Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Baskets

On Sunday, after leaving church after 25 minutes due to Jordyn's screaming fit, we headed to Justin's parent's house. It was his grandma's birthday, so we had lunch with her and his parents.

Jordyn was a little spoiled and got to find her Easter basket a week early. :) She was pretty excited when she found it, but we just couldn't quite capture those pictures on the camera. She was very happy, but as soon as she saw the camera, she looked away. Once she saw the Easter basket, she drug it out into the middle of the floor.
She was pretty spoiled ...
... she got a new swimming suit and cover-up, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and Peeps.
Jordyn also got to find a basket for Baby J. She, too, was spoiled with some new outfits/dresses!
Jordyn and her daddy played with the bubbles - she loved them!

... She just can't quite figure out to blow them by herself yet. She sure tried though!
Then they played with the sidewalk chalk ...

I love this picture - Grandpa Marlin is trying to teach Jordyn how to blow bubbles. So sweet!
This one is so cute too!
Then Jordyn modeled her new, adorable swimming suit. I didn't know that Grandma Shelli was putting it on her - and Jordyn ran into the kitchen so proud of it. She looked so darn cute!
If only it was warm enough to go swimming. :)
This picture cracks me up - the look on her face is so silly. She's also modeling her new cover-up ...
Thanks, Grandpa Marlin & Grandma Shelli!!

Then we got home and Jordyn got to open another Easter basket from Uncle Darin and Aunt Kathryn! This girl isn't at all spoiled!
She got a coloring book, sidewalk chalk, cookies, clothes, and Cookie Monster socks.

(Please ignore how horrible I look!)
Thanks, Uncle Darin & Aunt Kathryn!!
We were able to take a walk yesterday - I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - Gizmo or Jordyn. They both love to be outside!

Our busy weekend ended with Daddy and Jordyn reading before bedtime ...

3 Boys & A Little Lady

On Saturday night we got together with some of my friends from high school (and their families) - Brad & Ashley, Micah & Renae, and Adam & Becky. We had four little ones running around the house - or should I say destroying the house? Micah and Renae have 2 little boys, Becky has a little boy, and Jordyn - they did a very nice job of dumping out every single toy they could find! They sure had fun though! The next time we get together though, the numbers will be even - Brad and Ashley are having a girl and are due just a few days after us - so we'll have 3 boys and 3 girls. :)
Here's Bodee and Jordyn ... these two are just 3 days apart!
Kahle, Jordyn, and Justin ...
Playing - it's always fun to play with another kid's toys! Jordyn is reading a book with Renae and Bodee ...
Playing with the leap frog toy on the fridge - Jordyn loved dancing to the music.
Jordyn and Will danced and played with this for about 20 minutes. They were so funny!
More dancing - Will has some pretty good moves!
I promise Will isn't hitting his head on the counter - he was way below it, but the angle of this picture shows differently!

Thanks, Adam & Becky, for having us all over! We had a great time! :-)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What happened ...

... to our easy-going, non-temper tantrum throwing, high-chair sitting, stroller-loving, great sleeping, car seat-loving girl??? If you find her, let us know! :)

Jordyn has had 4 teeth coming in this week, and it was a rough week/weekend. She was crabby! (Not the whole weekend - just parts of it. She had a lot of fun too and showed her silly side.) I also think she is sensing that we have a big change coming to our family.

Jordyn will no longer sit in her high chair without throwing an awful fit, so we bought a cheap booster seat to see if she would like that. She does like it, but it can still be a battle to get her in it!
Jordyn wouldn't ride in her stroller at the mall on Friday night ... so we let her walk for a little while ... and then she didn't want to do that either. So she sat down on the mall floor, screamed a little, got a lot of attention, embarrassed her parents, and then finally gave in and walked with us. We did finally get her into her stroller, but it took the two of us and a screaming fit -- from Jordyn, not her parents -- in the food court - sorry to all of the poor souls who had to witness it - yes, we have one of "those kids!" Once we got her in the stroller she was fine, thank goodness! Here's Jordyn on the mall floor ...
Oh - and did I mention that we only made it through 25 minutes of church today, and then we actually left? Jordyn was having a horrible morning of crying/throwing fits. We debated on whether we should go to church or stay home. We decided to give it a try. After 5 minutes, Justin took her out - and then they came back in because she was happy. She lasted a few minutes, and then I took her out. She was crying and unhappy. I even tried the nursery ... which caused a huge case of screaming that may have even been heard in the sanctuary. Justin came out to check on us - I told him to grab our stuff from the pew and we left. I hope this doesn't become a weekly thing!

