Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Christmas Celebration!

On Sunday we had Christmas with Justin's grandparents (his mom's parents). We enjoyed seeing Justin's aunts, uncles, and cousins again! We're also thankful that everyone made it there safely. We only had to travel about 7 miles (and those 7 miles were not good) ... Justin's cousin and her family were in the car for nearly 5 hours on the bad roads.

Jordyn got a new table and 2 chairs from Great Grandpa and Grandma VG. (and she got 2 extra chairs from Great Grandpa and Grandma O) I just realized that I don't have any pictures of the table and chairs on this post, but one of the previous posts shows the table and chairs.

Jordyn also go this microphone ...
It plays Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast and it lights up when it's on. This has become one of Jordyn's favorite toys. She walks around the house waving the microphone and dancing with it. It's so cute ... if only it played more than just 1 song! Ha!

Jordyn loves her Aquadoodle (Thanks Steve & Tracy)! There is also a picture in a previous post of Jordyn playing with this.
She was dragging the box everywhere ...Here is a picture of our family, with our Godson, Luke ...
We don't get to see Justin's cousin and her family too often anymore. When we lived in MN, they only lived about an hour from us (they were living in MN at that time too). Within about 7 months of each other, we both moved. I guess it makes it extra special when we do get together with them.

We have 2 Christmas celebrations left that were "postponed" from last week because of the blizzard. Then we're done! It has been fun spending time with all of our families!


Lauren Kelly said...

Nothing like an extended Christmas celebration, haha!!! :) How fun!

Lee Anne said...

Oh my, you have had many a celebrations! Hope you get some down time during your last few days off too! Isn't Christmas so much more fun with a little one?