Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing Playing Playing!

Jordyn is loving all of her new toys that she got for Christmas. However, it has taken a few days for her to like the high chair, pack and play, and stroller that she got for her baby. Jordyn was very upset at first because she couldn't fit into any of them - only the baby could. Whenever we would put the baby in the high chair, she would throw it out. She is doing much better now, but I did catch her trying to climb into the high chair again today!

Daddy loves playing with Jordyn and her baby ...
Teaching Jordyn how to give the baby a bottle ...
Trying to decide if she should throw the baby out ...
This baby's eyes open and shut and Jordyn keeps playing with them. We're trying to teach her to not touch the eyes!
The baby also talks ... and boy did I get a laugh today when it said,"Change me Mama, I'm stinky."

Jordyn loves her new Aquadoodle! I had never seen these before, but I love it! Jordyn has spent a lot of time drawing and possibly attempting to eat the "water marker."
(Jordyn looks like she's a leftie in this picture, but she uses both hands quite equally.)

She also loves her food sets ... today she wouldn't put down the two pink ice cream cones.
I spent the day attempting to reorganize her toys - note to self, wait until naptime to do this instead of trying to do it while Jordyn is awake. Everything I put away, she pulled right back out. :)


Lauren Kelly said...

Haha!!! Love it! Sounds like Santa was good to her :)

♥Kim said...

Haha that sounds like Hunter!
She is too cute, I bet she has fun playing with her new doll baby!

Jenna said...

She is adorable! What a blessing. :)