Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today we took Jordyn swimming! Justin's parents were staying at hotel here, so we went and used the pool this morning.
Here's Jordyn all ready to go to the pool ...
She loves looking in mirrors, and she kept kissing herself in this mirror ...
Check out the pink Crocs that Jordyn is wearing ...
She loves the Crocs! She got these from her Uncle Darin a while back. They are fitting her now, but I am afraid they might be too small this summer. So we'll let her wear them around the house, because she loves them!

Jordyn was not afraid of the water at all. The pool water was a great temp. It was cooler than the pool we did swimming lessons, but it was nice. I didn't go to aqua aerobics this morning, but instead I just sat in this pool - it felt great.
Jordyn LOVED jumping off the side of the pool. This was one of her favorite things at swimming lessons too. She has no fear of the water!
Swimming away! She does a great job of kicking and moving her arms!
This pool was 1 ft deep in some areas, which was fun for Jordyn since she could stand in it ...
Making a silly face at Mommy ...
We swam about an hour, and it completely wore Jordyn out. She fell asleep on our ride home and took a 2 1/2 hour nap! Yay for naptime! :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Playing Away

We finally set Jordyn's outside play set up ... inside of course. (I don't think it would fit too nicely on top of the 60+ inches of snow that we have received.)

Jordyn loves the slide, but she's not so sure about the swing. The steps to get up to the slide are actually a miniature climbing wall, so she often needs a little help with those.
Getting ready to go down the slide ...

On her way down ...Getting ready to read with Mom ... but there's not too much room on her lap with Mom's big belly!
These pictures are from a couple of days ago. We were getting ready to leave for school/daycare, but Jordyn quickly ran over to say good-bye to Gizmo before we could leave. She loves her Gizmo! (and notice the purse on her arm ... she thinks it has to go with her ... also, the purse has a puppy on it that looks like Gizmo)

A little more love for Gizmo ...
We hope you all have a nice weekend! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 Months To Go

I am down to two months left in this pregnancy! Baby #2 seems to be growing quickly ... or so I think since I seem to be growing very quickly!
According to my weekly email updates that I receive, the baby should be about 3.3 pounds.

I have been fairly uncomfortable the last couple of weeks. (which I know I have mentioned before) I'm sure part of this is due to chasing a 15-month old around. :) Jordyn can sure wear me out! :)

Sleep is not coming easily these days. The round ligament pain has been pretty strong. I am usually awake every 20-30 minutes. I often get up and check on Jordyn during these times - I love to watch her sleep. She is always snuggled up with her blanket. It is always in one or both of her hands.

I have started to swell just a little. I notice my feet being a little swollen at the end of the day and my rings are starting to fit a little tighter. However, the swelling is nothing like it was when I was pregnant with Jordyn. I am hopeful it will stay that way!

My next doctor appointment is on Tuesday. I am looking forward to talking to my doctor again and seeing if she has any advice for me.

Through all of the pain, swelling, and no sleep, I am still very thankful that God has blessed with me a healthy pregnancy and is allowing our family to continue to grow.

Monday, February 22, 2010


We had a nice weekend, which of course, went by way too fast! On Friday night we went out for dinner at Pizza Ranch. I was hungry for PR, and we knew that Jordyn would eat pizza. She continues to be a very picky eater, eating very little food most days. At least we knew she would get some food in her tummy if we ate at PR!

On Saturday morning I went to aerobics, and then we lounged around for most of the afternoon. We headed to my parent's house late afternoon - my sisters were home, and they wanted to spend some time with Jordyn (and maybe us? ha!). Jordyn has recently decided that when we leave the house she needs to take a purse with her. Do you think she watches her mommy just a little? We told Jordyn we were going for a ride, and she got everything she thought she would need all on her own and waited by the door ... her blanket, paci, purse, and baby ...
Many days when Jordyn and I are playing she'll grab her purse, walk to the door, turn and blow me a kiss and then try to open the door. She is very observant of what we do! :)

We had a nice time with my family on Saturday. Unfortunately our ride back home wasn't great - our service engine soon light came on, the Bravada started shaking, and then the service light started flashing. (which after doing some Internet searching on Justin's phone, it said we should pull over and have the car towed ... but we kept going) To make a long story short, we made it home, and $860 later, it's fixed. (What a way to start a Monday morning, huh?! And they don't feel we did any extra damage by driving it all the way home.)

