Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, December 26, 2009

VB Christmas

I am nearing the end of our Christmas posts!
We spent Christmas day with my family. This was part of the original plan, however, we were snowed in at their house from Thursday until this afternoon, which wasn't quite our original plans. However, we had a great time!

My parents cut down their Christmas tree every year - they always have a beautiful tree.
Jordyn wanted to help pass out gifts, and she carried this gift around for the longest time - she was definitely proud of herself!
Still carrying the gift ...My parents still give us "Santa gifts." Jordyn is chewing on my new Cricut cartridge case that I got from Santa. Jordyn got new shelves with baskets for her toys.
Jordyn got lots of new books for Christmas, and I think we've read them all 20 times each already!
Devin, Kayla, and Justin opening their gifts from Santa. Justin got a new external hard drive so that we can back up our thousands of pictures (and documents of course).
Opening a gift ...
Devin, Kayla, and Justin again ... (sorry, some of my pictures are out of order in this post)
Reading another new book with Daddy ...
The whole clan (minus Kayla who was taking the picture) before we opened gifts.
More reading ...
It is definitely true that kids are often more interested in the box than the toy ...
Gma Ronda and Jordyn ...
Jordyn was trying to put her boot on Gpa Buzz's foot - she's quite a character!
We received some wonderful gifts from our family ... thanks to all of you ... we are a little too spoiled!

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♥Kim said...

Well it looks like ya'll had a Wonderful Christmas & Jordyn got plenty of gifts to keep her busy!

I'm catching up on all of your post, there's so many so fast! hehe