Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Week

Finally ... an update. I've had a few family members telling me it was time to update. :)

Our week was a busy one. We got home on Sunday night (after spending the weekend with Justin's family). Our plan was to be home a little while on Monday morning (to wrap up a few things with work and get in a quick dr. appointment). Then we were going to head back to be with Justin's family on Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate at all. We had blizzard/white out conditions, and we could not leave. We live on the outskirts of town, and there were times we couldn't see across the street. We drove about a mile past our house and knew there was no way we could leave town. We weren't able to leave until Tuesday morning. Everything worked out fine, we just wished we could have been with everyone on Monday night too.

Tuesday was a busy day for us with visitation, the funeral, and burial, but it was a nice day. The service was beautiful. One of the songs that was sung was I Will Rise ... I didn't tell anyone until that morning, but that was the song that was on the radio when Justin and I left the nursing home after Grandpa Tunis had passed away. I remember thinking how fitting it was at the time, but I had no idea that was one of the songs that would be sung at his funeral.

Jordyn slept through the whole funeral. My mom kept her during that time. We know how much of a struggle it can be to keep Jordyn quiet and occupied during church, so my mom just kept her. It worked out very well.

After Jordyn's afternoon nap, we all headed over to Justin's grandma's house. We spent the afternoon and evening there before heading back to SF.

Jordyn kept us on our toes and had us all laughing. :) She has recently decided she wants to work on her tumbling. She started this all on her own. This picture does not even start to show how funny she thought she was, but she would be on her hands and feet and just laugh at us and would want us to look at her. This picture looks quite ridiculous, but there really isn't a good way to take this picture ...
She was so silly! This picture just cracks me up ... her hair was all messed up after tumbling.
The Overman family ... (and yes, I'm huge, but I think the sweater actually makes me look bigger than I really am)
Grandma Shelli, Grandpa Marlin, and Jordyn ...
Here's Jordyn with Uncle Darin and Aunt Kathryn. We didn't get to spend too much time with them. They arrived on Sunday night, and since we couldn't get to RR due to weather, we only got spend time with them on Tuesday.
Justin's Aunt Shelley had quite a trip getting to RR, but we're thankful she made it on Tuesday morning! The weather was not on her side either, but she made it safely!
Jordyn had a hard time warming up to Justin's Uncle Terry. She is still a little uneasy around men that she doesn't know. Finally, by the 4th day, she decided she liked him! Of course then it was time for us to leave and for Terry and Shelley to head back to Illinois.Great Grandma Helen, Justin, and Jordyn ... Jordyn was about done with this pictures at this point ... so I was bummed that I couldn't get her to look at the camera.

This is Jordyn with Kailyn. We met Kailyn and her mom, Angela, for the first time. Angela is married to Justin's cousin, Michael. Michael is in the Air Force, so we do not get to see him often. We are so thankful they were able to join us for a few days. We really enjoyed getting to know Angela and Kailyn!

We were pretty worn out for the rest of the week. I think we were happy to have the weekend arrive. :) Yesterday my mom, sisters, and I ran to the bridal store ... Kandi's dress was altered and she needed to try it on again. Our bridesmaids dresses were also in, but I didn't even attempt to try to mine on. Ha! Last night we had dinner with Justin's parents, Grandma Helen, Grandpa Gerry & Grandma Marcia, and Justin's Uncle Roger & Aunt Sherri. Today we went to church, went out for lunch, all took a nap, and then did a little shopping at the mall. The weekends sure fly by!

I have several posts that I need to finish - I hope to have them done soon!

A Year Earlier

Just over a year ago, our baby girl looked like this ...

Jorydn spent 3 days in the hospital with RSV. Although she was incredibly sick, she was such a happy little girl The nurses constantly told us that they couldn't believe how happy she was for how sick she was!

We are thankful for the great care Jordyn had at the hospital. We were told that since she had RSV at such a young age, it may have done some damage to her lungs. We'll continue to pray that her lungs weren't too damaged!