On Sunday we went to church ... and Jordyn made it through the whole sermon for the first time in months! Yay! We should probably look into using the nursery for her, but since she's had so many ear infections/colds, I don't really want her exposed to a whole new set of germs (besides daycare of course). I know we would get more out the service if she was in the nursery - I guess we'll have to do that at some point!

This is what a Sunday afternoon at the Overman's looks like ...
Jordyn struggled to take a nap on Sunday, but she snuggled right up with her daddy and slept. (I was very jealous!) We were worried she was sick, because she does not like to snuggle unless she's sick.
Jordyn seems to be feeling well - still a little cough/runny nose, but the ear has not drained for a 1 1/2 days now. That may not seem like very long, but considering the ear has drained for 3+ weeks, we're thrilled that it's been clear for more than a day! :)

Last night we had our neighbors, Dave and Emily, over for dinner. It was nice getting together with them! We had a great evening!

Here's just a random picture from the weekend - Jordyn loves to get into the cupboards and play!
I mentioned in the last post that I would share pictures of the card that Jordyn and Justin made for me ...
So sweet!
Here's to another week! :) Can you believe we are almost to the month of March?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random thoughts ...

I don't have pictures to share tonight - well, actually I do, but I'm quite comfy on the couch, so I don't plan on moving to get the camera to upload them. Instead of pictures, I just have some random thoughts to share ...

*Jordyn has seen her pediatrician twice, been to acute care once, and to the ear specialist once all within less than a week. Yesterday she broke out in another rash, and after talking to the nurse late yesterday afternoon the nurse said we needed to see our doctor this morning. The doctor isn't sure if it's another allergic reaction to the new medication she's on (which we have stopped giving her), or if it's a viral rash. Poor girl. She has little bumps and redness all over her body.

*I have an incredible husband who was SUPER DAD today! (Well, he's Super Dad everyday, but today he had to work even a little harder.) He took Jordyn to her appointment, and when the doctor mentioned Jordyn couldn't go to daycare, Justin immediately called me and offered to stay home all day with her so that I wouldn't have to write sub plans. He played with Jordyn all day, snuggled with her, and did "arts and craft" time with her - when I got home from work, Jordyn was waiting with a card that her and Daddy made for me. It melted my heart. I'll share pictures later. I have the greatest husband, and Jordyn has the greatest dad! Oh - and I should mention that he also took Gizmo to a vet appointment today too (with Jordyn of course).

*I'm currently listening to Jordyn on the breathing monitor - she has a horrible cough right now. Poor girl. Thankfully, through all of this, she's been so darn happy, you would never know she has had an ear infection for 3 weeks, along with a cough, runny nose, hives, and a now a new rash! She's such a trooper.

*Jordyn knows all of her Sesame Street characters as well as all of her farm animals! She can't say them, but she'll point to them if you ask her.

*I am thrilled that Justin has been doing some running at the fitness center. Our goal is to run a 5K on July 4, but I'm not sure that I"ll be ready for it. We'll see. Justin often has a difficult time running due to the 4 surgeries that he has had on his left knee/left ankle/left leg ... it takes a lot for him to run, so I'm super proud of him for continuing to work on it!

*I absolutely love my Working Out for Two aqua aerobics class. It is 3 times a week, and most weeks I get there all 3 times. I'm exhausted by the end of the work out, but I also feel the best on the days that I get to do it.

*I have been quite uncomfortable the last couple of weeks. I have a lot of round ligament pain - every time I move during the night it just stabs me in the stomach. I did not have this with Jordyn. Sometimes it will take me 5 minutes to change positions because it's too painful. I am hoping that this will get better - otherwise I'm looking at long 9 weeks ahead of me!

*I have had very little swelling so far - I'm praying it stays this way.

*Justin and I are loving the Olympics, but we are completely disappointed in the curling teams!

*My grandpa is having some tests done for his heart tomorrow, so please keep him in your prayers.

*My sisters are coming home tomorrow - we are excited to see them!

*I am missing my Owatonna friends who I haven't seen in about 10 months, and some of my college friends that I haven't seen in 3 years. It's tough living so far away from all of them!

*Even though Jordyn has been sick for 3 weeks, I am thankful that everything has been fairly minor.

