Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Strike a Pose!

Jordyn and I were being silly after church on Sunday - and Kayla had the camera to capture it. :) If we tell Jordyn to "strike a pose" she will do something silly, or just copy her mommy. So check out her poses! (Please ignore how ridiculous I look, but it makes the pictures just a little goofier!)

Silly Girls!

Just a few pictures of our girls being silly! They totally feed off of each other, and I love when they laugh at each other!

Christmas Day

Whew - I am almost done with the Christmas posts! I am so far behind right now - I have so many other pictures to share from our week as well! Since the forecast is horrible for the next few days, I'm guessing we'll be stuck at home, so maybe I'll get caught up. :)

We were all exhausted on Christmas morning since we were up so late the night before. Besides not getting home until about 11:30ish, my mom, sisters, brother-in-law, and I stayed up chatting until about 12:45. And even though the girls got to bed late, they didn't sleep in real late. I think they made it until about 7:15.

This was before we opened gifts ...

I just realized I uploaded these pictures out of order (or at least this one), and I don't feel like rearranging, but I had to share this picture. Justin is a big Vikings fan, and I grew up a Raiders fan. (I've been embarrassed to admit that the last few years, but this year was a little better.) Since Brett Favre joined the Vikings, I have converted a little, but I still cheer for the Raiders. Anyway, Justin taught Jordyn to say "Vikings are #1." Then he will ask her "What do we say about the Raiders?" Jordyn responds by saying "Raiders are stinky" and doing this ...
Back to Christmas ... Jordyn was excited to help pass out gifts!

But more excited to open them, and before we got anything passed out, she had already opened her new tractor ...
... which she loves!
More books!!!
Jayla loved the wrapping paper!
After we opened gifts, we helped my mom get lunch ready (she made prime rib), try to organize/clean up the living room with all of the gifts, and just relaxed.
My grandma joined us for lunch too!
After naptime (for all of us), we all headed outside to play in the snow. My mom stayed inside Jayla, but the rest of us went out. Jordyn was excited to play in the snow! (This year we were prepared to play in the snow and brought all of our own gear. Last year we had to improvise and borrow, coats, my dad's hunting pants, and boots.)

My brother brought his 4 wheeler over, and pulled us in the sled. Jordyn wasn't so sure what to think, but she did okay. My sisters took more pictures, so I'll have to share those later. Also, check out Gizmo in the background of the picture. He blends in with the snow, but he was having so much fun running and playing with Cooper (who is right next to the sled). Cooper and Giz are the same type of dog and could be twins.

My dad was sore after our sledding experience! He could hardly move Christmas night! He cracks us up!

My parents have a ton of snow on their yard - you can see the big drifts behind us. I can hardly imagine what their yard will look like if we really get another 8 inches of snow this weekend!
Jayla was passed around a ton, but she loved all of the attention!
Playing with Auntie Devin ... she loved it when Devin would blow on her face ...
Being silly with Kiki ...
On Sunday morning, we went to church with my family, and then my dad's sister and her family came over for one more Christmas!
Jordyn was fascinated with how big the tree at church was!
Such a sweetheart!
I feel like we just put our Christmas tree up - even thought we did it about 7 weeks ago. It is coming down tomorrow. Jordyn has loved everything about Christmas, so I hope she isn't too sad when the tree in our living room and the trees in her room and Jayla's room come down.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was incredibly busy for us! We started off by celebrating with Justin's mom's side of the family. We all went out for lunch and spent the afternoon together.

Jordyn enjoyed opening gifts again ...
The girls both got computers ...

... and new summer chairs ...

I just love this smile!
And this smile too! :)
Jayla snuggled with up with Great Uncle Steve (or Awesome Uncle Steve as he named himself) ...
... and she snuggled with Meggan ...
After lunch and opening gifts, we headed to Justin's parents' house. Justin's Grandma Helen also joined us. We missed Grandpa Tunis this year, and we are glad that Grandma Helen could join us.