We're glad that a year later, there have been no more hospitalizations ... just one minor surgery for tubes in the ears.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

6 Months

I know I have mentioned this before, but I just can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I thought my first one went fast, but I feel like I blinked and we're only 3 months away from baby #2 now!

I have some great news to share - I had an ultrasound and found out that my placenta has completely moved! We were so happy! However, the baby is breech, so at this point I'm still in line for a c-section - but - Jordyn was breech until I was about 33 weeks with her and she flipped on her own. I'm praying Baby #2 flips as well, but I feel more confident going into a c-section because of a breech baby than with placenta previa. There are many complications that can come from the delivery with placenta previa. Prayers were answered!

Baby #2 is growing right on pace. She is about 2 pounds 4 ounces according to the ultrasound. (However, at 35/36 weeks with Jordyn I was told she was 9 pounds from an ultrasound, and she was born weighing 6 pounds 12 ounces. Ha!)

I have been having a few contractions. Saturday night was actually quite uncomfortable throughout the night. Maybe some of that was due to the stress and sadness of Justin's grandpa passing away, but I was uncomfortable most of the night. My doctor thought everything seemed fine though. I was relieved to hear that news.

I have some ultrasound pictures to share, but tonight I'm just way too tired and not feeling great, so for now they will wait. :) I'll share them soon - we are quite sure that Jordyn and Baby #2 have the same nose and chin. We compared the 4D ultrasound pictures. (Jordyn @ 33 weeks and Baby #2 @ 28 weeks - we think they look alike!)
It is time for me to relax for a little while.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


On Saturday night Justin's grandpa, Tunis, passed away peacefully with us by his side. In October he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He has been in the hospital and nursing home since surgery in October. We are thankful that he is healed, healthy, and Home with his Heavenly Father.
I asked Justin about some of his favorite memories with his grandpa. I enjoyed listening to Justin talk about them. :) Grandpa Tunis was a carpenter. He built MANY houses, including his own, Justin's parent's house, and Justin's other grandparent's house. When Grandpa Tunis was building Justin's other grandparent's house, Justin got to help. He spent a good portion of his summer working with Grandpa Tunis. Justin and I were dating at this time, and I remember how much Justin enjoyed having that time, just the two of them.

Justin also enjoyed his Saturday morning breakfasts at the cafe downtown.

Grandpa Tunis welcomed me into the family right away. One of my favorite memories was playing games whenever we would go over to their house. I don't remember beating him too often! (or maybe I never beat him!)

I just love this picture of the four of us from our wedding ...
These pictures were taken the first time that Grandpa Tunis and Grandma Helen met Jordyn ...

We spent our weekend in RR with Justin's family. We were at the nursing home several times on Friday and Saturday. A nice last memory that I have is of Grandpa Tunis waving to Jordyn on Friday night. Jordyn was a little nervous (she does not like hospitals/nursing homes), but she looked at Grandpa and he waved to her. Grandpa wasn't really able to talk, but someday I hope Jordyn realizes how special it was that he tried to communicate with her.

We are thankful that he is now healed.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Day Off!

We did not have school today. I look forward to days off! Today was a busy one though! Jordyn was up bright and early, like she would be on a normal school day. Unfortunately I went to bed a little late last night, so the early wake up call was tough on Mom!

Here's our little monkey bright and early this morning ... "fixing" her lawn mower. :-)