*I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Climber & Artist

Jordyn and I were playing in the living room, and I turned my head for 10 seconds (I'm not kidding when I say only 10 seconds), and when I looked at her, she was on the couch with her blanket and a book reading away! She has learned how to get on and off the couch on her own!She stayed there for the longest time reading her book!

Jordyn is also quite an artist!

She even colors with 2 crayons at once! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend = ANOTHER Snowstorm

We received about 6 more inches of snow, lots of wind, and very cold weather AGAIN this weekend. I think this has happened every weekend for the last 10 weekends. Justin took these pictures when we got home today ...
Another weekend of Justin scooping and blowing snow ...
He has to scoop the back yard too, because otherwise Gizmo will walk right over the fence since the snow is so high!
On a positive note (I'm trying to find the good in all of this snow), we saw some of the most beautiful scenery on our rough drive home yesterday. The roads were sure crummy, but the fields, trees, and sky were just beautiful.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, Friends! :)

We have had a wonderful day! We got got snowed in at my parent's house last night, but we made it home this morning (after some horrible, drifted over, one-lane roads). We spent our afternoon relaxing, and then we headed out to the mall to get a little exercise and just some time away from the house. And mark it down ... we didn't purchase a single thing at the mall, other than some food! :)

Justin and I got to spend our day with the sweetest little Valentine ...

Jordyn thought she would be clever and make the hearts into bracelets ...

Justin gave me a gift today that completely shocked me and brought me to tears. He got me another band to go with my wedding ring. The band matches my wedding band ...
When he gave me the box, I never expected it to be the ring. I was thinking a necklace or earrings. I was speechless when I opened it and started to cry. (and if you know me - I don't cry too easily with gifts. That doesn't mean I'm not thankful for them, but I usually don't cry. This, however, made me cry!) Thank you very much, Justin! I Love You!

I need to give a couple of Birthday shout-outs. My soon to be brother-in-law has a birthday today, and my sister-in-law has a birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Eric and Devin! We hope that you both have fabulous days! :)

We went to my parent's house yesterday afternoon to go out for dinner with my family and all of Devin's family that were here visiting (to celebrate her birthday). We had a great time, but for some reason I left my camera in my purse! I was bummed when I realized I hadn't taken a single picture. Jordyn loved spending time with everyone and was very silly for them!

The roads were not great last night, and we decided that rather than driving home in the dark on bad roads, we would just stay over night and come back this morning. Good thing that before we left yesterday we decided to throw some sweat pants, toothbrushes, and extra diapers in a bag in case we weren't able to get back to our house last night.

Tonight we're just watching the Olympics. When the Olympics were on 4 years ago, Justin and I had just gotten married, and we had recently moved to Owatonna, MN. Our jobs hadn't started yet, and we literally watched every single minute of the Olympics, including curling matches that went on for hours.

We hope you have had a wonderful weekend ... and are not in another blizzard like we are! (ugh!) Justin and I both have the day off tomorrow. We are looking forward to another day to spend as a family!

PS ... Baby #2 has a name, but you all have to wait to find out! :) It has been killing Justin that I hadn't made a decision (we had it down to two names), so in his card today, I wrote the baby's name.

Friday, February 12, 2010


After rereading yesterday's post, I feel very guilty about complaining about my day. I know there are many moms/families dealing with way worse things than simple doctor appointments, fussy kids, and dog problems. I think I was so focused on having a great day at home with Jordyn, and the day was spent running everywhere around town and Jordyn was fussy in the morning. It just didn't go as planned.

Jordyn went to daycare today so that I could have some time to run errands, do a little cleaning, and go to my own doctor appointment. Baby #2 is doing well. Her heartbeat was in the 140's today. I am currently measuring about a week ahead. (with Jordyn I was measuring about 3 weeks ahead at this point) The doctor still feels that Baby #2 is breech. Jordyn turned at about 36 weeks, so I am hopeful that this baby will too!

We ended up taking Jordyn to Acute Care tonight. :( This morning when I was getting her dressed I noticed a little mark on her chest. I thought it was possibly a sleep mark from her pj's, but I couldn't really find something that would cause that mark from her pj's. By the afternoon she broke out in a rash on her whole tummy/chest/arms. She had hives! Poor thing! They feel she's having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she started yesterday. She has been on this antibiotic at least 5 times, but I guess after so many times it can cause an allergic reaction. Poor girl! Her tummy looks much better tonight, and now she's on a new antibiotic for her ear infection, which still doesn't look better. Speaking of her ear, the nurse called today and said that her ear tested positive for strep. The antibiotic should take care of that.

