

Jayla is already 1 month old! Here's our beautiful little girl sleeping away ...

Jayla ...

... is growing way faster than Jordyn did. She weighed 10 pounds 15 ounces on Friday.

... is a great sleeper and very content throughout the day.

... has about 1-2 hours in the evening (from about 8-10) that she is fussy.

... has reflux that just seems to be getting worse. The Zantac didn't work - now she's on Prevacid, which Jordyn was on for 10 months.

... has become very alert and loves to stare at us when we talk.

... recognizes her mommy and daddy's voices.

... loves to hold our fingers when she is upset.

... isn't quite sleeping through the night yet, but she'll be there soon. :)

... is such a sweet little girl. We love her very much!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Please Pray

Please pray for our family. We are waiting for everyone to arrive to say our good-byes to my grandpa. I don't think that I can fully understand why or how this happened.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jayla - 3 1/2 Weeks

Here are a few (actually a lot) updated pictures of our sweet Jayla. :)

An update

Thanks for your prayers, friends. My grandpa continues to remain in critical condition and is still unresponsive. The CT scan came back with good results, but we know that his heart, kidneys, and liver took quite a hit. He didn't have a great night last night - his heart was racing pretty quickly. Please continue to pray for him. Thanks.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Prayer Request

Hi Friends. Tonight I'm writing for prayers for my grandpa. Last Tuesday he had his gall bladder removed. He was scheduled to go home the next day. Throughout the night he was in a lot of pain, and they realized he needed another surgery, which was done on Wednesday. Things have only gotten worse for him. Today he was struggling to breathe, so they moved him to ICU. Shortly after the move, he coded, and they did CPR for about 10 minutes, which revived him. He is in very tough shape. He is in critical condition. He looks as though he has been sedated, but they have not sedated him. We spent most of our day/evening in the ICU waiting room. We came home to get the girls to bed, and we'll head back in the morning. Please say a prayer for my grandpa.

Congratulations, Kayla!

My sister, Kayla, graduated from college on Saturday! Justin, the girls and I didn't go to commencement (for obvious reason with 2 little girls - ha!), but we joined our family and lots of friends for a party afterwards. The hope was to have the party outside at a park, but due to the icky weather, we couldn't do that - so we all crammed into Kayla and Kandi's apartment! :) We had a great time though - we also celebrated with Heather and her family and Eric and his family!
Kayla and I ...
Kayla and Kandi's good friend, Heather, also graduated - and she got to meet Jayla ...
Uncle BJ and Jayla ...
Aunt Kayla and Jordyn (this took about 5 times to get a good picture) ...
Love this one!
Jordyn's new favorite food - Sunchips!
Kandi's fiance, Eric, also graduated - and he also got to meet Jayla ...
This is the girls' good friend, Josiah with Jayla ...
All ready for the 3 hour drive back to SF ...
I just love her big, brown eyes ...
Aunt Kandi and Jordyn ...
We didn't get home until about 11:30 on Saturday night - we had the girls all packed up, ready to go, the car packed, and then both had dirty diapers just as we were ready to leave. So - we unpacked them and the diaper bag and had to try again. :)