Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Helper or Mess Maker?

A few days ago I posted some pictures of Jordyn being such a great helper. I think she's giving me mixed signals after she dumped out an entire bag of cotton balls and half the stuff in my bathroom cupboard. When I asked her to clean up, she ran out, grabbed the phone, and started talking away ...

She LOVES to Eat!

I could tell from the first hour of Jayla's life that she liked to eat! It's starting to wear on Mommy a little, but I'm surviving! Sometimes I feed her every 1-2 hours! (not through the night though) Today I found out just how much this little girl is eating ... we had a weight check at the doctor this morning. Since her appointment last Tuesday, Jayla has gained 1 pound 4 ounces! She went from 7 pounds 10 ounces to 8 pounds 14 ounces. I nearly fell over when I saw the scale, and I even asked the nurse if it was right. At this pace she'll catch up to Jordyn in just a few months! Ha!

Jayla is starting to enjoy opening her eyes a little more - and she's not sleeping 22 hours a day anymore - it's probably more like 19-20 hours.

I love this picture of Jayla and Daddy snuggling ...
So precious. :)

Family pictures

My parents watched the girls on Saturday night so that Justin and I could go out to eat with some friends. (Mommy's first time leaving Jayla!) We attempted to get a picture of the 4 of us before we left. I wish I had a video tape of my dad trying to get Jordyn to smile and look at the camera - it sure made Justin and myself laugh. So ... here's what we got ...... trying to kick her way out of Daddy's arms ...
(I promise Jordyn didn't hit Jayla in the head with her arm in any of these pictures. It might appear that way, but she didn't.)
Jayla and Mommy
On Sunday morning we tried to get a few of Jordyn and Jayla. Not an easy task!
I think Elmo was on TV, so Jordyn was more into looking at Elmo than looking at me!

One of these days we'll get a good one. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dressed in Purple

Jayla - 1 Week Old
Jordyn - 4 Days Old

First Stroller Ride

We had to get a new double stroller. It took me forever (ask Justin) to decide on one! I probably spent 3 months looking at different strollers. I really wanted the one that matched all of our baby gear (car seat, single stroller, diaper bag, high chair), but they stopped making that pattern last year, and you can no longer buy it. So, after researching and tons of searching, I think I found my "perfect" stroller ...

I love it - it folds up to the size of our single stroller, but I feel like I'm pushing the Titanic! :) Ha! The stroller is awesome, but it's long - just as any double stroller would be!

Jordyn loves her new ride ...
Jayla has slept through every walk so far - imagine that!

We have taken a couple of outside walks already, and today we walked on the track at the fitness center. The girls and I walked about a mile today - and comparing that to how I felt after I delivered Jordyn, that seems like a marathon! After I had Jordyn, it took weeks before I could walk from the couch to the kitchen without wanting to scream in pain. I was on pain killers for several weeks. It took about 5 weeks before I got back on a treadmill to just walk. This time I was going on outside walks just several days after delivering Jayla, no pain killers at all, and feeling great. Big difference! I still have the swelling in my feet pretty bad - today is the first day they have looked a little bit normal in the last 2 months. I forgot what it was like for a pair of shoes to fit!

I am so thankful for nice weather, for feeling great, and that both girls love their stroller so we can get some exercise!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jayla - 1 Week Old

Jayla is already 1 week old! (or will be in 1 hour) Time goes way too fast - one week ago at this time the doctor had just given me permission to start pushing!
Jayla is a very content baby and loves her sleep! She has slept through 2 nights in a row. I actually woke her up both nights for her to eat, and she did eat, but she slept right through it. I am enjoying this!

Jayla has about 1 hour each night that she is a little fussy - and it just so happens that this hour is always right after we get Jordyn down to sleep. Jordyn often wakes up crying, but she goes back to sleep on her own - thank goodness!

We are loving the newest addition to our family and feel very blessed to be her parents.

Mommy's Little Helper!

Jordyn has been such a great helper this week. :) Here she is saying Good Morning to Jayla ...Trying to give her the paci ...
My favorite - sweeping the kitchen floor! I had to fight her to get the broom from her. She was not hapy when I took it away. Tomorrow I am going to try to find a kid-size broom so she can sweep all she wants! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

1st Dr. Appointment

Jayla had her first doctor appointment on Tuesday. The doctor thought she looked great. :) Here she is ready to go to her appointment ...Jayla weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces when we left the hospital on Sunday (down 6 ounces from her birth weight - that is exactly how much Jordyn lost too when she was born). Jayla was still 7 pounds 10 ounces on Tuesday at her appointment. We will go in again next week for her to be weighed again.