Jordyn was super excited to find another Lots to Learn DVD in her stocking! We now have the whole collection. She absolutely loves these DVD's!
Jayla spent most of the gift-opening time in the Exersaucer, and she was happy as could be!
Checking out some new books ...
After opening gifts with Justin's family and eating, we headed to my parent's place. Sadly we missed church this year. Our plan was to go with Justin's parents, but we just couldn't quite squeeze it in, and Jordyn was heading towards a major meltdown after a busy day with a very short (30 minute) nap. We knew that Jordyn was not going to handle church well knowing how exhausted she was. We felt it was better for her to rest since we still had another Christmas to go to. So we enjoyed some time relaxing with Justin's parents and grandma before heading to another Christmas celebration.

We headed to my parents' house, unloaded our car (since we were staying for 2 nights), and then headed to my grandma's house. By this time it was about 8:00 ... past the girls' bedtime, very short naps, and we still had one more Christmas to celebrate that night! Surprisingly, the girls did well. There were a few meltdowns in the car and at my grandma's house, but overall, the girls did well. :)

Jayla snuggled up with my cousin, Stephanie, and fell asleep for a long time ... (by the way, this is my cousin who was in the car accident over a year ago that many of you prayed for/followed her Caringbridge site) She is doing well!
We of course ate way too much food - well all bring appetizer type food, but then we always have chili, oyster stew, and ham ... all of this takes place at about 9:00/10:00 at night! Christmas was different this year without my grandpa. We still had oyster stew, which was a nice tradition to carry on, but the living room wasn't quite the same without Grandpa sitting in his chair, often in his Chicago Bears shirt.

Jordyn enjoyed helping everyone open their gifts ...

This is what we look like after starting our Christmas celebrations about 9:00 in the morning and going until 11:00 at night ...3 different houses, 3 different towns, 2 different states, very short naps, and way past bedtime ...

... but we made it! :)

(Yes, Jordyn still uses a paci at bedtime. Usually it is not allowed out of her bedroom, but we were almost 4 hours past bedtime in this picture. She will be losing the paci for good very soon.)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 23

Justin and I have always opened our Christmas gifts for each other on the 23rd. We have continued to do this with the girls as well ... mostly because we are with our families on the 24th and 25th, but also because Justin and I started this 11 years ago, and we decided to keep it going. :) I guess that means Santa will always make an early stop at our house.

Jordyn was so excited to open presents! She would do about anything we told her to, because she wanted to open her "presents." So, I was actually able to get some cute pictures of her! (Presents work well as bribery! Ha!)
Both girls did great opening their gifts! Jayla was even excited!

I realize this really isn't a great picture of Jordyn, but I had to show you how excited she was to get Elmo slippers!
And an Elmo potty seat! She now has an Elmo seat and a Princess Potty Chair. If only she was as interested in potty training now as she was 3 months ago!
Jordyn got a baby doll for her first Christmas ... so guess what Jayla also got for her first Christmas ...

Notice Jordyn's doll next to Jayla? Jordyn tried to "trade dolls" at first, but after a couple of minutes, she realized that she still wanted her own. (Thank goodness!)
Modeling her new Elmo slippers!
Justin's new watch ...
Playing together ... look how well Jayla stands! She's going to be walking before we know it! She pulls herself up on absolutely everything!
Opening another gift (and Jordyn is opening Justin's gift in the background ... ha!)
I mentioned in my last post that Justin and the girls gave me the sweetest gift. He took the girls out of daycare one morning (without me knowing) and took them to a jewelry store downtown. The girls put their thumbprints in silver, which were made into pendants for me. Their names are engraved on the other side. My heart melted when I opened this!
I didn't want you think we forgot Gizmo ... he got a new penguin chew toy for Christmas. :)
After we opened gifts, we made homemade pizzas. Jordyn loved helping. Unfortunately, she didn't want to eat it though!
This cutie hung out in her high chair while we made the pizzas. :) My baby is growing too fast - she's working on drinking from a sippy cup!
Stay tuned for more Christmas posts. I took 106 pictures in 2 1/2 days. I won't share them all though. :)