We had a very busy weekend - and I have lots of pictures to share, but this is it for tonight - Jordyn has mentally drained me! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby J Update

I am getting closer to the end of this pregnancy! Today I had another doctor appointment. I was really looking forward to meeting with the doctor again. I was full of questions for her.

When I got there, they informed that she hadn't seen a single patient all day due to surgeries and deliveries. I was one of the only appointments they didn't cancel. Wow, I felt special! However, they also told me it would still be an hour wait before I would see her. I had the option to reschedule, see a different doctor, or wait it out. I decided to wait it out since I know next week my doctor is out of the office next week, and I really wanted to meet with her this week.

I waited a little over an hour, but it was an hour that I had all to myself, it was quiet, and I might have even taken a little snooze. :)

The baby's heart rate was back up today - right at 155. I am only measuring 1 week ahead now instead of 2 ... and the best news ... the baby is no longer breech!!!! I couldn't believe it when she told me. I felt Jordyn turn at 36 weeks and it was so painful ... This baby must have turned while I was sleeping, because I did not feel it. I was sure she was still breech!

The doctor told me that she would induce me a week early if I was interested. I'll wait it out a little longer before making that decision. I was induced a week early with Jordyn, but that was due to so much swelling (and what they thought was a big baby ... and she turned out to be 6 pounds 12 ounces). I honestly don't think that I can make it to my due date. I have been so uncomfortable the last few weeks. I have so much pain in my stomach. I am not sleeping - every little move hurts so bad. I would love to go early - ONLY if we know that the baby is big enough and it won't hurt her.

I am currently dilated to a 1 and not having any contractions. I am starting to swell. At my last appointment I had the doctor give me a prescription for the compression tights again. I hated wearing them with Jordyn, but I decided to wear them again this time to help prevent the swelling from getting as bad as it did with the first pregnancy. They're not comfortable, and they are very hot, but if it's going to help, I'll do it. :) Instead of my ankles/legs/knees being so swollen this time, it's my hands! I feel like they are super puffy right now.

I guess that's about it for now. I'm off to bed ... it's been a rough week here. Jordyn has been very fussy, won't eat, and isn't sleeping well. We've been checking for new teeth - this morning (actually the last 3 mornings) I couldn't find any, but by the time I got her from daycare, 4 had broke through today. I guess we have a good reason of why she has been so upset. Once these 4 are all the way through, she'll have 16 teeth! I think I'll keep my fingers away from her mouth!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love her!

This little girl just melts our heart!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hi, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Jordyn LOVES my cell phone ... or any phone for that matter!
She picks up the phone and says "Hi, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" and shakes her head while she talks. Then she usually puts it down, puts it to mine or Justin's ear to talk, or even puts it up to Gizmo's ear.
She's also good at hanging up on people. Justin called me the other day, but Jordyn had my phone and she hung up on him. Oops! (So if you ever call my phone and get hung up on, please know that it's probably Jordyn doing it! Ha!)
She won't talk on the phone though if someone else is on the other end. She only wants to pretend to talk to someone!

Monday, March 22, 2010


We enjoyed some spring weather yesterday! We decided to head to to the Falls to go for a walk. It was so busy there, but we always enjoy walking around!
Jordyn didn't want her picture taken ...
We finally got her to uncover her eyes ...
And then I took this picture and my battery died ...
I felt bad that I didn't get a better one of Justin and Jordyn.

When we got home, Jordyn took a nap, so I took Gizmo on a short walk. Then after Jordyn's nap we decided to take one more outside walk. Jordyn loves to walk Gizmo around our house while we get ready ...
She thinks she's such a big girl!

