Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

24 Weeks

I had my 24 week appointment this morning. I love listening to the heartbeat. The baby's heartrate was 144 this morning. She has been moving a lot lately - I think I felt her move a lot earlier than I felt Jordyn. I could feel baby #2 at about 20 weeks - Jordyn was closer to 24 weeks. I am still feeling good. I miss being able to run (I never thought I would say that), but I am enjoying the aqua aerobics class for pregnant women. I have gone 3 times - and once the holidays are over I plan to go on a more regular basis.

Here's a few pictures from Sunday ...
Justin's cousin, Jamie, and I are due just a few days apart
She is having boy #4!
Jamie was quite sick for the first half of the pregnancy - we're glad she's finally feeling better!

Another Christmas Celebration!

On Sunday we had Christmas with Justin's grandparents (his mom's parents). We enjoyed seeing Justin's aunts, uncles, and cousins again! We're also thankful that everyone made it there safely. We only had to travel about 7 miles (and those 7 miles were not good) ... Justin's cousin and her family were in the car for nearly 5 hours on the bad roads.

Jordyn got a new table and 2 chairs from Great Grandpa and Grandma VG. (and she got 2 extra chairs from Great Grandpa and Grandma O) I just realized that I don't have any pictures of the table and chairs on this post, but one of the previous posts shows the table and chairs.

Jordyn also go this microphone ...
It plays Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast and it lights up when it's on. This has become one of Jordyn's favorite toys. She walks around the house waving the microphone and dancing with it. It's so cute ... if only it played more than just 1 song! Ha!

Jordyn loves her Aquadoodle (Thanks Steve & Tracy)! There is also a picture in a previous post of Jordyn playing with this.
She was dragging the box everywhere ...Here is a picture of our family, with our Godson, Luke ...
We don't get to see Justin's cousin and her family too often anymore. When we lived in MN, they only lived about an hour from us (they were living in MN at that time too). Within about 7 months of each other, we both moved. I guess it makes it extra special when we do get together with them.

We have 2 Christmas celebrations left that were "postponed" from last week because of the blizzard. Then we're done! It has been fun spending time with all of our families!

Family Pictures

Since the weather was so icky and all of the churches were cancelled here, we never got to dress up for Christmas Eve. Jordyn will have to wear her Christmas dress this week. :) Anyway, we took a few pictures by our tree on Sunday before we headed to Justin's grandparents to celebrate Christmas with them.

So silly!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing Playing Playing!

Jordyn is loving all of her new toys that she got for Christmas. However, it has taken a few days for her to like the high chair, pack and play, and stroller that she got for her baby. Jordyn was very upset at first because she couldn't fit into any of them - only the baby could. Whenever we would put the baby in the high chair, she would throw it out. She is doing much better now, but I did catch her trying to climb into the high chair again today!

Daddy loves playing with Jordyn and her baby ...
Teaching Jordyn how to give the baby a bottle ...
Trying to decide if she should throw the baby out ...
This baby's eyes open and shut and Jordyn keeps playing with them. We're trying to teach her to not touch the eyes!
The baby also talks ... and boy did I get a laugh today when it said,"Change me Mama, I'm stinky."

Jordyn loves her new Aquadoodle! I had never seen these before, but I love it! Jordyn has spent a lot of time drawing and possibly attempting to eat the "water marker."
(Jordyn looks like she's a leftie in this picture, but she uses both hands quite equally.)

She also loves her food sets ... today she wouldn't put down the two pink ice cream cones.
I spent the day attempting to reorganize her toys - note to self, wait until naptime to do this instead of trying to do it while Jordyn is awake. Everything I put away, she pulled right back out. :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

We made it home!

First of all, I spoke too soon about Jordyn handling her new teeth just fine. The poor girl was in so much pain last night. Jordyn and I were up from 3:00 on this morning. She was so uncomfortable and just cried. I felt so bad for her.

My wonderful husband took a picture of me this morning ... after only a few hours of sleep and getting up at 3:00, I was a little worn out!

Jordyn was fussy/happy off and on throughout the day. She would be comfortable for a while, and then in pain again. Thankfully we did get her to take a little nap this morning, as well as a few other short naps throughout the day.