I had to have my glucose screening done today. I was dreading it. Not because I had to sit at the doctor's office for an hour or because I had to have blood drawn, but because my stomach just hurts thinking about that nasty orange junk you have to drink. I HATE that stuff, and I swear they gave me more this time around than they did with Jordyn. It took everything I had to choke that stuff down today. YUCK! (But, as far as I know, I passed the test - yay!) And I tried to keep in mind, that I was doing it so that this precious girl would have a healthy baby sister ....
My parents were supposed to come watch Jordyn this morning while I was at the dr. Unfortunately the fog was so bad they couldn't get here. I know they were bummed, but it wasn't worth driving when you can only see a few feet in front of you. (I did it today - I actually stopped in the parking lot of a store and couldn't see the store from my parking spot.) Anyway, I ended up taking Jordyn to daycare for a little while today. She loves to be there, and it worked out well - I went to the doctor and was able to run a few errands. Jordyn ate lunch at daycare and then I picked her up just in time for a nap! This afternoon (when my parents did finally get to town) we met up with them and did just a little shopping. :)
Jordyn has been playing so nice with her baby. She is so fun to watch as she takes care of it. She hugs the baby, kisses the baby, rubs the baby's back, feeds the baby. It's so cute. And sometimes Jordyn gets a little mixed up and thinks the baby's bottle is hers ...
Feeding the baby ...
Trying to take a drink from the baby's bottle ...
Such a cutie!
Giving hugs to the baby ...
I also mentioned in a previous post that Jordyn loves to sit on the step. Today she sat there and played peek-a-boo with Gizmo.
So silly!
One quick picture from snack time today ... (talk about picture overload today!) ...
Tonight Jordyn had swimming lessons and I had aqua aerobics. Jordyn did great at her lessons. She LOVES the water. I'm sure it's very helpful that it's as warm as bath water in there! She loves to be dunked, and tonight she loved jumping off the side of the pool!

Time to go back to work tomorrow. It's a 4 day week - I can do this! :)

What happened in Vegas ...

Please ignore how awful I look in this picture, but I have to show you this funny shirt my inlaws had made for me ...

I got this a couple of months ago, but finally remembered to have Justin get a picture of it.

Go Vikings!

It was a big day for football in the Overman house yesterday! We quickly rushed home after church so that we could cheer on the Vikings! We made sure to have Jordyn wear her Brett Favre jersey - the only times she hasn't worn it the Vikings have lost! We were definitely sure to have her wear it today!Touchdown!
Touchdown! (again!)
Even Gizmo had to cheer on the Vikings today. (This picture isn't very good, but he wouldn't stand still today for the camera.)
Mark it down - I even wore a Vikings shirts today. Justin has really been trying to convert me to a Vikings fan. It's been working - but ONLY because they got Favre this year. I have been a big fan of his since middle school! Justin even got me a maternity Vikings shirt for Christmas.

A couple more pictures of our Favre fan ... (please ignore the huge mess of toys ... this is how our house looks during the day) ...

This picture looks kind of silly ... I told Jordyn to hug Gizmo, and she rested her head on him. She LOVES this dog! We are so thankful he loves her right back!

We are ready to cheer on the Vikings vs. the Saints next weekend! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Playing in the snow

We had beautiful weather here yesterday ... well, beautiful weather compared to what we had a week and a half ago. It was about 35-40 degrees here yesterday, which is about a 55-60 degree warm up! I almost felt like breaking out the shorts again! Ha! Anyway, since it was nice, we decided to dress Jordyn up in her winter gear and let her have her first experience playing in the snow! Justin and I even got our ski pants on! Here's our cutie getting all bundled up ...
She carries books with her everywhere!
Ready to play!

Daddy was being silly!
The snow in our front yard is so deep ... anywhere from a foot to five feet deep (some of that is from Justin using the snowblower). Anyway, Justin and I just kept sinking when we walked through it, but Jordyn was light enough that she didn't fall through. We set her down to see what she would think.
Not so sure at first!
The smiles finally came when Daddy started to throw snow at her feet.

I gave her a snowball to play with, and she loved it! And yes, she did put it in her mouth. I wasn't real thrilled about it, but I guess she needed the full experience!

We got Jordyn's slide out and let her go down that a few times. She loved it! (sorry no pictures) We also got our sleds out and Justin would push her down the hill to me. She wasn't so sure about that, but she didn't cry!

We also tried to get a picture of her with her name in the snow, but the sun was bright and she wouldn't look at the camera. This is the best we got ...
5 months ago we took this picture ...
As much fun as we had in the snow yesterday, I would much rather be playing at the beach!