On a side note ... my friend, Lee Anne, asked if Jordyn and Gizmo could be passing their ear infections back and forth. I have thought about this many times. I have talked to the doctors and vet several times over the last year about this, and they said there is no way they could pass the infection back and forth.

Also, a few people asked in comment/email about Jordyn's vest in the last pictures. I paid $1.97 for it at Old Navy! It's a $25 vest, and I hit a major sale there one day. I think I bought her 15 pieces of clothing that were each $1.97 or less!

One last thing ... since this is Jordyn's journal too, I have to write down things she does! Today at daycare they said she was very silly and she made sure that when she was done eating she yelled "all done" very loudly so that everyone could hear her. (I realize this may not be funny unless you've ever heard her do it, but she'll do about anything to get attention.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saturday - Thursday

This post is long overdue. The pictures are from Saturday, and they have been uploaded to blogger since Sunday, but I just haven't had time to write! It has been an incredibly busy week. On Monday and Tuesday we had our 2 final nights of conferences. We taught all day, and did conferences until 7 both nights. It was tough of me. 1- it completely wore me out to work that many hours and 2- I didn't get to see Jordyn. She was sleeping by the time I got home.

Now we have a much needed break from school - Wednesday through Monday. I thought that I would accomplish a lot, but so far that has not happened. We had a 4-hour in service yesterday morning. Then I spent my afternoon running errands (picking up contacts, getting a new mouth guard fitted which required 2 trips to the dentist yesterday ... nothing that was much fun).

Today was a tough "mommy day." Jordyn was incredibly fussy this morning. If I didn't hold her, she would scream. I also had plans to get a few things accomplished today and NONE of that happened. Instead, I played "taxi Mom" to Jordyn and the dog. Gizmo ended up getting groomed this morning, so we all packed up and headed to Pet Smart. Gizmo hates it there, but Jordyn loved it. She loved seeing the other dogs, cats, birds, fish, and hamsters. Jordyn and I were home for a little while and then we headed to the doctor for her ears. We are on day 12 of an ear infection. The drops should have cleared it after 7 days, but no luck. Jordyn's ear doctor is in Haiti, and we couldn't get into another one until Tuesday, so I decided to go to the pediatrician. When we arrived they told me that my appointment had been cancelled. I nearly screamed, but instead I kept a nice smile on face. The receptionist accidentally cancelled our appointment after she scheduled it yesterday. They were able to squeeze us in, but we had to wait for 45 minutes before the doctor could see us. Keeping a 15-month old entertained in a germ-infested area is not easy. She wanted to run and touch everything. It can be difficult to take care of her when I'm not pregnant, but wow, chasing her being pregnant proved very difficult and completely wore on me today. We finally saw our doctor. The infection is horrible. Time for an antibiotic, and we will see our ear doctor on Tuesday. We are also waiting for a culture to come back on her ear. Since our appointment got pushed back, we were late for Gizmo's vet appointment. Gizmo's ear infection (that he's had since May) has been much worse lately. The vet said it's the worst she's ever seen it. She thought it was allergies (he's on a hypo-allergenic food), but I disagree. His ear has been worse since he started that food. Now he's on a steroid and some new drops. Gizmo has small ear canals which can create part of the problem, but it's strange how it's only his right ear. The vet mentioned that some dogs have ear infections for years. Seriously?! I have had it with ear infections ... Jordyn's left ear and Gizmo's right ear. What a pair!

So, after 1 grooming appointment, 1 doctor appointment, and 1 vet appointment, I accomplished nothing today other than completely wearing myself out. Lifting Jordyn is getting to be very difficult. I also had to the lift the stroller several times today, and that really hurt my stomach. Ugh. It was just a tough day.

Now on to some pictures from Saturday. (warning - there are a lot!)

Jordyn has a thing for playing on the steps!

She also loves to sit on the couch ...
Jordyn was tired of pictures ...

My parents stopped by on Saturday night. Jordyn was super silly, and she kept picking on her Grandpa! She loved to tickle him!
But she also gave him lots of love ...
Grandma and Jordyn ...
Giving Gizmo a kiss ...
Mowing the carpet ...

My hope is for a calmer day tomorrow and a relaxing weekend. :)