Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, December 26, 2009

We made it home!

First of all, I spoke too soon about Jordyn handling her new teeth just fine. The poor girl was in so much pain last night. Jordyn and I were up from 3:00 on this morning. She was so uncomfortable and just cried. I felt so bad for her.

My wonderful husband took a picture of me this morning ... after only a few hours of sleep and getting up at 3:00, I was a little worn out!

Jordyn was fussy/happy off and on throughout the day. She would be comfortable for a while, and then in pain again. Thankfully we did get her to take a little nap this morning, as well as a few other short naps throughout the day.

We were able to head back to SF today, but first Aunt Kandi needed to read with Jordyn ... :)
We were greeted so nicely by 18.5 inches of snow, which had turned into 3-4 foot high drifts in our driveway. Thankfully our neighbors had already taken care of their driveway, so we were able to park there until Justin got our driveway blown out. It was not a fun walk through the snow to get to our house!
The next job (maybe tomorrow) is the back yard. Our entire yard is huge snow drifts and poor Gizmo can't figure out where to go to the bathroom. We were less than thrilled to watch him use the deck tonight!
Thanks to Justin for getting our driveway open! :) It took a while, and I know he was worn out afterwards!

Tonight we went to Justin's grandparents for a little while. Justin's parents and brother were also there. Darin has to head back to Ohio tomorrow, so we wanted to spend a little more time with him. Here's one last snuggle with Uncle Darin before he left ...

Whew! That gets me caught up on pictures/posts for now! We hope your holiday has been wonderful!

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Lauren Kelly said...

I can't get over all that snow. Beautiful, but I know a pain in the butt to shovel, haha!!!