We were able to head back to SF today, but first Aunt Kandi needed to read with Jordyn ... :)
We were greeted so nicely by 18.5 inches of snow, which had turned into 3-4 foot high drifts in our driveway. Thankfully our neighbors had already taken care of their driveway, so we were able to park there until Justin got our driveway blown out. It was not a fun walk through the snow to get to our house!
The next job (maybe tomorrow) is the back yard. Our entire yard is huge snow drifts and poor Gizmo can't figure out where to go to the bathroom. We were less than thrilled to watch him use the deck tonight!
Thanks to Justin for getting our driveway open! :) It took a while, and I know he was worn out afterwards!

Tonight we went to Justin's grandparents for a little while. Justin's parents and brother were also there. Darin has to head back to Ohio tomorrow, so we wanted to spend a little more time with him. Here's one last snuggle with Uncle Darin before he left ...

Whew! That gets me caught up on pictures/posts for now! We hope your holiday has been wonderful!

Relaxing with the puppies!

Since we were snowed in on Friday night, we spent the evening relaxing ... BJ and Devin brought their new puppy over! Meet Cooper ...
Cooper is the same type of dog as Gizmo, and he looks so much like Gizmo did as a puppy. I think they're long-lost brothers! Cooper was so cute - definitely still in the puppy stage - he slept a lot!
Such a snuggler!
Gizmo and Justin ...
We spent about 4 hours playing the wii last night. Since we figured we would be snowed in somewhere, Justin brought our wii along. For Christmas he gave me a new game that has Yahtzee, Boggle, Connect 4, Sorry, and Battle Ship on it. We played it for about 4 hours last night. We had a great time! If you have a wii and are looking for a "sit-down" game, this is a great one! :)

Snow day!

As much as I dislike snow, we decided to make the most of it yesterday. Justin, my sisters, and I went outside to play for a while. Of course we weren't at all prepared with snow gear, so we dug out some of my dad's hunting gear, along with some very old winter coats which were definitely saved for a wonderful purpose such as this occasion, and we headed out!
Jordyn got to stay inside and read with her Uncle BJ ...Seriously, it doesn't get any better than the Raiders coats (Justin and Kayla) ...
... or the Hornets coat and Houston Oilers hat (Jess and Kandi) ... how many of you actually knew about the Houston Oilers? Yep, that's how long ago they were a team!
I love this picture ... Justin took a flying leap into a snow drift ...
The landing ...
Making snow angels ... I got stuck and needed lots of help getting up!
Our ditches were completely full of snow. The ditches on the house side of the road are about 7 feet deep. Since they were full, Justin decided to run and jump into them. We expected him to sink a ways ...
The snow was so compacted though that he only went down about 6 inches. It was more like a belly-flop, and we were all on the ground laughing at him.

Time to go in and warm up!

VB Christmas

I am nearing the end of our Christmas posts!
We spent Christmas day with my family. This was part of the original plan, however, we were snowed in at their house from Thursday until this afternoon, which wasn't quite our original plans. However, we had a great time!

My parents cut down their Christmas tree every year - they always have a beautiful tree.
Jordyn wanted to help pass out gifts, and she carried this gift around for the longest time - she was definitely proud of herself!
Still carrying the gift ...My parents still give us "Santa gifts." Jordyn is chewing on my new Cricut cartridge case that I got from Santa. Jordyn got new shelves with baskets for her toys.
Jordyn got lots of new books for Christmas, and I think we've read them all 20 times each already!
Devin, Kayla, and Justin opening their gifts from Santa. Justin got a new external hard drive so that we can back up our thousands of pictures (and documents of course).
Opening a gift ...
Devin, Kayla, and Justin again ... (sorry, some of my pictures are out of order in this post)
Reading another new book with Daddy ...
The whole clan (minus Kayla who was taking the picture) before we opened gifts.
More reading ...
It is definitely true that kids are often more interested in the box than the toy ...
Gma Ronda and Jordyn ...
Jordyn was trying to put her boot on Gpa Buzz's foot - she's quite a character!
We received some wonderful gifts from our family ... thanks to all of you ... we are a little too spoiled!