I'll never forget Jordyn's first doctor appointment - she didn't like it when the nurse took her temperature (you can probably guess why), and she pooped all over the table. Justin and I talked to Jayla about this - Jayla did better, she only peed all over the table. Ha!

Jayla definitely has features that are different from Jordyn, but we are seeing so many similarities - especially in many of her facial expressions. She looks just like her sister!

Jayla is quite a sleeper! I was actually a little concerned about how much she sleeps, but the doctor assured us it's okay. I am quite sure that yesterday she slept a good 22 hours. She slept the entire night last night except when I woke her up at 2:00 to eat. I'm thrilled to have a 6-day old baby that slept through the night - I just want to make sure she isn't sleeping too much. Is that an odd concern?
Jayla also loves to eat and has no problem eating for 30 minutes at a time, even though she may sleep through it.

We took Jordyn and Jayla on a walk outside yesterday in our new double stroller. I love our new stroller, but I felt like I was pushing the Titanic! It seems so big! We had problems going through stores in the mall with a single stroller (stores are not set up for strollers!), I can hardly imagine pushing this stroller through the mall stores. Jordyn loves going on walks, and I am sure that Jayla will too. I'm sure we'll put many miles on the stroller this summer. Last summer Jordyn and I walked 2-3 times a day - I am hoping to do that again this summer. I have a couple of pictures to share from our walk, but they'll be up later.

Time to get moving here - lots to do! Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Finally, more pictures!

It has been a busy few days at the Overmans! We are all adjusting well to having a baby in the house again, but of course we are finding that everything takes extra time. We are loving it though!

Just like Jordyn, Jayla is a very content baby. Most of her days are spent looking like this ...
And this ...
And this ...
Jordyn seems to be enjoying having Jayla around. She will often ignore her, but she also loves to run over and say "hi," gently pat her head ...
... give her a "pound" ...
(and she wanted to give Mommy a "pound" from across the room)
... and tickle her feet.
Jordyn has been extremely helpful, and we try to include her in everything. We realize that this is a huge change in her life so we want her to join us in everything. She loves to take Jayla's diapers and throw them away. She started doing this without us even asking her! She also loves to carry things in from the car, help clean up after we eat, and help with sweeping the kitchen floor! I never thought my 17-month old would be sweeping the kitchen floor! Ha! :)

Jayla is finally starting to open her eyes more. This is one big difference between her and Jordyn as babies. Jordyn was very alert and loved to have her eyes open. It has taken Jayla a few days to adjust to this, but we are loving her beautiful eyes!
We took our first family trip with all 4 of us to non-other than Target ...
Can someone tell me - where am I supposed to put my items that I am purchasing??? Ha! Good thing Justin was with us - I carried a basket, but we could have used an extra cart!
I'm still trying to figure out how I will get groceries this summer with the 2 girls! I think it's called a baby-sitter, right?! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

We made it ...

... through our first night at home. It wasn't necessarily a great one, but we got through it!

Jayla didn't want to eat before we went to bed last night, so I knew at some point (probably shortly after we would all fall asleep) she would be hungry. About 5 minutes after putting her down, she started to scream. She still wouldn't eat though - and I finally gave in and made her a formula bottle. Not my first choice, but I also wanted food in her tummy! She had a couple of bottles in the hospital too. (We did that with Jordyn too.) Jayla wasn't too interested in the bottle either ... and she cried for about 1 1/2 hours straight, which in turn woke up Jordyn and she screamed! I think that Jayla's cry scared her. So, Jordyn was in bed with Justin, and Jayla and I were on the couch. She finally settled down and ate, Jordyn calmed down and went back to her crib, Jayla and I slept on the couch for about 3 hours (sore back this morning!), and that was about it for our sleep!

Jordyn went to daycare today. We decided to continue taking her (maybe not everyday), but that would be something "normal" in her life. She has also transitioned to the next room at daycare, which is going well, but I want her to feel comfortable there. I asked her if she wanted to go to school today, and she immediately said "yeah" and grabbed her coat. She truly loves going there!

I was feeling really good on Saturday and Sunday, but definitely not as good today. The swelling in my feet/legs is really bad today and also quite painful. I had this after I had Jordyn too - in fact the swelling was so bad that time that I couldn't even wear some of my maternity clothes. I was so hopeful that wouldn't happen again this time. After I had Jordyn my blood pressure also really went up. That started to happen this time, but today the blood pressure has been okay. I'm definitely not in as much pain this time, but I am uncomfortable today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

And one quick picture of Jayla before I sign off ... this was from Justin's phone so it's a little fuzzy ...

I took many pictures today, but right now I'm resting and don't want to get the camera and cords to upload. I'll share them tomorrow.