Our snow is mostly melted. We have one tiny patch in our back yard that hasn't melted yet. I am actually surprised at how fast it melted - especially in our front yard! It's so nice to see grass (even though it may not be green). I noticed my tulips are coming up, as are a lot of our plants. I'm afraid we're still going to get some cold weather and probably another snowstorm - hopefully it won't ruin them!

Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Proud Panther Fans!!!

Yesterday was such an exciting day! Even though both mine and Justin's basketball brackets are pretty much done for, we couldn't be more excited that our #9 UNI PANTHERS upset the #1 Kansas Jayhawks!!

We had so much fun watching the game. Jordyn loved it too - she was clapping and just as excited as we were! We can't wait to cheer them on in the Sweet Sixteen! We are very proud UNI alums right now!

This game also cost Justin a pizza party - he told my class that if UNI won, he would buy them all pizza. I think he forgot that I have a large class this year (29 students). We'll be having a pizza party soon! :)

We love March Madness - of course I'm bummed that UNC was so horrible this year that they didn't even come close to making the tournament. However, having UNI win yesterday definitely tops UNC being in the tournament! If only St. Louis wasn't such a far drive, we would be heading down there!

I'll update later with pictures from our weekend. We enjoyed the beautiful weather today ... went on 2 walks and visited the Falls.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dancing Queen!

Today was my 27th Birthday. Some days I feel like I blinked and the last 10 years flew by. Wow, so much has happened in 27 years - and I can't wait to see what the next year holds for us. We have been given so many blessings. :)

I had a nice day. Tonight we went out for dinner and then ran a couple of errands - we bought a new TV for our bedroom, so we went to get that. We have two nice TV's in our living rooms, but our bedroom TV isn't exactly great ... it is one that still has a built in VCR. (side note - most of my 3rd graders don't even know what a VCR is) Not only that, but the remote stopped working, so we can't put the "sleep" on at night, so we don't watch TV up there, and Justin and I often fall asleep on the couches downstairs. Long story short - we needed a new TV. I think Justin just finished setting it up - now I can go relax and watch it.

Anyway, Jordyn was super silly tonight. Justin gave me a card that plays music. It didn't take long before Jordyn claimed it as hers and was dancing around the house. She knows how to open and close it to make the music start/stop ... and she was loving it! We got her on video tape - maybe I'll try to put that on the blog sometime. She was quite silly!

One quick picture of Jordyn & Mommy ... I look horrible ... but Jordyn looks adorable so I had to share it!


Hi friends! Is anyone still reading this blog? Ha! Life has been so busy, that it has been a week since I last updated!

Last week consisted of a baby shower, aqua aerobics, doctor appointments, the usual daily work, housework, Justin being gone 2 evenings, Gizmo's surgery (and a very sad puppy), and feeling completely exhausted.

Justin and I were both looking forward to the weekend! On Saturday we went to my parent's house. My sisters were home were home for the weekend, so we enjoyed getting to see them. Jordyn wore herself out though ... so her and Gizmo took a nap together ...
Gizmo snuggled up by Jordyn all on his own. He loves her!
After her nap, Jordyn was back in full force. I just don't know where she gets all of that energy from! She played a little piano ...
Had a crawling contest with Grandpa Buzz ... And continually tackled and attacked her Auntie Kayla ...

We got home late Saturday evening ... and had to lose an hour of sleep. As much as I love the extra daylight - losing that hour of sleep was painful! :)

On Sunday we went to church, took naps, and met Justin's parents at Olive Garden. They took us out for my birthday. The food was delicious, and we had a great time with them. Then they came back to our house and watched Jordyn for a little while so that Justin and I could grocery shopping kid-free. What a romantic date, huh?! :) Jordyn is actually a great shopper, but it was nice to just run into the store by ourselves and have a few kid-free minutes.

Here's a couple of pictures from Sunday ... Justin & Jordyn before church ...
All ready to meet Grandpa Marlin and Grandma Shelli at Olive Garden ...

She loves to just sit by the window and watch outside.

Thanks for being patient while waiting for updates - I have one more coming either tonight or tomorrow morning. :)