Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

24 Weeks

I had my 24 week appointment this morning. I love listening to the heartbeat. The baby's heartrate was 144 this morning. She has been moving a lot lately - I think I felt her move a lot earlier than I felt Jordyn. I could feel baby #2 at about 20 weeks - Jordyn was closer to 24 weeks. I am still feeling good. I miss being able to run (I never thought I would say that), but I am enjoying the aqua aerobics class for pregnant women. I have gone 3 times - and once the holidays are over I plan to go on a more regular basis.

Here's a few pictures from Sunday ...
Justin's cousin, Jamie, and I are due just a few days apart
She is having boy #4!
Jamie was quite sick for the first half of the pregnancy - we're glad she's finally feeling better!


Jordan said...

I'm glad everything is going good! You look great! Happy New Year :)

Lee Anne said...

You look awesome! Seriously, until you pulled the brown sweater away, I couldn't even tell. Does this pregnancy seem like it's going faster or slower that Jordyn's? To me it seems like you just announced you were pregnant, but it's sometimes different for the one carrying the baby!

Enjoy your last few days of freedom! So sad to think it's almost over.

We are off to some bowling place in the cities with laser tag...the whole family is going (pretty much). Must mean I am due for a blog update! :)

Lauren Kelly said...

You are looking fabulous!!!!! :)